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A Blade Reforged (A Riven story)

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Grand Viper

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I'd be more than happy to take a look at it. I'll be looking forward to it!

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Grand Viper:
I'd be more than happy to take a look at it. I'll be looking forward to it!

Its Up!

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Grand Viper

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Erm...can you link me to it? It's not in the fanfic section of the forum, or I'm somehow missing it.

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here it is


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So amazing. Can't wait for more.

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Grand Viper

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I'm gonna use this text box to keep y'all updated about Chapter 4.

So at the moment I think I can get it up by Sunday at the earliest but that's not a promise. As always thank you for reading!


I've started writing it, trying to figure out the skeleton of the chapter but I haven't had that much time this week. I should have some time this weekend to do some writing, but I'm not sure if I'll have it done by Sunday. I may post a preview instead, but we'll see. As always, glad to have new readers and that you're enjoying it. I'll try to get chapter four out as soon as I can!


So I've got the first bit of the chapter ready. I'm actually making steady headway so I think I'll be able to post the full chapter by Sunday. Should I post a preview to help tease and tantalize y'all?


I...I can feel myself slip into obscurity...cough...So I decided to put up a preview, I'm dong some extensive editing but this beginning bit I'm pleased with. It's going to change very little if at all, I should have this ready by tomorrow. I will make a new post for the full story and I will delete the preview when it is posted.

It is finished! I need to do a few touch ups and then I'll post it tomorrow. Unfortunately it's another long chapter, fotunately it's shorter than chapter 3! I kept my promise, huzzah!


I deleted the little preview, and now the full chapter is up. Hope y'all enjoy it! Like I said, it is shorter than chapter 3 but it is long because I made the conversation with Talon and her pretty long. I couldn't find a way to shorten it sooo blech. Chapter 5 is going to be fun to write because that is the big chapter Jayko's been waiting for: The League match. It may stretch over into a two chapter saga but I'll have to see as it comes along. Riven's rollercoaster has just started and there's no breaks on this downwards slope to hell for her!

As usual, thank you for reading, I hope this chapter is as enjoyable as the others and if you have anything to say (Critique or compliment) then please say so. Don't be shy!

*Editing update

Just fixed a few things here and there, slight tweaks to Irelia`s speech and some word choices here and there. Nothing major

Updated my editing!

Fixed a bunch of the semicolons, changed a few words around. Nothing extreme

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I dont usually read/write fanfics... but I gotta say, this one kept me interested. Keep up the good work! I like your style of character development

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Grand Viper

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Chapter 4

The waves beat on the lake’s shore. Riven had not moved for a few hours now, thoughts racing through her mind. Horrible memories resurged once more, she had been able to supress her guilt for some time now. After what had happened today though, she could not help but fall back into old habits. The old memories flooded, and she saw herself play her role as a puppet. Without emotion without meaning she saw herself jerk to the rhythm of an invisible puppet master.

He was right about her. The sound of metal softly clinking against one another perked her ear. Sitting next to her was Irelia, she patted Riven’s shoulder gently. Riven made no response, she wanted her to go away. The cracks were showing, she would have to detach now or else.

“You missed lunch.” Irelia pointedly spoke.

Riven remained silent, not even acknowledging her presence. Irelia continued, “Are you alright? Is something wrong?”

Irelia smelled the air and looked at Riven with distaste; she reached for Riven’s arm. The moment she was touched Riven withdrew, Irelia narrowed her eyes in response, “You are hurt. What happened?”

Riven cast her glance away. ****, she could smell the blood. She was too lost in her thoughts that she forgot to bandage herself properly. Irelia frowned, “Nevir, what’s wrong?”

Me. I am what’s wrong. Why are you being so nice to me? Are you that stupid that you don’t know who I am? Do you know? Is this an elaborate trap? Are there Ionians hiding in the shadows? What would you do if you knew me? Why me? Riven simply stated, “Go away.”

Irelia drew back, surprised. “O…kay? Are you sure?”

Riven’s voice hardened. “Go.”

