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Gotta tank 'em all: a comprehensive guide to Amumu

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berzerk dragon

Senior Member


Table of Contents
0. Overture
1. Introduction [INTRO]
-a) Who is Amumu? [WHO]
-b) Amumu's Skills [SKILLZ]
-c) Why Amumu? [WHY]
2. Pre-Game [PRE]
-a) Goal [GOAL]
-b) Mindset [MIND]
-c) Masteries [MAST]
-d) Runes [RUNE]
-e) Summoner Spells [SPELL]
3. The Build [BUILD]
-a) Items [ITEM]
-b) Skilling [SKING]
4. Summoner's Rift [SR]
-a) Jungling [JUNG]
-b) Early game [SREARLY]
-c) Mid game [SRMID]
-d) Late game [SRLATE]
5. Twisted Treeline [TT]
-a) Early game [TTEARLY]
-b) Mid game [TTMID]
-c) Late game [TTLATE]
6. Extras [EX]
-a) All Random, All Mid [ARAM]
-b) Specific champion advice [CHAMP]
-c) Skin reviews [SKIN]

I want to be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To tank them is my real test,
To stun them is my cause.
I will travel across the map,
Searching far and wide,
For those who underestimate,
The power of my cry...

Amumu! (gotta tank 'em all)
It's you and me,
I know it's my destiny!
Oooh you're my best friend,
With allies we must defend!
Amumu (gotta tank 'em all)
It's so truuuue,
Bandage Toss will pull us through!
Read this guide and I'll teach you,
Gotta tank 'em all,
Gotta tank 'em all!


Every challenge along the way,
With Tantrum I can face.
I will teamfight everyday,
to claim my rightful place.
Come with me the time is right,
There's no better team,
Skill in skill we'll win the fight,
It's always been our dream...

Amumu! (gotta tank 'em all)
It's you and me,
I know it's my destiny!
Oooh you're my best friend,
With allies we must defend!
Amumu (gotta tank 'em all)
It's so truuuue,
Bandage Toss will pull us through!
Read this guide and I'll teach you,
Gotta tank 'em all,
Gotta tank 'em all!

Introduction [INTRO]

Who is Amumu? [WHO]

Amumu is a 3 foot tall mummy who just wants to make some friends. Unfortunately for your opponents, making friends involves crying them to death. Considered one of, if not the, best tank in the game, Amumu is nothing to scoff at.

Amumu's Skills [SKILLZ]

Cursed Touch(passive)
- Amumu's attacks spread a special kind of mummy AIDS, reducing the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35 for 5 seconds.

Amumu's passive is great. Not only does it eliminate the need to buy MRPen, it can bring their MR into the negatives (that means bonus magic damage), and the best part is everybody gets to take advantage of it!

Bandage Toss - Amumu imitates his favorite superhero, Spiderman, and shoots out a couple bandages for long distance hugging action.

A good move for chasing, or stopping an enemy long enough for a low HP ally to escape. Since the range and stun duration doesn't change as you level it up and the mana cost actually increases, get one point early and then ignore it until your last levels.

- Amumu gets really sad and starts crying so pitifully that any nearby enemies go emo and cut themselves (not really) for making him cry.

That's right, Amumu cries his enemies to death. The percentage based damage means that Amumu's damage output is not affected by the opponent's HP by too much. Be careful though, make sure you toggle it off when not in battle or it will suck away your mana like no other. It also makes Amumu an excellent jungler.

- Amumu flips the **** out (http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=4&p=001224), dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Additionally, auto attacks piss Amumu off, lowering Tantrum's cooldown by .5 seconds. It also permanently reduces physical damage by an insignificant amount.

This is your main skill, doing a decent amount of AoE and a spam mechanism. The damage reduction is pitiful though, being geared more toward letting you get doinked by minions and take no damage to cool Tantrum down.

