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[GUIDE] Veigar, the Anti-Minion

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You walk into a hallway, and are faced with a horde of minions. But, you don't care. You're the master of evil, destruction, and chaos. With a flick of your wrist, a dark meteor slams into their frail forms, felling them before they can draw a weapon, or cast one of their feeble lightning balls. The champion who was supporting them attacks.

(S)He gets disintegrated. Not that you notice. Another wave has come, to their undoing.

For any who have fantasized being a Black Mage, or Darth Vader, more accurately, Veigar is your character. He's a target for opponents throughout the game, but more importantly he's how you ensure your team dosen't lose. Ready those evil grimoires, and get ready for a ride...

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil
Role: Mage, Farming, Nuke

Baleful Strike - Unleashes Dark Energy at an opponent, dealing damage. If the unit killed is a minion, Veigar gains 1 AP. If the unit killed is an opposing champion, Veigar gains 5 AP. Damage scales with your AP and the ability's level.

Dark Matter - Veigar calls a mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target locations after 1.2 seconds, dealing massive damage when it lands. Damage sacles with your AP and the ability's level.

Event Horizon - Veigar twists the edges of space around a location for three seconds, causing enemies who pass through the zone's perimeter to be stunned for a short duration. The duration of the stun increases with the ability's level.

Primordial Burst - Veigar blasts an enemy champion, dealing damage equal to Veigar's AP and that of the enemy champion. Obviously, damage increases with both your and the chosen foo...erm, enemy's AP.

Equilibrium - Veigar regenerates 0.5% of his Mana for each 1% missing. Works similar to the unique passive of Chalice of Harmony.

[Suggested Rune Priority]
First Priority: AP @ Lv.18
Second Priority: Mana @ Lv.18 OR MP5 @ Lv.18
Third Priority: Armor (Flat-Rate)/Magic Resist (Flat-Rate)

[Suggested Masteries]
Anything but Defense. Seriously, Veigar can be better improved by smart Rune selection, as well as helpful gear items. Veigar is not a champion you could hope to confuse with a Tank. I also suggest evaluating your favored Summoner Spell loadout, as this will guide your efforts with placing masteries.

[Suggested Summoner Spells]
Teleport: Chosen because Veigar makes a great anti-minion, as explained below in the Tips. You want to respond quickly to sensitive locations, harass the enemy, and most of all eliminate all minions (and finish a few with Baleful Strike).

Exhaust: If you're playing very aggressively - or have many Greater AP runes equipped - enemies will figure out early you mean business. You can also use this defensively to escape a nasty situation, for example if you're assailed by a Master Yi.

Ignite: If you're playing aggressively, this used in your rotation will make you formidable. Not only does it have OK direct damage, and a better DoT property, but it reduces healing received by the target by 50% for a short time. I strongly suggest this if you have any inkling that a Taric or Soraka user is lined up against you.

Ghost: Similar reasons as Teleport and Exhaust - you can get to sensitive locations faster, and away from nasty situations more quickly.

[The Evil Equipment of Doom. Muahaha.]*
*:The build I favor when running Veigar is suited to adapt to the challenges you face in the field. Before the battle is fought, you have two real possibilities: an offensive fight, or defensive. Generally, if it's offensive you'll probably be fighting more spellcasters - you have an edge against them, and they tend to not be so mobile, like you. If it's defensive, you're in for a fight, because Veigar is all about destruction - those Master Yis, and worse, Taric, can do bad things to you. Of course, as stated, Veigar is no tank. You've got one real possibility: fight, fight, fight!

The Offensive, You're Going To Die Painfully Setup:
Doran's Ring
+120 HP, +5 MP5, +10 AP

Chalice of Harmony
+30 Magic Resist, +7.5 MP5, Unique Passive: +1% Mana Regen for every 1% missing.

Hextech Revolver
+40 AP, +10% Spell Vamp.

Ninja Tabi
+25 Armor, +12% Dodge, +2 Move Speed (can be switched out with Mercury Treads, as well.)

Haunting Guise
+25 AP, +200 Health, Passive: +20 Spell Penetration

(1 Free Slot for a consumable of some sort.)

Doran's Ring is how you start, because it neutralizes Veigar's early weaknesses - poor HP, poor MP5, and poor starting AP. Hextech Revolver or Chalice of Harmony are added next depending on the course of the battle; if you're facing a single opponent who you're out-farming, go with Hextech to press your advantage; otherwise, get Chalice, and start switching lanes. Ninja Tabi are important as these neutralize other weaknesses of Veigar's: his poor movement speed and vulnerability to melee types who may be present. Finally, Haunting Guise gives Veigar a touch more HP, but more importantly makes his spells powerful enough to be considered a true threat...not that it matters, because Veigar owns the late game.

Additional Helpful Items:
Deathfire Grasp
+60 AP, +10 MP5, Passive: Reduces Cooldowns by 15%, Unique Active: Deals magic damage to an enemy champion equal to 30% of their health +3.5% per 100 AP)

This gives you more nuking options, and the AP and MP5 boost are nice. Plus, faster cooldowns means more Hadouken!

+350 MP, +80 AP, +30 Magic Resist, +7% Move Speed, Unique Passive: When an ability is used, your next physical will deal 100% of your AP as damage. The effect has a 3s cooldown

Another Veigar-worthy item. More mana capacity, more AP, and most importantly movespeed. Also, because Veigar is the fastest ranged character in the game...you can start nuking with your normal attack too!