Irelia shrugged her shoulders, stood up, and started to walk away. Riven bowed her head to her knees, her hand running along the hilt of her blade. It was best this way; all things had to come to an end. She had her fun, but after what happened today she realized this was best for them.

Yesterday was when this entire mess started. It had been a week since Riven and Irelia first met at the restaurant. Since then Riven had not attended a League match. Instead she was forced to attend several sessions for the Summoners. These sessions, as they explained it, were meant to help integrate her better into the feelings of summoning and sharing one’s soul with another being. These included the attacks of nausea she would have whenever she was teleported and her discordant attitude towards merging minds. They assured her these were common for most new champions, and they urged her to attend to these sessions to help better her on the battlefield.

She had lost most feelings of nausea, but she still felt uncomfortable with the merging of soul and mind. During this week she also gained a bit more courage, meeting with Irelia in the same restaurant a few times more. They would talk about the simplest of topics, philosophies, the weather and even some of the champions. Other times they would just eat in silence, letting Riven wallow in her thoughts. She still felt pangs of guilt for keeping the farce up but they became less notable as she became more lost in her lies.

She walked down the hallways towards the usual café. Her body still shuddered at the sound of every step, but she did her best to ignore it. This time, she knew she was being followed. Again. She felt a crawling sensation down her back. She knew someone was stalking her. She had been able to evade the being for quite some time now. She tensed her lip; it was about time this happened. She glared at the shadows. A figure slinked out of them, then darted towards her, blade pressed against her throat. A deep, angry voice whispered, “Finally.”

Riven craned her neck, the blade had drawn a scarlet line across her neck, “Talon. What do you want?”

He hissed at her, “One week! One full week of me tracking and attempting to catch you! Why did you run, Riven? Are you scared?”

She remained quiet, he snorted, “Amazing. The poster child acting like a spoiled brat.”

He tugged her closer, his blade pressed harder, “What does Katarina see in someone was worthless as you?”

Riven silence only made Talon’s anger climb, “Never the less, I was commanded to bring you in. She wishes to meet with you. You will agree.”

The response he received was a simple shake of the head. He laughed, “Really? If I’m not mistaken, you were off to have some tea and crumpets with that Ionian tart. Is-”

Talon was suddenly airborne. He landed harshly on his back, winding him. Riven mounted him and held a blade against his jugular, “You talk too much.”

Talon glanced at the blade pressed against him, it was one of his. How did she…

Riven answered his thought for him, “Sleight of hand. Now apologize.”

Talon cocked his eyebrow at her, she continued, “You will refer to Irelia as such. Not as Ionian, not as tart, not anything else. Scum like you and I do not deserve to call them anything but their proper names.

He rolled his eyes, “Feh. The point remains, you need to meet with Du Coteau-”

“How does it feel?” Riven questioned bluntly. Talon looked at her confused, she finished her inquiry, “How does it feel, being someone’s b**ch?”

Anger flared in his eyes, she kept him pressed to the floor, “I will not meet with Du Coteau. I refuse her offer. You have done your job, go back and nestle at her feet. Leave me be.”

Talon threw Riven off of him, shoving her to the wall. He aimed his knife at her eye, a mere centimeter away from piercing it, “She was very insistent. You will come.”

Riven tapped his groin with the edge of her sword, “I am running late for my appointment. You and I will meet tomorrow.”

Talon breathed a pleased sigh, releasing her, “I will tell her thus. When and where?”

Riven shook her head, “No one but you and I are going to meet. It will be at the sparring pits, at twelve hundred hours. If you defeat me, I will do whatever you wish. I will be your thrall. If I win, then you will answer me whatever I may ask no matter what I inquire. Is that understood?”

Talon grinned widely, “A stupid bet. I agree. First act I will make you do is to relive the Noxian Commander’s oath.”

Riven startled Talon by her response: She laughed. Her eyes slowly met with his, this time there was no remorse in them. No anger, no hatred. It seemed almost like a light of cruelty shined,

“I read your profile. I know who you are, and I know your claim to fame. According to Katarina, you are one of the three greatest blade masters in Noxus, she is included in that list. They fail to mention you and she are nothing but cutthroat thugs. You are right though, it was a stupid bet.”

