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A Blade Reforged (A Riven story)

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Grand Viper

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Twas a very... enthusiastic stroll through the woods.

I've been reading since the first chapter. And I've enjoyed your story, reading each update as it comes along. Though a slight turn off - there's been a lot of gore lately, yet it leaves this really gritty impression which isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

"Violence to end the violence."

I know it gets a little bit gory, but I was trying to show the brutality of fighting, of the world that Riven lived in and lives in, and will be subjected to of her own accord. Maybe I was a bit too descriptive... Ah well.

Also, as a note, this IS the last chapter! There is only the Epilogue coming up, and that's it, the story's over! If you have any questions, start getting them ready for the Epilogue! And I'll be announcing my future plans and all that jazz!

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That's some quality reading right there sir! +1

But I must ask, have you read Fate Stay Night or Berserk?
Because I've seen some simillar elements throughout the reading and it made me kind of wonder...
Specially the part where(spoiler) Riven catches Akali's kama with her teeth.

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Grand Viper

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That's some quality reading right there sir! +1

But I must ask, have you read Fate Stay Night or Berserk?
Because I've seen some simillar elements throughout the reading and it made me kind of wonder...
Specially the part where(spoiler) Riven catches Akali's kama with her teeth.

Nice catch. I love Berserk, both the anime and the manga. Remembering that scene, and thinking of her personality, I thought it would really suit her in the battle. She doesn't have time to think, she needs to live.

Berserk is also what influenced me for the template of her sword description. Berserk strongly influenced me for how she swings her blade, how the cutting of it works and so forth and some of her fighting style because she has such an absurdly large sword.

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MF Shot First

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Hi. Just a fan here. I can't believe that you are ending this story. I can't tell you how many nights I checked fanfiction.net hoping for an update! After taking a break from writing for 3 years, you and your amazing characterizations of these champions inspired me to write again. Thank you so much for spinning this excellent tale. I look forward to seeing your next work (the Diana/Leona story, right?)

Keep writing and much love,

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Grand Viper

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Hi. Just a fan here. I can't believe that you are ending this story. I can't tell you how many nights I checked fanfiction.net hoping for an update! After taking a break from writing for 3 years, you and your amazing characterizations of these champions inspired me to write again. Thank you so much for spinning this excellent tale. I look forward to seeing your next work (the Diana/Leona story, right?)

Keep writing and much love,

The Diana/Leona one is going on as we speak! Equinox will be updated very soon once KuzAnn has done some mad editing for me and we go over the rough again! Just look for it in the little search bar, or in my fanfic.net account.

And I'm glad to have inspired you to write again! I'll comment in your story the moment I get a chance! I've been a bit swamped lately, not a good excuse but it is true!

Keep on writing, I'm glad you enjoyed my work, and prepare for the incoming Epilogue!

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Grand Viper

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I was broken once.
I know this, and I know why.


A familiar Summoner scribbled furiously on a piece of paper. "...Before one of the two Nexus towers was lost, the Exile triumphantly...No, no, not triumphantly. Majestically, amazingly, ah pft...regally? No, that's stupid."

He tapped the pen on the desk, "Come on, come on! You can do this, Steed, I believe in you! Stupid editors are corrupt, wastes of breath! You left, you weren't fired! You know better!" The Summoner glanced at a nearby mirror and rolled his eyes, "You know when you're going crazy when..."

The Sumoner's eyes widened, "Ah! Nobly! She nobly stood before the Nexus turrets, and asked for a moment to address the people viewing. That was when she..."

He grabbed a piece of paper and looked it over, reading out select excerpts, "I was a part of the Noxian war...the reason why I fight alongside the Ionians is because...I am not a weapon, not anymore...I fight for my beliefs...yes, yes, this will fit in nicely. Just copy it in later."

He looked at his right, a few files and folders were scattered about the desk and the floor. One caught his eye, labeled, Interview with an Exile. The Summoner scratched his chin, "Hmm...I would if I could...but that Journal of Justice has the rights..."

A knock came on his door. He yelled, "Who is it?!"

"Ram? It's Kaldera. Can I come in?"

"No!" He looked at his paper and groaned. He put his pen down on the desk and shouted, "And you made me lose my train of thought! Fine...Come in!"