[Tips for all my fellow Evil Lords...]
-Unlike other guides, I do not suggest taking Baleful Strike first; take Dark Matter, as you can farm gold and XP more quickly at Lv.1. You can take Baleful at Lv.2, and still be amassing AP at a prodigious rate. You want to get Veigar out of the early game as quickly as possible, as that's when he's most vulnerable. You get Veigar out of the early game quickly by AoEing with Dark Matter.

-Make sure if you're with minions, you're at the rear to let them deal with enemy champions. Winning the match relies on your ability to nuke intelligently, but when Primordial Burst is on the 90-second cooldown, your real weapon is your wits. Think evil.

-All of Veigar's rotation relies on some time passing; Dark Matter has a 1.2s delay. Event Horizon stuns periodically over 3s. Baleful has a cast time that reduces as it's up-ranked, and Primordial has a travel time until it hits - even though it does always hit. While you can 3-to-4-shot an opponent (I suggest Event Horizon, Dark Matter, Primordial Burst, Ignite if you have it, then Baleful for a finishing blow and 5 free AP), you will be vulernable while nuking all those insignificant single targets. Some "tankish" gear is a very prudent idea.

-What you can do to assist in a push is alternate lanes, helping your minions out against the enemy minions. One Dark Matter will glean you some nice XP, as well as ensure that the battle goes your minions' way. Of course, if you have a sizable force of minions at a tower...well, join in, and be ready to Event Horizon to fend off opposing champions. Those few seconds mean the difference between a live tower and a fallen tower.

Veigar is not an easy champion to master; he's a mix of cunning, hadokens, and mostly evil. When you do finally learn your own flavor of death to unleash upon your hapless foes, however, you will find Veigar can make the single kill that can make or break a battle.

This guide is not perfect, and only reflects my play style with Veigar. If you have anything to add, or even better ideas, feel free to discuss them! The Tiny Master of Evil is simply too complex for there to be one way to play him...

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i agree with taking Dark Matter first, and leveling it first (take Baleful at level 2, and Event Horizon at level 3, though, because you want them around). it is your go-to more than Baleful once the game really gets going.

a few comments about the item suggestions.

Doran's Ring is a great starting item, yes, but once you get confident in your early game, you might consider instead buying some of the pieces for the Tear of the Goddess and building into an Archangel right away (get boots of some kind in the interim, though). the Archangel all by itself is just about 100 AP, and the mp5 is definitely desireable. skipping the Dring and going straight for the Tear will save you a decent chunk of gold (it's a lot in the beginning) and get you the almighty Archangel exponentially sooner.

i could not recommend the Hextech Revolver. it's not worth the money, really, when compared to more effective items at that cost. if you're going to make very good use of the few items in the game with spell vamp on them, this item needs to be upgraded to Will of the Ancients asap. however, only go this route if you have two or more very dedicated mages on your team who you will often be near.

the Haunting Guise has a lot of things going for it, but unfortunately, it's a dead-end item and will not be blowing anyone's socks off if the game lasts longer than 25 minutes. by all means, it's a good all-around item, though! the penetration is deceptively useful, but useless against a team that isn't buying magic resistance. the AP and HP it provides are very mediocre. if you want HP and AP, save your money and get the Rylai staff instead. it will provide more than double the HP, triple the AP and it will slow the targets affected by your spells -- your two "assassination" spells are single target, and snares are a great way to escape as well. Rylai is hands-down a better item, and a far better use of your gold even while you're still building it.

considering Veigar's passive, the Chalice loses much of its golden appeal, but can still be a very solid choice for Veigar. if you're facing a team that's dealing a lot of magic damage (not necessarily just mages...) a Chalice and Mercury Treads bumps your magic resistance up into the 90s! these two very good items alone are all the magic resist you really need barring the most extreme incoming crowd controls (for which, you simply add a Bveil of course). the Chalice stacks with your passive. with that much mp5, consider going for a Zhonya before an Archangel, or getting a Frozen Heart for CDR and more defense. of course, this is a very very defensive route for Veigar to take, so don't waste your gold with this group of items unless you know you will be focused hard (and you very likely will be).

a pure offense Veigar is very simple to build: buy as many Archangels as you can, and add a Zhonya. this is how you gain the most AP in the game, far and away.

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Don't level up DM like crazy! All you get at higher ranks is more power, which you can sub with AP easily if you farm with shorter CD Balefuls.

As for Archangels, I wouldn't recommend it. You have no survivability this way. A Rylia's for slow and HP goes a long way! Mostly the HP but later on you can slow every 4-2.4 seconds.

Lichbane is also useful. Besides boots, Veigar lacks mobility. Veigar is currently the game's FASTEST RANGED CHARACTER! It's not much more than 5 speed,but when you add the Lichbane's % speed, it helps.

The fact that your melee can be a mini nuke never hurts either. MR is also welcome on a squishy Veigar.

As such, I'd recommend a Lichbane at a good opportunity if you can fit one in or manage to get the cash for it.

Oh and try Flash spell. You need all the survival movement you can get.

Also, try Deathfire Grasp: An extra nuke that scales % based damage from the enemy based on your AP. Veigar as we know has the highest AP potential in the game. CDR and MP5 are also useful.

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Deathfire Grasp. THAT'S what I was trying to remember.

Lichbane is worth a shot, I'll add that to my lineup.

EDIT: So, thoughts on the Hextech Revolver/Gunblade?

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gunblade is useless for veigar. there are better options

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Jihyun Choi



I usually start and build like this:
Doran's Ring
Sorc Boots
Void Staff
Deathfire Grasp
Morello's(sp?) Evil Tomb