She turned around and left Talon be. As soon as she was sure he had left her knees buckled, forcing her to hold on to the wall for support. She didn’t want to be so base and challenge him to a duel, but it was the Noxian way. Arguing rarely ever convinced another Noxian of one’s point of view, duels on the other hand were very common. She could feel the gloom knot up her stomach.

Her countrymen finally caught her after all this time… No, that is not the best way to put it. It was as much a miracle that it took them this long to find her as it was for Irelia not to realize who she is. How much longer could she keep the façade up until the cracks started to show? She could barely eat during lunch; her thoughts were too filled with what she needed to do.

The next day Riven’s sandaled feet tapped through the hallways. The directions she was given were ambiguous, she cursed under her breath. She had to stop asking Udyr for directions. Eventually she heard the clamor of weapons striking one another and screams of ecstasy. She followed the sounds until a pair of large mahogany doors stood before her. The noise was loudest here. She pushed them open and had her breath taken away.

The size of the room should not been able to fit in somewhere like the Institute, it had its’ own right to be called a town. Hundreds of arenas stretched before her, some were covered while others broadcasted their lush forests, their running rivers, even desert climates. She frowned, so many choices and arenas. She hoped Talon would be able to find her. A dark robed man stood by the entrance, the symbol of the Summoners hung off his chest. She gently tapped his shoulder, “Sir?”

He slightly turned his head towards her, a wispy beard flipped out from the hood, she continued, “I am expecting to spar someone. Is there an arena with a lot of obstacles, ledges, and places one could hide in? I am unfamiliar with this area.”

The Summoner scratched his chin, “There are several…I believe an available one would be A 250 subsection lower case b.”

Riven’s eye twitched for a moment. That was a ridiculous number he named, but it seemed like it would be private enough. She bowed to him, requested she send a purple clothed man her way if he saw him and made her way to the recommended number. The Summoner smirked mischievously the moment she left.

Riven rattled the numbers off the doors and the arenas, she was at A 120 subsection e. This was utterly ridiculous, why did they have so many arenas? Suddenly a column of fire billowed out of one of the many arenas, annihilating the very walls of it. The fires died out just as quickly as they came and were replaced by ice crystals. She could barely make out a bird flapping away from the arena’s remnants while some being was encased in the ice. Suddenly having so many arenas made sense to her.

She eventually made her way to the recommended arena. She saw it had a closed roof, making it seem absurdly small. Opening the door made her more confused, there was a ground floor but there were several stories worth of stairs and platforms. Both petit and gargantuan columns littered the arena. The inner space of the room was vastly greater than the outside size. Dimensional bending was her conclusion; that was the only answer for this to make a scrap of sense.

The Summoners must have used powerful magic to shape all of these arenas. A voice interrupted her thoughts, “Guess who’s gankin’ ya.”

A giant arm enveloped her face, she grabbed it and heaved the offending arm over her. The man surprisingly landed on his feet but staggered on his landing, “Ashe, what’s wrong with you?!”

Riven adopted a fighting stance when the shirtless giant of a man turned to face her. His long flowing onyx hair barely was contained in a horned helmet, a giant sword hung off his broad back. He cocked his head at Riven, eventually putting two and two together, “Hey…you’re not Ashe.”

Riven relaxed her composure, “No. I’m not.”

He leaned forward, scratching his goatee, “You might as well be her sister though. That’s incredibly creepy. Sorry, miss…”

Riven bowed her head towards him, “I do not give my name out unless I know to whom I’m speaking to.”

The man drew back, his face reddening, “You dare talk to the great barbarian King Tryndamere in such a manner?”

What an idjit. He gave his name out without realizing it. Riven nodded, “I do.”

Trynamere drew his two handed claymore from his back, he swung it about him with ease. Riven couldn’t help but start chuckling at him, he furrowed his brow and his nostrils flared, “What’s so funny?”