On Tantrum and Dodge: Dodge interferes with Tantrum. What I mean by this is that if you dodge an attack, Tantrum does not get reduced cooldown for that attack. The Amumu player base is split on the subject of whether or not dodge is worth the anti-synergy with Tantrum. Both sides have valid arguments and I'm going to say this: It doesn't matter. Dodge vs. Tantrum is a personal choice, and pick whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Curse of the Sad Mummy (ult)
- Amumu pushes the "Stop! Hammertime!" button, rooting enemies in a huge radius and preventing them from attacking, dealing damage all the while.

This is Amumu's signature move. It lets you go "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!?" and throw a monkey wrench into their feeble attempts at escaping or positioning. The damage is forgettable, but it's not the focus of the spell. Due to it's long cooldown, you have to be careful to only use it where it's needed. Overall a very good skill.

Why Amumu? [WHY]

Amumu is a very team oriented and rather unorthodox tank. First off, Amumu is a bit squishier than other tanks. He makes up for this with the ability to pump out a rarity on LoL: Magical DPS. What this means is that Amumu can dish out a deceptively humongous amount of damage over time. By itself, that wouldn't be too impressive but Amumu adds another element to the mix, he's AoE crazy! A full 3 of his abilities do AoE damage, none of them to be trifled with. Unfortunately, with the exception of Bandage Toss (I don't even count that because it pulls you into melee range anyway), his skills have almost no range, forcing you to stick your neck out and charge straight into the middle of the enemy team.

As a team player, Amumu brings a lot to the table. His passive lowers the Magic Resist of any champion he attacks by a considerable amount, allowing your mages to beat their faces in even better. Two of his abilities give valuable CC to keep enemies in place while your team tears them to shreds. As a tank, Amumu is a gigantic target for the enemy team first, because you're the closest champ to them and second, because if they ignore you, they can kiss their live totals goodbye...all at the same time.

+ Magical DPS
+ Good CC
+ Good team player
+ AoE crazy
+ Great initiation
+ Great jungler


- Squishier than most other tanks
- Item dependent
- No range
- Weak laning phase

Pre-Game [PRE]

Goal [GOAL]
The way I view it, the main purpose of Amumu is to slow down or even stop your enemy from doing what they want to do. This differs slightly with other tanks whose goal is simply to keep your team alive in teamfights. As Amumu, you're going to be a constant thorn in the side of your enemies. You're going to be the one that keeps them from ganking effectively. You're going to annoy them and piss them off like no other. And yes, you're going to kill them (maybe). You're going to kill them (maybe) as often as possible for that puts a complete stop to anything they have planned out. In a sense, you're going to be an offensive tank; what my friends and I like to call a gank tank. Eventually, you want your opponents not to view you as a champion, but a force that heralds impending doom.

Playing Amumu starts before you even open up the LoL client and log in. You will not do well as Amumu if you're going to play the same way you play some pansy ranged carry. To be effective, you're going to need a couple of things:

1. Guts. Because you need to get into the thick of things to get anything done, you're going to need balls that are the size of Canada and made of solid titanium. You want to be the first to charge into battle and the last to walk out and not bat an eye. You might even have reason to toss yourself into a 1v5, it's important not to be daunted at doing such a task. Revel in the chaos, it is your friend.

2. K/DDDDDD/A. Face it. Unless you're majorly stomping the competition, you ARE going to die. As a tank, how well you play is not reflected in kills or deaths. Be free with your lives if they are put to good use. Earlier, I said you might have to 1v5 on occasion. I'm telling you now, you won't live. However, that Annie of yours with 14 stacks on Mejai's will. I'm sure that the enemy would rather have gotten Annie, and thus you hinder the enemy. However, don't think this means to be stupid. If you're standing around with 200 HP, gtfo back to base so you can be fresh for the next encounter. If your team is cleaning up a teamfight, it's not wrong to run back at low health. Dying needlessly furthers your opponent's goals and we don't want that now do we? One last thing: chances are that you will have the most deaths on your team. That's fine. If you have a ton of kills/assists to keep your deaths company, you've done your job as the tank.

3. Boldness. You are a tank, not an assasin. As such, you want to be as visible as possible to the enemy. Be big. Be bold. Make yourself a target. Make your actions clearly identifiable. And never do anything halfway. You will be a risk taker, so take advantage of every opportunity you see.