The door opened. A Summoner woman, wearing a reddish top hat with goggles slung over the front, walked in. She walked over, "Steed, we want you to write a little bit in the Journal of Justice."

"Absolutely n-"

"Just take a look," she rested some papers in front of him.

Ram picked up the papers and read them aloud, "Summoner Farnsley, Head Editor of the Journal of Justice, you have been found guilty of...Heh. Ha ha..." His smile widened. He looked at Kaldera and waved the paper, "Is this true?"

"It is. The Journal of Justice is done."

Ram glanced at his work on his desk, then at the file. A devilish glint appeared in his eyes. He reached over and grabbed a large, overly puffy hat with a feather sticking out of it. Placing it on his head, he cracked his knuckles and grabbed his quill pen, "Stand back: Steed's got a statement to make."


You do not. That is the purpose of this book, of these memoirs. Pity me, fear me, loathe me, love me, respect me, scorn me, it matters not. So long as you understand who I am, who I was, who I will become, and why.


He was not a young man, that much could be said of Keiran Darkwill, but it was not due to his appearance. Swain stared at the man before him. His long, black hair flowed down the entirety of his back. His face was rather youthful despite some scarring, and the flamberge he brandished he did so with ease. Swain stared at him impassively. The great son of Darkwill was one of Noxus' most accomplished duelists, he was not a man to be trifled with. However, being called out by Darkwill was not something he could let settle. And besides, it served his end purpose well enough.

Keiran was an idiot. He thought of the standstill as a coward's game, that Swain was trying to avoid the fight with him. He challenged the great tactician to a duel to finally settle matters, but he wasn't even aware of the metaphorical corner he had been forced into. No, he was far too short sighted to see it.And so, Swain agreed on the condition that it was in front of the High Council of Noxus and with anyone who wished to view the duel. It was agreed, and the skill of Darkwill showed.

Being backed into a corner, Swain was one misstep away from being impaled by Keiran. He could see the haughtiness in the man's face. The tactician's red eyes flickered and glowed with a strange, almost gleeful cruelty. Swain's voice rasped out in almost a hushed whisper, "Watch closely..."

Keiran dashed forward and impaled the stone wall where Swain once was. Driving his entire blade through it, he could only turn around in time to see General Jericho Swain was behind him. Tapping his cane on the ground, a bolt of magic fired from the cane and according to onlookers, fizzled on Darkwill's armor. Meanwhile a violent surge of magical energy tore through General Darkwill, making his body spasm in pain.

Raven talons ripped out from the ground and brought him to his knees. Darkwill swore he could almost see...chains, not talons, that bound him. Swain looked over at the opposite of the room, and gave a slight nod. Thundering, armored footsteps filled the room. Swain loudly rasped out, "Victory is mine. Darius, evaluate his strength, see if he's worthy of serving under me."

"Yes, High General Swain," a man's deep voice boomed.

The owner of the voice, General Darius, was a bear of a man. Almost reaching seven feet in height, his grizzled scarred face was accentuated by the white streaks in his short black hair. He was old, he was battle worn, and he was proud of it. Almost as proud of the axe he carried. It was almost laughable, such a weapon was not meant to be wielded by man for its immense size. To swing it even once would surely break one's arms, but Darius swung it about with such ease that his title, the Hand of Noxus, was truly a befitting title. Keiran glanced back to watch the fleeting figure of Swain, and the approaching figure of Darius.

Darius towered over him and growled, "Do you have anything to say, Darkwill?"

General Swain looked back at Keiran, and smiled. The old man's withered features shimmered, full lips and a porcelain face could be seen for a glimmer of a second. Darkwill's eyes widened, he tried yelling in protest, but he could not. A strange magic filled his lungs and throat, making him unable to speak, and he could only let out a feeble gurgle.

In the crowd of onlookers, Katarina leaned to Talon, "This isn't good..."

"This was expected."

"I still don't have to like it."

Talon grunted, "Never said you did. For now, observe, and plan accordingly."

Katarina silently nodded and went back to watching the execution about to take place.

"Pathetic. You do not deserve to serve Noxus," Darius raised his axe high above his head.

Meanwhile, Swain made a turn down a hallway, a right into a corridor, and pressed his hand against a wall. Phasing through it, Swain saw himself sitting in a beautiful, ebony chair who stared at a crystal ball. Beatrice was perched on his shoulder, quietly watching the scene that unfolded alongside the tactician. Darius rose the axe high above his head.