Riven pointed at his sword, “It’s just…so small. Your sword I mean.”

Tryndamere stopped, the redness gone. He hung his head, his shoulders shivered, “You… think my sword is small…?”

Riven suddenly felt like she had insulted him. Her sword when reformed was much larger than his. She was only stating fact from her own point of view. She almost felt like patting his shoulder to console him. “Well, yes. It kind of is, it’s not that sm-”

Tryndamere rushed forward, picking her up in a bear hug, “Thank you! No one’s ever said that to me!”

The breath from Riven’s lungs quickly escaped, she started wheezing for air as he continued, “Everyone always says stop overcompensating, you’re a king now. Why do you carry such an unwieldy sword? Get something practical! But you, you! Thank you! Anything you want, just ask!”

Riven gasped out, “A-a-airrrr.’

Tryndamere set her down and wiped away a big dewy tear, “You dun get it, I can keep my sword! Ashe was going on this one time about how it’s too big, it needs to look regal, it hits guests in the face, it needs to be more décor oriented, put a shirt on more often it’s cold outside, and I tell her ,’woman! I am a barbarian king, not a namby pamby! If I want to go bare chested I will! If I think my sword is fine then it is, I don't need a toothpick!’ She goes on and on, nags and nags…”

Tryndamere droned on while Riven became inpatient. She glanced around when she noticed a shadow from the corner of her eye. She interrupted Tryndamere in mid rant, “Tell me, are we allowed to fight one another outside the arena?”

The barbarian king raised an eyebrow, “Well, it’s rude, but yes. Why?”

Riven took a step to the left as a purple shadow tore past her, through the open door and into the arena. Where she once stood a long abrasion was torn into the earth. She stepped towards the door, “We’ll discuss this…later, King.” She was very thankful for Talon’s timely interference. At least she knew he had some mercy in him, or else he would have let her continue to listen to such inane rambling.

She stepped into the arena, closing the door behind her. The sound of a click assured her it was locked. Reading up on the arenas the night she knew she was in no real danger. You could not die in the arenas. There were enough defensive and healing wards in place that if anyone were at the brink of death they would be saved. It was a little fuzzy on the details as to how, but if all goes according to plan then that shouldn't matter to her. A hollow voice called out, “You chose a field that suits my tastes? Why is that?”

Riven looked around, the darkened corners stretched onwards as the little light source flickered. “When I defeat you, I want it to be absolute.”

A hollow laughter rang out in the arena. Riven twisted her body out of the way of a flying dagger. It stuck itself in the wall near her. “You can’t catch me here. Not that I mind, but if you wanted to serve us so much you could have simply said yes.”

Another knife darted out, scratching her bicep. Her arm went limp; a paralyzing poison was coated in the knife. She muttered angrily to herself. She was definitely out of practice. If an assassin could beat her, then she deserved to lose her humanity again. Three circular blades whizzed out, she sliced them in mid-flight. Another knife flew out, Riven dodged it again. And again. And again. Riven kept dodging and blocking the onslaught, the entire ground around her and several columns became filled with knives. Her arm still hung limp while her good hand gripped her sword tighter. She had to be patient, her chance would come.

Suddenly, just as quickly as it started, the onslaught stopped. He had run out of knives to throw. A shadow darted towards her, she twisted out of the way as Talon struck the stone column near her, sparks erupting from the metal of his blade. Riven swung wildly to where Talon was as he nimbly leapt away. The column slid downwards in an angle, her sword had cleaved through it with ease. Unfortunately he had disappeared once more. Riven focused her sight, she could see the thinnest of wires attached to a knife, then another wire. And then another. Her eyes widened, over fifty knives rushed at her all at once. There was no way she was stopping all of them.

His leap had given him a chance to collect all the wires in one hand, he was ready. Talon pulled at the wires, his ultimate assassination technique let him control his blades with the smallest amount of effort. The ability to control them came from the micro wires specially designed by his original master, Katarina's father. Instead of the sickening sound of dozens of blade tearing through flesh, he heard a dull thump. Then he was off his feet and soaring. He slammed harshly on the ground, the wires still gripped tightly in his hand. Before he could react a strong kick to the face knocked him out.