4. Preparation. To be an effective tank, you need to know your enemy more than you know your own teammates. You have to be able to determine the best defense route from the load screen. Yes, this means knowing what each and every champion can do, more so than some squishy carry. You need to be able to look at the enemy's item builds mid-game and know exactly what you need to build/do to defend against them. An unprepared tank that blindly builds armor against an Annie/Ryze/Fiddle/Morgana/Soraka team is worse than having no tank at all.

Masteries [MAST]
Alright, you can open up your client now. For Masteries, I like to go 0/21/9. I find that the reduced damage works well with my playstyle and extra time with golem buff is nice too. for those of you who want a more unorthodox spec, you might want to try a 0/17/13 build. For this, go down defense for Veteran's Scars. For utility, max both Awareness and Expanded mind while still getting a point in Utility Mastery. If you don't want dodge, both builds are possible without it.

Runes [RUNE]
For runes, I roll:
Magic Pen Marks
Mana Regen/Level Seals
Flat Magic Resist Glyphs
Flat Health Quints

Viable alternatives for Seals are armor (either kind), and dodge
Viable alternatives for Glyphs are magic resist (either kind), mana regen/level, and cooldown reduction (either kind)

Summoner Spells [SPELL]


Ghost - This is a great spell, allowing you to chase, escape, or simply get to where you need to go faster. Learn to love this spell.

Ignite - I'll admit I'm biased, but I LOVE this spell. Toss it for first blood. Mark a priority target. Gimp their stupid heal comp. You can even use it to speed up jungle creep noming. I pretty much always get this when not jungling.

Smite - A must have for JungleMumu. Get it ASAP if you're jungling, skip otherwise.

Exhaust - A wonderful spell. Lets you slow down an enemy for the team to catch up and rape. You can also use it to ignore some right-click carry for a few seconds and laugh as they go miss-miss-miss-miss-miss-miss-miss. A great choice, but I would only grab it on TT.


Flash - Meh. Although it has some utility in Flash->Ult and a wall trick or two, it doesn't fit the playstyle of this guide. If you want to play peek-a-boo, use Shaco instead.

Cleanse - Unnecessary. You are a tank, you should be able to shrug off a few hits during stun and still do what you need to do. "But what if they mass CC you," you ask? Simple, that means that you're doing your job even better because what can they not do to your team now eh?

Teleport - Not bad. Useful for quick shopping, or to help out some teammates escape/gank/push. Definintley useable, but only on SR.

Fortify - Works well with the goal of this guide. Annoy your opponents as they try to push. The cooldown is a bit long though...


Heal - Cool stuff early game, but it quickly tapers off in usefulness. I wouldn't get it.

Clarity - Has slightly better staying power than Heal, but still inefficient late game. Also, you don't really have to worry about mana late game anyway.

Rally - You get exactly zero benefit from this spell, don't even bother.

Revive - What is this I don't even

The Build

Items [TANK]
I'm going to give you a general core build that can handle a wide variety of situations. Then I'll go over more specialized items. Remember, a tank (that's you) needs to be extremely flexible when it comes to builds. Ideally, when people ask for your build you should be able to truthfully say, "situational, boots, situational, situational, situational, situational."

To start, always always Always (except when jungling) get Doran's shield and a heath potion. The laning power Doran's Shield provides is invaluable.

The first item you should get is Aegis of the Leigon. Aegis is an amazing item, giving you unparalled defense for the cost. Buy it in pieces. Grab that Ruby Crystal first, and follow it up with the appropriate defense against whatever is doing the most damage. If you have the spare cash, put on some Boots of Speed (henceforth, boots1) while you're at it.

Next is your boots of choice. Boots of Swiftness (henceforth, boots3) is what I pretty much always get, the extra movespeed is invaluable. If you're really, and I mean REALLY getting hammered with magic, I guess you could go for Merc Treads. I wouldn't consider any other boots other than those two.

Aegis and Boots. This is what I would consider "core." Of course there is no such thing as a true core build for a tank, but this is as close as it gets. I buy Aegis then boots in 95% of my games.