Swain, the one who had just entered the room, flicked his hand, making his cane twitch suddenly. Stretching and groaning, the cane elongated into a golden staff as tall as Swain himself. The shaft ended at the base of a large silver and gold raven skull, with glowing, sickly green eyes. On top of the skull rested a small four pronged pommel, strongly affixing a crystal of the same green color in place. He crowed, "What did I tell you, Jericho?"

The man sitting looked over, lowered his face cloth, and crinkled a dry smile, "Very well played."

Straightening himself, "Swain" started to walk with a strangely sultry step. Dropping onto the other's Swain's lap, his features started to peel away to show a more violet skin complexion. Keeping the staff strongly gripped, his voice became strangely feminine, "What did I tell you, Swain? Angels words or not, with an army or by herself, she is nothing. And as you can see..."

Placing the staff onto the tactician's lap, the feminine Swain's smile broadened, "The Celestial Crystal as a catalyst worked wonders."

Even Swain's wrinkled face widened, a malefic, toothy smile now evident. He reached down and touched the shaft of the staff. Sickly green magic sparked from his fingertips, his red eyes started to hum and crackle with the same green energy the staff issued. "Does this mean the rest of the order has been completed?"

"Oh yes. Our little friend has done their job admirably with none the wiser. 'Chimera' was able to gather all of the artifacts. . Your armor is being outfitted as we speak, General Swain...No, forgive me. I should say, High General Swain."

Reaffixing him/herself, the feminine Swain's face peeled back more, showing more of a certain Illusionist's features, "So relax, we have it under control. Just remember while watching this little display: Like father..."

The axe came down, decapitating Keiran.

"Like daughter."


I do not want your sympathy, I want you to understand why.
You may ask who I am, who am I to write these words and to expect others to read them?


A small building had its own little section on the streets of Noxus. The words, Sinful Succulance, could be clearly seen in blood red letters on the window.

A fallen angel leaned over the counter, handing a paper bag full of baked goods to a customer, "Thank you for your patronage. But! Before you go, you bought a baker's dozen."

Morgana reached underneath the counter and drew out a book. She placed it in the customer's hands, "You get a free book with the purchase of a baker's dozen."

"I...what? Why do I want a book?" The customer questioned.

"Mm, because it's a good book, and I want you to read it."

The customer blinked, "Uh...kay? What's it about?"

Morgana picked up her own copy of the book, covered in flour, dried dough and chocolate, "It's about the experiences of a young woman in the Noxian army, her training, her orders, and who she became as a result of it. Maybe she'll write more when she's experienced more in life. "

Another customer, a skinny, angry man, yelled, "Wait, is that why you have those clippings on the wall?!"

Morgana looked to her left. On her wall were framed news articles with various titles: Ionia versus Bilgewater: An Exile's Declaration!; Interview With an Exile; Demacia's Opinion on Noxian Exile! Lady of Luminosity and the Might Speak!; Noxian in Ionia!; Noxus Speaks Out Against Exile! Battle Mistress' Rebuttle!; Stead's Book of the Month: New Ionian Translated Release!; Incident In Ionia! Exile versus Retribution!; The number of articles were numerous, and all pertaining to a certain individual.

The angel nodded, "Good detective work there, sir. I applaud you and your intellect that is equivalent to moss."

"You support her?!"

"And you continue to exhibit said intellect. If I didn't support her, I suppose using my own income to buy a few hundred of these books and handing them out for free is a really strange business choice then."

The skinny man yelled back, "You will pay! You dare betray Noxus, betray High General Swain?! You treacherous bi-"

Before the customer could say much more, a black tendril wrapped itself around his neck and tossed him through the window of the bakery, shattering the glass. Morgana looked over at the other customers, waiting patiently in line, and smiled a sweet, fanged smile at them, "Anyone else have anything to say to a treacherous bad word such as myself?"

No one spoke up.

"Thought so."

The customer she had given the book to started to back away with their baked goods, but not before the fallen angel tapped her cheek with a talon, "Ah ah ah, make sure you read it. Trust me, it's a good read."