He awoke moments later, tied to a column with his own wires. He looked around and saw almost every single one of his knives wrapped around Riven’s sword. How could she block so many? This was answered as Riven stepped into view. Three knives were embedded in her left shoulder and an additional two were embedded in her already wounded arm, the blood flowed freely from the wounds. He smiled at the sight of the bloodied soldier. “Hmph, letting your wounded side take the brunt of what you couldn't dodge. You win. I suppose…” He bit his tongue, “you are skilled.”

Riven strode towards him, forcing him to look her in the eyes, “I was efficient. Now, why does Du Coteau want me?”

Talon became silent, looking away from her. Riven stood there for a few minutes. She became aggravated, “You gave your word. Start talking.”

Talon shrugged his shoulders, “Or else what?”

Riven picked up one of his knives and jabbed it in his shoulder, hot blood spurted out, “Talk.”

Talon was still silent despite the wound. Riven stabbed his other shoulder, twisting the knife in deeper, forcing blood to billow forth, she commanded once more, “Talk.”

Talon’s shoulders seemed to quake, but he refused to speak. She flipped his knife about, than promptly stabbed his thigh. The blood bathed her hand and forearm. Her voice became icy, “Talk.”

He burst out laughing, almost maniacally. She drew back in shock as he calmed down. It was strange seeing a man such as this to be able to laugh. “She was right. You are still a Noxian.”

Riven hissed at him, lifting his head up and pressed the knife against his throat, “No. I’m not.”

Talon craned his neck closer to the knife, “Look at how you’re acting! I thought you had gone insane when you started associating with that Ionian but look at you! An amazing feat of drama, you led me to believe you were barmy!”

Riven’s hand started to tremble at her realization. Talon continued,

“Here I am, a hostage: tied up, bound and helpless. I was giving you the silent treatment and you lost your patience. Like a good Noxian, you wanted answers. How would you get an answer? Attempt torture! Your cuts are purposefully missing the arteries so you’re maximizing the pain but minimizing the chance of death! Your craftsmanship and your nature precedes you, Riven the Butcher.”

She dropped the knife, shaking her head, “Nnh…I just…I needed to know what…”

Talon’s mirth quickly dissipated,

“To know what? What Katarina wanted? You served with her in the war, you saved her life. And you question why she wishes to meet you? If you are so dense, then fine. She wants you to join her, an old Noxian comrade in arms. She simply wanted to discuss why you should come back and how much she needs your expertise. You see her father, General Du Coteau, is dead.”

Riven had beads of nervous sweat drip down her arms, staring at the bloodied knife in hand. He continued,

“We have suspicions as to who and why, but it is three, maybe four, against many. She seemed to think you are worth the weight of an entire army. You defeated me in my own environment, no small task in of itself, and with a broken blade. You showed tactical knowledge, you show cruel efficiency, and you showed the Noxian spirit.”

Riven’s hands shook violently, she had slipped up. This time though, the evidence was not ignorable. The man bleeding in front of her was all she needed to show she had not changed in the slightest bit. Talon writhed in his bonds, “For once, I’m pleased to be disappointed. Now then, release me and let us go meet with Du Coteau.”

She shook her head, Talon’s demeanor shifted, “You are a Noxian. Stop lying to yourself.”

Riven stuttered, “N-no…I’m…I…I can’t. I have to m-meet with Irelia…”

Talon chuckled, “Why do you meet with her anyways? Perhaps it’s an elaborate plan of yours? Hammering the last nail in the Ionian coffin?”

Riven looked away, she was becoming a mess. Talon’s venomous tone forced her to look at him once more, “Or maybe you’re looking for redemption from her? Someone to pat your hand and go, ‘there there. It’s alright. I forgive you.’ And who better than the pure, sweet Ionian that you wronged so much?”