Now that you can keep up with your own team, it's time to build (guess what?) MORE SURVIVABLITY! Look at your opponent's items, look at what's been making things difficult for you. Use that knowledge to build Chain Vest, Negatron Cloak, and Gian'ts Belt in whatever order protects you best. Later, these items will upgrade into...

Sunfire Cape. Pretty much everybody you ask will say that Sunfire Cape was practically made for Amumu. It gives decent HP and Armor for tanking while synergizing with Despair and Cursed Touch, making a dangerous Amumu into a deadly one.

Abyssal Scepter. It makes me sad that lots of people don't buy Abyssal Scepter on Amumu because I believe that Abyssal fits with Amumu as good or even better than Sunfire does. Like Sunfire, Abyssal give Amumu tanking stats (a hefty 57 Magic Resist) and a damage boosting aura (in the form of reduced Magic Resist). However, Abyssal forgoes HP in favor of AP for more oomph in your spells. Abyssal's aura combined with Amumu's passive can lower the MR of a champion by 55! This is almost guaranteed to crush any defense short of major MR stacking. Of course, if they're stacking MR that much, 1. They have little offense and 2. They neglected armor. Hold them in place while your carries eat them alive.

To finish off the basic build, grab Sunfire or Abyssal, whichever you didn't get first.

This is the basic build that you will probably be building against most balanced teams. But, as I said earlier, it should be subject to change each and every game depending on the enemy setup. "But berzerk, where's the mana fixing?" you ask? Simply put, you don't need it. Generally one of two things will happen:
1. You hog golem, infinite mana ahoy!
2. You die every 1-2 teamfights, which just so happens to be how long your mana pool lasts
What you get from your runes will be enough. Anyway, onto the situational items. I'll be splitting these up into 3 categories: Armor, MR, and AP.

Armor items (for when AD is king)

Sunfire Cape - Yes, it's in your core. However, if the enemy team has lots of melee dudes, it's hard to go wrong with a second Sunfire.

Thornmail - A wonderful item. It goes a long way toward wrecking right-click champs such as Ashe or Yi...Mmm, Yi...

Randuin's Omen - A good idea if you find yourself chasing a lot. The active can let you catch up to a fleeing champ even when both your ult and bandage toss are on cooldown. The CDR is nice too.

Guardian Angel - Gives a decent amount of both Armor and MR while making you all the more annoying to deal with.

Magic Resist items (for when mages are OP)

Banshee's Veil - HP, MP, and MR. I don't think I need to say more.

Force of Nature - Oo, movespeed. A cool item to get if you need to chase a lot.

Guardian Angel - see above.

Spirit Visage - If you have a healer on your team, SV is a great choice. It makes any healing on you extra potent, and the cdr lets you ult more often.

AP items (for when you're tanking fine, get some bite yo)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Home of the infamous Rylai's-Despair permaslow combo. Extra HP is cool too though.

Zhonya's Ring - Hint: Despair and Sunfire still work in stasis.

Archangel's Staff - If you can get your hands on two of these, you can literally have Despair on 24/7 even without Golem. I wouldn't get this unless I'm fairly certain that I can farm up 2 of the things.

Items I don't reccommend

Rod of Ages - To get the most out of this item, you need to buy it early (as in, a first or second item). The problem is that doing so takes time away from either your Aegis or your boots. Both of these are -very- important and you don't want to delay them any longer than you have to. I guess you could get RoA after boots if you really, really wanted to, but RoA doesn't fit Amumu as well as Sunfire or Abyssal does.

Frozen Heart - Randuin's Omen gives better survivability. It also slows. SLOW.

Chalice of Harmony - With the way I'm going to have you play, you won't really have to worry about mana that often. Trust me.

Spell Vamp items - Spell Vamp is bad enough already. Gaining 33% of 12% of 2.5% of some squishy's health is going to net you a whopping, like, .1 health/sec. Your natural regen is way better than that.