I am Riven.
I was broken once, and I know this:


A young Ionian woman's sandaled feet stepped down a beaten, dirt path. Instead of wearing her usual crimson armor, she wore a loose flowing robe dyed red Ionian colors which revealed sections of her lithe figure, while her face bore a serious demeanor. Her sword floated behind her, bobbing about. A few wagons passed by her. The chirping of birds, the hustle and bustle of the village she was approaching could be clearly heard. Going through the gates, she saw a small group of children running around, laughing and giggling. They ran up to her and circled her, "{Irelia! Irelia!}"

Her serious demeanor broke as she smiled at them. She squatted down and softly questioned, "{What are you all up to, hm?}"

"{Nothin!}" "{Nuffin!}" "{Nuthin'!}" "{Nothing!}"

Irelia's smile grew wider, "{Oh? Nothing? Then why circle me?}" Her voice suddenly took on a strange hint of mischievousness, "{You're not going to ambush me, are you? I don't think I'd stand a chance.}"

A little boy spoke up, "{We don't want you to leave this time! You're staying!}"

She laughed, and smiled at the little boy, "{I can't stay, but I always come back. You know that.}"

Something caught her eye. She reached over and looked at a pendent a little girl wore. It was a a series of rings interlocking with one another, creating a pattern. She could see a few of the rings soldered back together, and only because of her expert eye could she tell such a thing, "{Did she fix this for you?}"


"{Where is she?}"

The little girl pointed at a house. Irelia nodded, got to her feet, and started walking. The children trailed behind her. Walking over to the house, she could see the roof was being patched by several Ionian workers. Irelia called out to them, "{Excuse me! Are you busy?}"

One of the workers looked up, "{What? Who? Oh, Hello Captain!}"

"{Hello sir. How are the repairs going?}"

"{Just fine, Capt! We're making good progress! Why, something the matter?}"

"{No, nothing so serious. Where is Riven? I wish to speak with her.}"

He slapped his forehead, nearly knocking himself off balance, "{Ah! We needed more lumber! She went to get some!}" He jerked his thumb towards the forest behind them, "{Knowing her, she's probably already making it into timber!}"

Another worker laughed, "{If only you had the same zeal, Xiu, we'd have been done days ago!}"

"{Hey! My timber is a loving masterpiece each and every board! You can't rush perfection!}"

"{Yes, they all are, especially the ones you oh so love to sleep on!}"

"{Hey, here's a proposal: Keep working or my hammer, your face!}"

Irelia rolled her eyes, chuckled, and made her way towards the forest.

The edge of the blade was mostly straight save for the slight curve in it. The runes inscribed on the body of the sword did not glow or hum with any energy, but there were no cracks nor nicks, nor signs of damage in the colossal blade. It wouldn’t be right to call her sword such a term, for it would insinuate that it was meant to be handled by man. It was more of an obelisk of darkest obsidian firmly gripped as it split the middle of a tree trunk with ease.

A tanned woman wearing a simple light, cotton tunic and pants, with a pair of leather boots that disappeared into her pants, held the blade. Her snowy hair traveled slightly past her shoulders. Resting her blade on the ground, she grabbed the split trunk and unceremoniously tossed it into a nearby cart, nearly filled to the brim with lumber. Picking her sword up again with her left hand, she swung it against a large tree. Felling the tree, she reached down and gripped the trunk. Grunting, she lifted it off the ground and dragged it onto the stump she was using as a cutting board. Wiping the sweat off her brow with the back of her sleeve, her ears twitched.

She turned her head, her amber eyes staring at the Ionian who stood across from her.



The Ionian smirked at Riven, pointing at the lumber, "Never thought you'd do this, did you? "

"It is refreshing."

Irelia pointed at her sword, "How does it wield?"

"Better than ever, " the exile admitted. Hefting the blade, she trailed her fingers along the edge. Green energy wisped from it, making the runes hum and glow bright with the same green energy, "It feels complete once more. It took a lot of work, but it is perfect now."

"That's good to hear."

"What brings you around?"

"Mm? Oh!" The Ionian gave a slight bow to the exile, "A few minor things. I have two weeks off. I figured I could come by checking to see if you are alright, and how much longer you'll be staying in this village."

Irelia looked behind her, seeing four pairs of eyes staring at them. "And I assume they are wondering the same."

Riven rested her sword on the ground and shrugged, "Maybe another month? The house we're working on is almost done, and then there's a few fields that need to be cleared, and ploughed, then there's-"

"You do get a chance to relax, yes?"