He stared at Riven as the tremors that plagued her suddenly afflicted her legs. He twisted in the wire, trying to free himself, “You have yet to make your decision? Then answer me this, how is it that she hasn’t killed you yet, or at least tried?”

Riven bowed her head, her body was convulsing, “I…she…she doesn’t know who I am…”

The room became dead quiet. Talon muttered, “And how is that possible?”

Riven spoke up, her voice staggering in tone, “I…I lied to her…I told her I was Nevir from a fishing village near Zaun…My appearance is different from back then so that helped…”

Talon’s eyes widened, his jaw dropped. Then he burst out laughing once more, “You should have been a comedian! Nevir?! Really?! Then she’s either retarded or…”

His brow furrowed, a wicked smile spread across his face, “She’s known this entire time. Just waiting for the perfect moment, gathering your trust, bidding her time to strike.”

The tremors stopped in Riven, she roared at him, “No! Not her!”

Talon’s smile did not disappear, “Oh? How much do you know of her?”

Riven’s self-righteousness did not dissipate, “I know she is a capable warrior, I know she where she grew up, and I know she is a good person. A better person than I ever could be. I may have lied to her, but she has had no reason to lie to me. She has honor.”

Talon’s sickening chuckle made her shiver once more, “Honor? Good? Are we talking about the same person? Have you asked her how Katarina got her infamous facial scar? I’ll give you a hint, your lovely Ionian laughed as she carved it into her. She despises Noxians, especially those involved in the war.”

Riven gripped her arms, “That’s because that is Du Coteau. She relished in the killing. I-”

“You saw it as business. Systematic slaughter. Do you know you still hold the record for the most killed in a single war? You beat the old record of High General Barom Darkwill himself. Do you think she doesn’t hold you accountable? Maybe she is stupid and doesn’t. What boggles me most is your lust and drive for forgiveness. It is blinding you to the obvious. Tell me, after all your time in exile, are you any closer to your goal? Are the lies helping?” Talon’s challenge to Riven threw her back into her shakes.

Riven did not know how to answer him. She knew all of this of course, but being confronted by the facts was terribly unsettling. She glared at him, then promptly turned and knocked on the door. The sound of the locks clicking let her know it unlocked itself. She pushed it open and walked out of the arena. Talon was left all alone, sighing to himself, “She could have at least untied me.”

The sound of the door closing and locking once more was heard, Talon looked up with a smug grin, “Changed your mind?”

A look of confusion crossed his face as a Summoner walked towards him. “Weren’t you by the entrance?”

The robed man flipped his hood back. A pair of goggles with several lenses decorated his face. They twisted and turned as they focused on Talon, he strode forward and grabbed Talon’s jaw, “Tell me everything.”

Riven didn’t even care about the time, she made her way outside as quickly as possible. She needed to rethink everything. She needed to be alone. What she did to Talon, what he said…She needed to rethink things.

Riven cast her glance away. ****, she could smell the blood. She was too preoccupied feeling sorry for herself that she forgot to bandage herself properly. Irelia frowned, “Nevir, what’s wrong?”

Riven’s voice hardened. “Go.”

Irelia shrugged her shoulders, stood up, and started to walk away. Riven bowed her head to her knees, her hand running along the hilt of her blade. It was best this way; all things had to come to an end. She had her fun, but after what happened today she realized this was best for them.

Riven’s sword whined with energy for a moment. Irelia stopped in her tracks, turned back around and faced Riven. “…No.”

Riven looked at Irelia who was making her way back. Irelia shook her head, “No, you are not wallowing in your own despair. I will not allow that.”

Riven laughed, “Despair? I am simply not in the mood to speak.”

Irelia knelt down, grabbing Riven’s shoulders, “Nevir, what is wrong? You cannot let whatever concerns you consume you. You are really hurt by something and you are letting it fester. You need to calm down. You were not brought in this world to-”

“Brought in this world… Really? That’s what you say?” Riven burst out laughing, twin tears streamed down her cheeks. “Do you think they care? Can you tell me what they were thinking when they brought me into this world?! I sure can't! I never met my progenitors!”