Haunting Guise - I know what you're thinking: "but it gives HP and AP AND MRpen!" Unfortunately, the HP gain is too small without resistances tagging along and you shouldn't be focusing on AP at the point in the game where Haunting Guise would be most effective.

4+ Sunfire Capes - While I did say that Sunfire is a great item for Amumu, you should never ever stack more than 3 of the things (And even that's a stretch). By going all Sunfire, you create weaknesses in your game and we don't want weaknesses now do we?

Skilling [SKING]

For the most part, R>E>W>Q. Get a point of Q at level 1 if you're planning to gank (common in TT). Toss a point into it at level 2 otherwise. If you're jungling, your first 6 levels will look like this: W->E->W->E->Q->R.

Summoner's Rift [SR]

Summoner's Rift is where most people go to play their games. Here, you're going to play a more traditional tanking role. I highly suggest jungling in SR for 4 reasons:
1. You don't have to worry about Amumu's crappy laning phase
2. You get to wreak havoc on pretty much any lane you want
3. Insert generic jungling pros here.
4. You get to be a total badass 5 minutes in by soloing dragon at level 4

Jungling [JUNG]

STOP! Amumu is not teh pro jungler like Warwick. This means you can't jungle with Amumu from (summoner) level 1. Amumu has a few requirements to actually pull off a successful jungle run:

1. 21 points in Defense masteries. You need that 4% damage reduction.
2. At least 1 point in Awareness (exra exp gain mastery). You can also get away with having Zilean on your team instead.
3. 2 Greater Quints of Fortitude. I know they're pricey, but the things are ridiculously useful for nearly every champ.

Before you start the game, make sure that you communicate with your team and make sure they know that you plan on jungling. The only reasons you shouldn't jungle is if your team has a higher priority jungler like Warwick or your teammates can't handle a 1v2.

Start your game by buying a Cloth Armor and either 2 health pots + Sight Ward or 5 health pots (get your team to cover for you). Once you've done that, put a point into Despair and GHOST, you heard me, down to the river and put down that ward at the entrance to the jungle. Why waste Ghost here? Simple, it gets you into position faster than anyone else on the map, saving you from running into a gank squad where you're far away from a tower. It'll be back up before you need it again. Now that you've effectively gank-proofed yourself, go into the bushes where Golem will spawn. The moment that golem's fat ass appears, run up, toggle Despair, and down a pot. Smite the golem for a quicker kill. You should be level 2 once you clear the camp, so grab Tantrum. Now run over and take down the nearby wolf camp then blue pill. Right now, you don't have the cash to buy anything, so heal up and run over to the wraith camp as fast as your stubby little legs will take you. When you've offed the wraiths, head on over to lizard. The same strategy against golem applies. Level Despair when you hit 3. Hit up the last camp and b again, you should be level 4 with level 2 Despair and level 2 Tantrum by now.

Buy yourself a Ruby Crystal and make sure you have 1-2 health pots, it's time to be MANLY. Pop Ghost and run up to dat dragon. You heard me, dragon. You know the drill: Despair, pot, Smite. Don't forget the occasional Tantrum for extra damage. Killing dragon will put you at level 5. Put a point into Bandage Toss and blue pill cause I don't care how badass you are, level 4 dragon takes it out of you. Now here comes the fun part. Run over to whatever lane is in the most trouble and just do stuff. Lane hop constantly, occasionally disappearing for the odd golem or lizard buff. Keep doing this until the enemy gets smart and starts sending out gank squads, propelling you into mid game.

Early Game [SREARLY]

If you have to lane for whatever reason (Warwick, afkers, etc.), then you're going to have a harder time early game. It won't be too much of a problem later, so don't fuss over it. Get your Doran's and start with Tantrum. Go to a side lane, there is no reason whatsoever to lane mid. EVER. Try to get a lane partner, beg if you have to because Amumu has a hard time laning as it is. No need to make it harder with a 1v2.