Riven nodded, "I do. I am not overworking myself. I have time to think, and to write."

"Steed still keeps in touch?"

"Yes. And I give him the same response: When it's ready. I'm not writing for fame or fortune."

Irelia smiled, "You and I know that. Just enjoy your time, for as long as you can..." Her brow furrowed. The Ionian walked over and grabbed Riven's arm. Pulling back the sleeve, she saw the bandages that firmly wrapped themselves around the Noxian's forearm. "Your wounds aren't acting up anymore, are they?" Irelia moved her hands upwards, tapping the left shoulder of the Exile, "What did I tell you about strain-"

"No, they are not." Riven interrupted. "Chip of wood cut my arm. Bandaged it."

Irelia nodded, but before she could say anything, Riven interrupted, "I learned."

The Ionian raised an eyebrow. Riven smirked at her, "I finally learned how to properly dress a wound."

Irelia blinked and stared at the exile, who suddenly burst out in a bout of uncharacteristic, good natured laughter. The Ionian smirked and nodded, "I can see that. I'll let you be, Riven. Goodbye."

Irelia released Riven's arm and started to walk away. The exile called, "Hey! You got anywhere you need to be today?"

"Mm?" The Ionian woman looked back at the Noxian woman, "No. Why?"

"Want tea? I skipped my break to do this. I'll let Xiu know, he won't mind."

Irelia shrugged, "If you w-"

"I do," Riven cleaved the tree trunk in twain, a harsh blade wind tearing down the entirety of the tree. No ki wisped out or ignited as a catalyst or result of the swing. Grabbing the two halves of lumber, she dragged them on top of the wood pile with some effort. Wedging her sword in between several pieces of lumber, she stepped in front of the cart. Reaching down at the handles, she lifted them upwards and started to drag the cart and its entire cargo. "Let's go."

Irelia nodded her head, and quietly walked alongside Riven through the winding forest back to the village.


What is broken can be reforged.

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Grand Viper

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Author's Notes!

Hello readers! Well, here it is, the end of the Riven story. It's not the least we've seen of her, oh no! Far from it! She will be in future short stories, or heck, even long stories. When and where? I'll be mysterious about that for now

The next big story I will be writing will be in November, NaNoWriMo, and it will be an Irelia story! Expect to see all your favorite Ionians, and possibly an unexpected surprise or two! (It's gonna be two.)
Because this is the end, if you have an illness and the only cure is more stuff from me, not sure why that'd be a cure, then be sure to check out my other stuff!
If there's any questions, please, go ahead and ask me!

Two things though:

I will address it here: I will not have Riven and Irelia kiss or be in a relationship. It would honestly detract from the story and the point as to what Riven wants to accomplish. Adding that element, whether it is sensible or not, would detract from the overall point of who Riven becomes and what she will have to become to attain her goal. Her ideals, her people, her city state, that is who she cares most for. She will do anything for them, and she is willing to take all the pain that she will have to endure in order to see her city-state to realize its full potential, and be what it is meant to be.

The second thing I will address is this: The Celestial Crystal was taken from lore, and 'Chimera' is somewhat associated to it. The name I'm making up, the first letter I did not (That's your hint as to where to look for this stuff =p. If you ask me directly then I will answer.)

I posted the prologue and chapter 1 back in January. January 15th, 2012 to be precise. Since then, I've improved as a writer, I learned how to spell Du Couteau properly, I met some awesome people, I got really involved in the fanfic community and I'm still writing stuff for all of y'all! I have no regrets ending this story, because there is so much more to tell.

I am, however, strongly considering going through the chapters one by one and revamping them. Not rewriting, literally editing to improve the grammar and the sentence structure and overall flow.

Thank you all, my readers, for reading this story! I am glad to have written it for you all! Don't be shy, contact me, ask questions, I will answer them!

See you around!

-Viper of Grand (aka Grand Viper)

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Amazing. Simply amazing. I look forward to reading more of your work. Keep it up!

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Grand Viper

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Amazing. Simply amazing. I look forward to reading more of your work. Keep it up!

Hm! I forgot to post my little thing up here! Gimme a second!

The Future of Riven: Author Answers...Questions!

That doesn't alliterate! Anyhoo, so first off: Sorry about this page, it's not a new chapter. I meant it when I said I finished this story, but! This is to answer some questions.