Irelia was startled as Riven leapt to her feet, she continued with her voice rising, “I never knew them! I never knew anyone else! I was raised by some faceless people and forced to grow on my own! Do this, do that! Jump higher, crawl slower! You, you had people! You had a father, a mother, a brother! You had people to care for you! I had and am nothing!”

Irelia clicked her tongue in an aggravated manner, Riven continued, “Oh don’t you pull that on me, you were raised by caring people. You have a reason to fight no matter what you do. Me? I did what I thought I needed to do, than I found this!” Riven swung her broken sword to emphasize her point, “This became my everything! And I don’t even know what it means!”

Riven threw her sword with all her might, cleaving a helpless tree. Riven’s entire body was quaking. “I…I don’t even know why I’m here anymore. I thought I could become stronger but…look at my hands…shaking like a child…hah…”

Irelia was quiet for a few moments and she slowly responded, “…I never knew fishing was so harsh.”

Riven turned to her, her shakes were gone and were replaced by a dumb founded look on her face. She burst out laughing, genuinely this time. Irelia sighed a breath of relief, “I’m not sure why you are feeling this way…but it is obviously effecting you. I will leave you be, but I want to get something out in the air first.”

Irelia walked over and prodded her finger on Riven’s stomach. “Do you feel this?”

Riven nodded, Irelia shifted her hand over to Riven’s forehead, slowly stroking it, “And this?”

Riven didn’t like where this was going, Irelia moved her hand to the middle of Riven’s chest, “And this?”

Riven drew back, “Uh…Irelia…what are you doing?”

Irelia smirked, “Obviously I’m trying to seduce you.”

Riven looked at Irelia with a confused look. They stared at each other for a few moments when they both exploded in laughter. Irelia wiped at her cheek,

“Nevir, what I’m doing is pointing out the obvious. You have a heartbeat, your face has rosy warmth, and your belly has a fire within. These are things your parents gave to you and nothing can take it till the day you die. Until then? It is up to you how you live your life. You are human. You have a right to live because you were given that right by two people whether you knew them or not. Never forget that.”

Riven looked away, “And…what if…what if I’ve sinned?”

Irelia kicked at the ground, tossing a rock into the lake, “We have all sinned. Do you know Katarina Du Coteau?”

Riven shrugged her shoulders, “I…may have heard of her.”

Irelia sat on the ground, patting the spot to her left. Irelia’s sword rested on her right, Riven sat down and Irelia began the tale,

“When I was…temporarily disabled by the necromancer, Soraka attempted to save me. I’ve known her since I could remember. She was a friend of the family. On the battlefield she was at my side, trying to save me when Katarina attempted to strike her down. The same moment she closed in for the kill, I came back to life. I saw Soraka about to be slain, so I pinned Katarina to the ground with these blades here.” She softly stroked her blades. She continued,

“I had work to do and couldn’t focus on Katarina. I found a nearby Noxian blade and stabbed it through her shoulder, keeping her pinned. She could not move nor could she remove it despite her attempts. She watched me kill three hundred Noxians, she watched me bathe in the gore… smiling the entire time.Her remaining comrades left her to die at my hands thus I turned my attention back to her. Soraka tried to stop me, I shoved her away. I wanted to make the Noxian suffer; suffer as much as I did.”

Riven's body tensed. Irelia’s voice did not falter,

“I tore the blade out, she screamed in agony. I forced her to her feet and I started to viciously pummel her. She didn’t stand a chance. There was no honor. There was no glory. This was savagery. She didn’t beg, not yet. I pinned her to the ground and took one of her own knives from her belt. I asked her to scream for me, I was laughing. Slice, right down the face. Again. And again. And again. She screamed for me to kill her. Do you know what stopped me after I incised the same wound twenty times?”