Play defensively. Hide behind your minions and only run up if you can guarantee a last hit. Tantrum should be used for last hitting and a tiny amount of harrass AT THE SAME TIME. If you can't do both with one Tantrum, don't use it. You need to conserve your mana. If you have an aggressive lanemate and he's actually doing well then don't be afraid to help him out. Bandage Toss can stun the enemy long enough to drop a spell or two and ignite. Bandage Toss is also good if some idiot thinks they can turret dive you or your mate. Stun him in turret range and watch as he gets eaten alive.

If you get stuck 1v2, good luck. Be super defensive. Tower hug. Forget harass, use Tantrum to get as many last hits as possible (remember, it has more range than your auto attack). Hopefully, your teammates will stop by from time to time and give you a hand.

Mid Game [SRMID]

Mid game has come around and if you've been doing alright, you should have your Aegis and at least boots1. If you haven't already, get those boots3 ASAP. The movespeed can be the difference between a succesful gank and a botched one. This is where you should really be looking at your enemies. Tab often, and take note of what build each champ is going for. Buy your items accordingly.

Mid game, I find that the best recipie for success is to pick one of your damage dealers, prefferably a tough one like Olaf and follow him like a lost puppy. The two (or maybe 3 even) of you can run around and beat in the face of anything you don't like the look of: push a lane, gank some *****es, whatever your buddy feels like doing, you go along for the ride. If you die, don't worry. Buy your items and make a beeline toward your chosen buddy once you revive.

At this stage in the game, it's fairly safe enough to go out on your own and yoink yourself a Golem buff (just don't stray too far) to keep your mana supply going. The assists you should be racking up will give you enough tanking power to do well in...

Late Game [SRLATE]

Team fights are the name of the game, and you're the opening act. Run around in front of your allies, you want to be the first thing the enemy sees. As the initiator of the team, it's your job to decide "ok, we kill them now." Initiating is as simple as waltzing right into the enemy team and giving them a good smack with Tantrum. If your team isn't a bunch of idiots, they'll follow you in. When they do, drop your ult.

The reason I don't have you ult right from the start is that if you do, your team has to waste time getting to the enemy. They're only going to stand still for 2.5 seconds, make the most of it. Save Bandage Toss for one of three situations: a) Somebody's trying to escape. Don't let them. b) Somebody's channeling an ult. Stop it. c) Somebody isn't focusing you. Make them pay.

You should never leave your team and go off on your own (if you just respawned and are heading toward your team, that's fine) because that's just asking to be ganked. When your team scores an ace (thanks to your help, no doubt) PUSH. I don't care if you're at low health, your teammates aren't. I don't care if there aren't any minions around, tank the tower. Just push. Too many times have I seen a team lose because they didn't press their advantage and ****ed around after an ace. Remember, you win by killing the Nexus, not Baron.

Speaking of Baron, he goes down pretty quickly with your tears eating away at his life total. Bring your team along of course.

Twisted Treeline [TT]
TT games tend to be shorter and more gank oriented than SR games. I find that playing Amumu on TT is refreshingly different than playing Amumu on SR. Also, don't jungle here. The lack of Golem makes things rather hard on your mana pool and you're much less safe from ganks.

Early Game
Quick! Buy Doran's Shield and a health pot and dash toward the middle bush on bot as fast as you possibly can. Time is of the essence. As you're running down, put a point in Bandage Toss, we're going to gank baby!

Hide with your teammates in that mid bush and wait for a (probably rather suspicious, actually) victim. Everybody attack him. Blow your summoner spells and when he starts to run stun him with Bandage Toss. If it goes well, you just netted yourself first blood. gj.

Laning in TT is generally the same as laning in SR, except you can afford to be a little bit more aggressive. Since TT games are shorter than SR ones, you can get away with skipping Aegis and working on a Sunfire if you really want to. To do this, buy the Giant's Belt first then get your boots and finish Sunfire after you have your movespeed.

Mid Game[TTMID]

Now that you have Aegis+boots or Sunfire+boots, things get fun. If nobody has done it yet, kill dragon. Fun fact: you can juke enemy wards by Bandage Tossing onto dragon from the lane. Unless they put their ward close enough to actually SEE dragon, you can kill it undetected.