1) Will I be writing the civil war with Noxus?
A: Yes.

1b) Will the author not be a meanie head and explain more than that?
A: Yes. The reason I stopped the Riven story here is because this is what I needed Riven to become. For the Noxian civil war, there are a lot of threads I need to address and to tie up. I have plans for Darius, Draven, Morgana, Swain, LeBlanc, Jarvan, Annie, Cassiopeia, Marcus Du Couteau, Katarina, Talon, the Ionians and how they view the civil war, how the League reacts to it, Riven of course, not to mention a bunch of other characters I haven't mentioned because I want to keep some things a surprise, and how I'm going to tie it all together.

I wanted the Riven story to be Riven focused, who she was, how she came to be, and why she is going to fight Swain. The Civil War is going to focus a lot on Noxian society, and as a spoiler, the first part of the book (It will be long, maybe as long as this story, maybe longer, not sure yet) is going to be Darius centered. I would say half of it will be Darius centered, but I'm not sure how many chapters it will be so I can't honestly say one half, one third, an eighth, etc.

The original Riven story that started this, all my notes in regards to this story, spans over 100 pages. I had to figure out a lot of what I wanted to do with Riven, how I wanted to characterize her, and everything. It took months to figure out what I wanted to do, and I thought I could originally end the series around chapter 10. That would have been silly. So with a better understanding as to how a story works, I'm working as I type on how the arcs will go, what I want, and what will happen. Planning is being done.

Come the anniversary of my first chapter publication, January 15th, I would expect something to be posted in regards to this.

I just need to plot the story, see what I want to do with it, how I want to address things, how to start it, how to end it, and what I want to be done with its ending.

2) This is a good one. Will I do a big event in regards to the League and Runeterra, like Blackest Night or the Civil War in Marvel?
A: I do want to, I have considered it for a very long time, and I do want to do one, but the matter of fact is I need champs to stop being released! The more champs that are released, the more characters I will have to deal with and more motives I will have to be concerned with! So once they stop releasing champs, I will be doing a sort of Collapse of the League story. I have alluded to this via short stories and the fact that I do like my stories to end. So eventually, hopefully I will be writing one, but it will be the moment they stop releasing champions so I can actually figure out how my short stories go, how to plot them, how to do this and that and how to build up to the big story.

3) Are you writing other stories?
A: Yes! I am!
First, there's the Leona, Diana, Pantheon and Molik one I am writing, Equinox, and it's a prologue + 3 chapters long at the moment. It will spread out a few more chapters, not sure how long it's going to be, most likely not as long as the Riven story. I will give a spoiler for y'all, there are some connotations that are placed there on purpose.

Secondly, a big place I'm writing my stuff in is my Short Story Center, which I think/imagine many of you already know. I'm writing Pentakill Part 4 for it, will have it done in a day or two, and will be posting it soon!
Finally, the NaNoWriMo "competition". I will be posting the chapters in fanfiction.net and on the League of Legends forum, and it will be an Irelia centered story. Here is a 500 word synopsis as to what it will be about:

All That I Have
In all of the world of Runeterra, the small island of Ionia was the birthplace of some of the most fabled, enlightening, and deadly, martial arts ever known. One style stood out from the rest, however: The sword art of the Hiten style. Its lineage long, its history tragic and bloodied, it was and is considered to be the epitome of sword mastery. It was said the master of this style would have his blades breath and sing from his touch. People from all over the world wished to learn its secrets, but it was only passed down from one successor down to the next. This was how it had been and always would have been, if it was not for one man.This tradition was broken by the late Master Lito, for he had two children: Zelos, and Irelia.

It was his intention to have both become proficient in the style, so they can better serve their country. That never came to be, as he died suddenly one day from an illness that had afflicted him for years. The nature of the illness was an utter mystery. Not even the most proficient healers could fathom of curing it, despite their best attempts. His legacy was now shattered, for he had left behind only three things: Two children who were not prepared to take the mantle of successor, and an utterly unique weapon.