Riven shook her head, Irelia chuckled,

“Not Soraka. Not a soldier, not a comrade and not even a Noxian. I had stopped myself. I am told I was paralyzed when I regained my senses from the horror I committed. I wanted her dead at the cost of my humanity. Ever since that day, she has been terrified of me despite how she hides it. And I, terrified of her. For bringing out the worst in me, and for her having the potential to do so again. And the worst part? What I feel for her, is not a millionth as to what I still feel for Singed and Warwick."


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Riven looked at Irelia, completely boggled by what she had just been told. Irelia sighed, leaning back, “The thing is, I know I was wrong. I almost gave up my humanity back then, and for what? I am here for many reasons, these include facing that what I fear most. With strength comes the temptation to misuse it, never forget that. Nevir, what do you think the point of having strength is?”

Riven sat and thought, slowly responding, “Having strength means being able to rule over all because it is your right.”

Irelia frowned, “Truly? Is that what you believe, or what you think?”

Riven went silent. She wasn’t sure. She looked at Irelia, “I…I don’t know. What is the point of having strength?”

Irelia shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know."

Riven frowned as Irelia tapped her shoulder,

“I don’t know for you. I know my reasons, but your reasons…that is something you have to find for yourself. If I told you what to fight for, would you accept it? Should you? You need to find what you want to fight for. It is an old question my father used to ask me. ‘What is the point of strength?’ He used to say, ‘For some it is to build strong families. For others, it is to make works of art. Everyone needs a reason to not only have strength, but a purpose to use it for. What purpose is this?' Only you can answer that.’ It was one of his many lessons.”

Riven shuffled her knees to her chest. Irelia got up, and was about to walk away when Riven called out to her, “Wait Irelia.”

She turned and faced Riven, who got to her feet. Riven breathed sharply in, “One thing…the only thing I know about my... my mother is…this is so stupid…is this…”

Riven started softly humming the song in surprisingly perfect tone. It was a brief song, and a tender smiled was spread across Riven's face when she finished, “It's my first memory and my only memory of her. It was a lullaby. It’s called, ‘Sunlit Child.’”

Irelia bowed her head towards Riven, “I’m sure wherever she is, she is proud of you. You are stronger than you think. You simply need to know what to do with that strength, and remember why you came here in the first place.”

Irelia left Riven alone. Riven rubbed her face, she was already exhausted from the emotional drain she had put herself through today. She hoped things wouldn’t get worse. Her ears suddenly rang, “HELLO? IS THIS RIVEN?”

She bit her lip, she hated when Summoners attempted to contact her, “Yes…this is Riven. What do you want?”

The Summoner continued, “Well, there’s a dispute. We try and have two non-allied state champions per team in these sorts of disputes. It is a simple claim, one insulted another. Something about one’s mother, and then things deteriorated from there into an all-out brawl. In order to avoid punishment they opted for a League match to decide who should be punished.”

“Yes? And how does this pertain to me?” Riven did not like where this was going.

The Summoner fell quiet for a moment, “You were specifically requested. It is between some Noxians, Zaunites and Ionians. You have been selected to be a part of the Noxian and Zaunite team as a neutral champion.”

Riven clenched her fist. The Summoner’s voice became tense, “Your team will be Warwick, Singed, Morgana and Sion. You will be facing Karma, Alistair, Udyr, Akali and Ashe. You will have tonight and tomorrow morning to prepare for the match.”

She could feel the Summoner tug away from her mind. She cursed under her breath. What cruel joke is this? She could almost taste the conspiracy involved in this. She gripped her blade; she would have to face this with her head held high. A lot of adversity was on the field tomorrow, but no matter. Whether Irelia knew who she was or not didn’t matter at this point, what mattered was why Riven came to the League in the first place. Irelia had reminded her of that, and she would not lose sight so easily again.

The Summoner stepped away from his crystal ball, he spoke up cautiously, “Does this please you, General?”

The sound of a raven cawing was his response, the Summoner bowed in the direction of the sound, “Hail Noxus.”

See my post before this chapter for my blurb about this chapter

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Poor Riven...being forced to fight alongside those she no longer supports. But excellent writing, as always, GV!