Around here, assuming there hasn't been too much feeding on your side, you can start gank-tanking. Basically, you run around looking for anybody whose face you don't like and **** their day up. You're probably going to want some team support for the first few ganks but once you have some food in your stomach, you can run around on your own and nom them fools who think it's safe to push. With Amumu around, it's never safe to push.

Late Game [TTLATE]

If you got nice and fed early and/or mid game, you pretty much have free reign to run around and beast anything and everything on the map. Including the enemy team. All at once. Eat the jungle constantly to keep tasty creeps from the enemy.

Starve them of any and all means of a comeback. If they try to get a quicky in the forest, nom them. Then nom the camp they were trying to take before you showed up. If they try to mini-lane near their turret, nom their creeps and then their turret. People generally don't stand a chance against a fed Amumu in TT.

If you haven't gotten fed...Well, you just have to roll with your team then. Unlike in SR, don't initiate with your ult. Save your CC for when they try to escape because getting away is much easier on TT so you want them to stick around for the whole experience. Never be afraid to tank a few turret shots so your team can down it. You can b and run back before you miss too much anyway.

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berzerk dragon

Senior Member


Extras [EX]

All Random, All Mid [ARAM]
All Random, All Mid (ARAM for short) is a popular new gametype. You can usually find ARAM games floating around in the practice game lobby. Amumu is strangely strong and weak at the same time here. He's strong because the entire game is teamfights, but he's weak because the entire game is laning too. Amumu's role in ARAM is to stop people from running. Put your points into Bandage Toss and Tantrum while neglecting Despair, take Heal and Clarity for summoner spells.

In ARAM, magic resist and regen are very, very good. Spirit Visage, Force of Nature, even Philo Stone(!) are good investments here. ARAM is the only time I get Chalice of Harmony on Amumu because golem is inaccessible.

How you play is simple. Run around like a headless chicken until you see an enemy stray a little bit closer to your team than the others. Bandage Toss that mofo, your team should be able to nail him once or twice before the stun wears off. Once you get your ult (it'll take a while with 5 people sharing exp), use it to turn skirmishes into massacres.

Specific Champion advice [CHAMP]
Here, I'll go over how to play with and against specific champions. For each champion, I may or may not have two sections: EN (for playing against that champ) and TM (for playing on the same team as that champ). This section is nowhere near complete, and I'll be adding on periodically.

EN - Mirror Match! If you see him packing Smite and/or Heal, expect a JungleMumu. Try to organize a gank on him if you can. If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage, it might be wise to prioritize health over stacking MR due to Amumu's passive.
TM - Isn't this you? Just read the guide :P

EN - Crowstorm is a scary spell for your team. The moment Fiddle CAWCAWCAWs, hold him in place so your team gets away. Don't worry about the damage to yourself. You're the tank, take it like a man. If you happen to catch Fiddle charging Crowstorm, Bandage Toss to make it fizzle!
TM - Premades with Fiddle are fun. Get on Vent or something and let the BROstorms fly.

EN - Janna is the bane of your existence in that her ult destroys every opportunity your ult creates. Try to bait it before you ult yourself if you can. Janna's tornadoes are annoying, but easily avoidable if you keep an eye out for them when they form.

EN - Never use Bandage Toss at the start of a teamfight. Save it for when Kat starts spinning like an idiot, then make her look like an idiot for only getting 2 ticks out before getting stunned.
TM - See Fiddle, Death BROtis is awesome.

EN - I'm not going to lie. If you lane against Panth, you WILL die. Beg your team for a lane swap to stop yourself from feeding him. As long as Panth doesn't get his early kills, he won't be much of a problem later in the game.
TM - Amumu can let Pantheon do the impossible: damage enemies with the center of Grand BROfall.

EN - I. Hate. Playing. Against. Olaf. His ult at max rank may as well read, "becomes immune to Amumu." His true damage ignores your meticulous resistance stacking, and his damage output gets even scarier if you try to wear him down. Never face an Olaf alone. If you see Olaf, run.
TM - For some reason, Olafs and I go along amazingly well. Amumu and Olaf make a great gank squad, so stick to that viking like white on rice and help him get nice and fed.