Zelos, being the elder son, was made a sergeant in the Ionian army as soon as he was of age. He was promoted during a time when war was being whispered amongst the Ionians. Invaders were coming: The Noxian and Zaunite war machines were rumored to be on their way. He was asked to take a crew of some of Ionia's best and brightest to set sail for Demacia, their allies, and plead for their help. It would be a short trip, a month or so at most there and back. Zelos clasped young Irelia's shoulders, and asked her to defend Ionia until he came back. He swore he would return as quickly as he can.

It has been a little over ten years since she had seen her elder brother. The Captain of the Guards, Irelia Lito, titled the Will of the Blades, now wields her father's sword and still waits for her brother to return. She paid a heavy price for her headstrong and youthful assault against the Noxian forces which only served to strengthen her resolve. Even now, with the appearance of a floating castle and the self proclaimed Empress of Ionia approaching, all while a Demacian embassy makes their way to the palace of the Placidium, she defends her homeland, waiting for his return.

The sword art of the Hiten style. Its lineage long, its history tragic and bloodied, it was and is considered to be the epitome of sword mastery: It can have only one successor.

Hopefully that gets you pumped for it as much as I am!

I know what I once said in regards to a certain brother to some who asked, and then I thought, "You know what, Viper of Grand? You have an idea, go ahead and write it, don't worry about things like he's not released yet!"
Honestly though, I have his characterization very vividly pictured and I have an idea as to how I want him portrayed, how I want him to work, how he will work, and what the end result will be. I swear if he turns out to be a zombie ghost from the Shadow Isles...

4) Wow that's a lot. Are you sure there's nothing else-
A: I'm writing a bunch of collabs as well! Be on the look out for them in the future! They will be ranging from Twisted Fate and Graves to Talon and even Wukong and Fizz!
Unfortunately for League High, we're sort of on a hiatus till we figure out what we're doing with it. So many projects, so little time.

5) Is Viper of Grand a handsome, stallion of a man, whose hair flows like the ocean?
Why yes, yes I am! Thank you for asking anonymous reader! (No one asked this. No one. Not even my mirror image.)

I hope this clears everything up! I will be going over the editing slowly but surely! Until I edit it, the story will be shown to be in progress! If you have any questions, any at all, don't be afraid to ask them! I tend to reply to them! If I don't, you can call me a meanie head until I do reply, because I am not meaning to be neglectful.

However, I will make a note about the Lore: With the way it's going these days, I'm going to have to be very picky as to what will be more beneficial to the stories I write. For example, I like Soraka's old lore much more than her new lore, and with the way I wrote her as a motherly figure, I think it's more appropriate than anything. Sure she can look like what she does, but I will not give up her matronly persona or her original background. I like the implications her and Warwick's old lore had, and the fact that it had the Journal of Justice expanded upon it and so forth. I'm going to have to be very picky in regards to which lore I want to best describe the characters and the environment of the League. If the lore I use confuses you, the reader, at any time, just ask me and I'll be happy to explain why I chose that path instead of the new one they described!

I'm not going to play favorites here and say "I like the old lore better" or "the new lore is way cooler", because I will be using the lore I feel is most appropriate. For example, if I followed the new lore, I'd have to erase the Pentakill stories or make them "Joke" stories. I like the implications way too much for what I have planned for Pentakill to give them up like that. (Just go to the lore forums to see my opinion if you really want)

Anyhoo, I'm glad you all have enjoyed my writing so much, and I promise that I will keep on writing! Be sure to check out my profile for a poll I'm running on the short stories, and look up my other stories!

If you have any questions, whatsoever, any comments, be sure to leave them! I will reply (Eventually!)

If you want to know my reasoning as to why I chose to characterize them as I did, go ahead and ask! I'll be around!

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Grand Viper:
I have plans for Darius, Draven, Morgana, Swain, LeBlanc, Jarvan, Annie, Cassiopeia, Marcus Du Couteau, Katarina, Talon, the Ionians and how they view the civil war, how the League reacts to it, Riven of course, not to mention a bunch of other characters I haven't mentioned because I want to keep some things a surprise, and how I'm going to tie it all together.

I'm mostly curious about how Demacia, or even Zaun/Piltover/Frejilord/Bilgewater/Bandle City will play into politics. At any rate I expect Demacia to not stand by idly during a Noxian Civil war. I guess I'm more wondering on if you will include any Demacian perspectives, and if so, which? Or if you prefer keeping surprises, just don't say anything.

Keep at it, I enjoy your work and appreciate the effort you have put into it thus far. =)