Skin Reviews [SKIN]
So you got tired of Amumu's default look have you? No fear, I will gladly help you out.

First off, the official Riot skins. These cost money, but you get to show off your bling to anybody you play with/against.

Pharaoh Amumu - IMO, the best Amumu skin. Sporting a wonderful model alteration that covers up Amumu's lame hunchback posture, at a measly 520 RP, Pharaoh Amumu is easily one of the best deals when it comes to skins period. Not only will you tank like a boss, you'll look like one too. Nothing like role playing as a mighty Egyptian king, ordering your lowly minions to wreck a tower :P

Vancouver Amumu - Most of you reading this guide weren't around when this skin was offered. Be thankful. It's an ugly amalgamation of mismatched colors splattered on random body parts. Even if you have it, never use it. Just show a screenshot showing that it's unlocked for the street cred.

- It's a decently made skin and a fine alternative to Pharaoh. I personally think it's too stereotypical, and not worth my money without any extra additions.

Now for some user made skins I won't be going over all of them, just some of the ones that I think are good. Only you can see these, but they are free and not restricted by copyright infringement.

Natural Amumu (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/783-natural-amumu-15-may-particles-update.xhtml) - A simple recolor that gives Amumu more of a realistic look (I mean really, a GREEN mummy?)
Darth Amumu (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1806-darth-amumu.xhtml) - For your inner Star Wars fanboy. It really gives off a "child Darth Vader" vibe.
(http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1013-sackboy-amumu-by-slaterk.xhtml)Sackboy (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1999-sackboy-amumu-with-particles.xhtml) - Straight from Little Big Planet. Not much to say, really.
Spider Amumu (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1672-spider-amumu.xhtml) - Amumu dresses up as his favorite superhero (and no, he won't be brining pollution down to zero)
Kamen Rider (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1156-amumu-the-sad-mummy-kamen-rider.xhtml) - For those of you who happen to be familiar with Japanese television.
Sad Panda (http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1884-amumu-the-sad-panda-by-mmkh.xhtml) - Fact: Pandas are sad that they are an endangered species. Fact: they also use chopsticks.

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Xenotime Gaze

Senior Member


Good guide. i had to skimm over some parts due to time constraints but i am very impressed. keep it up! :3

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good, solid guide


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*fangirl squeeee!* I RUV jUUUUU! PWEASE HAB MAH BEBES!

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It should be obvious, but before you smite a foe, try to melee it at least once. This compounds how great a jungler Amu is when he's fighting enemies that already have 0 MR or lower and then brings it into lower negatives before nuking them.

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berzerk dragon

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It should be obvious, but before you smite a foe, try to melee it at least once. This compounds how great a jungler Amu is when he's fighting enemies that already have 0 MR or lower and then brings it into lower negatives before nuking them.
Is Smite really affected by MR? I didn't know that, cool beans :P

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Wu Thuong

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i can almost agree with everything written in here.
nice guide indeed.

The only thing which bugs me though is how you recommend Archangels staff as a solid AP Item for amumu. Archangel is one of these items which has to build up... anyway ROA is the better choice for that

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berzerk dragon

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Wu Thuong:
i can almost agree with everything written in here.
nice guide indeed.

The only thing which bugs me though is how you recommend Archangels staff as a solid AP Item for amumu. Archangel is one of these items which has to build up... anyway ROA is the better choice for that

To be honest, I just don't like RoA. Every time I get it, no matter the champ, it results in a loss because I rushed a RoA instead of an item that would actually help my game. Why did I rush RoA? Because it needs to build up just like Archangel's. Besides, if you're getting Archangel's, it's late game and you've decided that you don't need any more survivability. Archangel's gives you more of an instant boost than RoA does.

However, feel free to build Amumu however you like. My guide is just a very detailed explanation of how I play in a feeble attempt to help those who want to start using our favorite mummy.

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This works. The one other guide I like is the same thing, but Heart of Gold instead of Aegis as the first defense item (For the boost towards later stuff, and it builds into Randuin)