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A Blade Reforged (A Riven story)

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Grand Viper

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I know about you Jaykoboy. I know alllllll about you. So I got's you only one question, the very principle of life itself lies on the crucible of this inquiry: Am I doing her justice?

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Oh, you are doing her great justice! An outsider who shuns friendship because she doesn't want to be dragged into another's war. Very well done, sir.

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Grand Viper

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Thanks mate. I'll be posting chapter 3 in this little ol' area here when it's ready.

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Great! Looking forwards to it.

I find it funny how I failed at writing a fanfic including Riven...but now everyone refers to me, on multiple forums, as 'the guy who went out with Riven.' It's like it's taboo, but I'm still cool for doing it.

Or a horribly messed up guy. *Shrug*

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I saw the changes in chapter 1, and I'm impressed. Good job!

You were worried about messing up Chapter 2, but you pulled it off without a hitch.

I have nothing but compliments for you. Every champion you've introduced has been portrayed excellently, and you've got a great flow for it now. The story is interesting. The mood is sufficiently dark for my tastes. And I can't help but wait impatiently for more. I think I've found myself a good rival for a Riven tale. >: )

I guess that means I should write faster or you'll surpass me too quick. Okay. Motivation. I like it.


“Stop struggling. You will dislocate your shoulder.”

This had me laughing. Oh my gosh, I hope Udyr shows up a lot.

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Grand Viper

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Just posting to keep the thread alive, and to update my status. I was all gung-ho writing chapter 3 until I realized the issues I wanted to address complicated things too much sooo...rewrite! Wee! I'll try and have it up by Friday. I'm back on a roll with what I want, just school work and stuff.


The reason I was having complications with Chapter 3 was because it's about her first league match, and the way I ended the match was "And then it ended in ______'s favor." That's verbatim. I attempted to make one chapter all about her fighting and fighting then squeeze in the emotional themes and all the foreshadowing in 6, 7 pages. Soooo I figured why do that when I can use the magic of "I can write another chapter and be able to fit in everything I want without rushing it!"

Edit: Rewrites, yaaay!


One more time, we're gonna celebrate! Music's got me feelin' so free! Anyways, time to bring on a disappointment. Chapter 3 and 4...are not going to be one long League match. Don't worry, I still plan on doing precisely that for upcoming chapters but I realized something as I went and plotted more of the story: A big battle like that is a climax point of a story arc. Right now it would be wasted and lose the effect I want to have.

So I have to apologize now and let y'all down gently. Except Cerubois, he may actually be pleased with my rewritten rewrite of a rewrite. I will lay the foundations as to how I plan on doing the League sanctioned match though so maybe that'll make up for it. I'll have it ready by tomorrow.

As an added note, I do have a short story or two completely unrelated to this story but still related to LoL. Would people want to see these one shot stories if I need to delay a chapter or two?


When I read Cerubois' Guiding Light, the idea of champions having an allowance sparked my imagination. What would champions be allowed to buy? Where could they use their privileges? With respect to him, he influenced my own interpretation of how champions dine and pay for stuff within the Institute.

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Now that I had a chance to read it, I was amazed. This was simply amazing. Thanks so much, I can't wait for the next one.

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Interesting note on chapter three. I'm really looking forwards to it!

The thing I find most difficult about LoL Fanfiction is the matches. No one's sure if they're scaled down or something, or if there's actual blocking, dodging, etc, or how their abilities work, just so much gray zone. I stay away from it. I applaud you for daring the unknown.

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I loved this story so far. Being a big Riven fan I am glad to see her getting some more love. Cant wait to read the next chapter.

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Grand Viper

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I know I said I'd have chapter 3 by yesterday, but things came up. I'm only done part of it, and it's really late where I am, I'll post what I currently have and finish the rest up tomorrow. I'll add more notes and thanks and so forth when I can see straight. If I tried finishing the chapter now horrible things would happen

Chapter 3 is the longest chapter so far and hopefully gonna stay that way. It is so long I had to break it up into 2 posts


Hoo, now I'm awake. So as I was saying before, this is the longest chapter I have written out yet I couldn't divide it up like the original League match chapter I wanted to do because of what I wanted to portray. This is the last chapter before I throw Riven into an emotional blender. As I stated in my previous post, although I didn't do the big match I originally planned to for this chapter and 4 I will be doing one so don't fret! Just gotta wait for it. As always, I hope you guys enjoy reading and this will be the most wordy chapter. Any opinions and critiques will of course be welcomed as usual.

Chapter 3

Blue lights danced around a particular clearing in the Institute’s forest. Riven materialized within moments. She swayed back and forth, she was still getting used to teleporting. She soon swooned and fell backwards. She caught herself before hitting the ground too harshly. She gagged and coughed, her stomach wrenching at itself. She was definitely not used to teleporting yet. More importantly, she was tired, she was hungry and she most likely smelled horrendous. She forced herself back to her feet and made her way to the lake. Hopefully that would solve all three problems in one go. She dragged her sword behind her. She was too tired to hold it properly. The match was more taxing than she thought would be.

Half an hour later she could finally see the water’s edge. She carefully looked around for any other being. Apparently this was not a popular lake. Still, she did not want to risk it. She found the mouth of the river that fed into the lake and slowly made her way up it. After a few minutes of wandering up river she felt it was safe enough to bathe. Throwing her satchel next to the river bank she untied her hair bun. Her hair fell down to her shoulders, she threw the lace originally holding it up into her satchel.

She slowly stripped her clothing, still throwing a wary glance about her until she was completely nude. She stretched her sore body. Numerous scars decorated it. No space on her body was sacred, the scars varied in size and length. A few scars were no longer than a fingernail and no wider than paper; these mostly lacerated her right hand. Her largest scar ran across her chest down to her stomach. She ran her finger down it, wincing at the memory.

She made her way to the water’s edge, peering into it to make sure it was deep enough. After testing the depth with a stick, she readied herself. She breathed in, knowing that she was about to suffer the inevitable cold shock. With a quick run and leap she splashed into the water. She was submerged for what felt like an eternity when she finally rose out of the water. Gathering enough air in her lungs, she yelled in agony from the cold running through her body. She rubbed her face as she gasped once more, taking in the full realization as to how cold the water truly was. ‘That must be why people avoid this lake’, she thought, her body shivering in response.

Once she got over the initial shock she reached for her satchel. She withdrew a bottle of powder and a curved, flat rock. Rubbing the powder on her wet skin she scraped it off with the rock. She paid little attention to anything, including the sound of a bird cawing near her. She methodically powdered her arms down then scraped it off. A rough voice spoke up, “What is that powder?”

Riven absent mindedly responded, “Natron. A simple cleaning agent, rub it on moistened skin then scratch it off. It helps rid the body of…”

The realization finally hit her. She looked up in horror as she reached for her blade. Udyr chuckled in response, “It is nothing we have not seen before. Most warriors have scars.”

“You’re watching me bathe!” Riven had one arm across her chest while her free hand searched frantically for her sword.

Udyr shrugged his shoulders, “We were told to find you and so we did. But we are here for our own reason as well.”

Riven cocked an eye at him, still attempting to find her sword while she stared him down, “Oh? Why send you? Why seek me now?”

Udyr grunted, “You are miles within the middle of a forest, it takes a hunter to find his prey. As to why now, we doubt you will attempt to run without any clothing. We also doubt you will try to attack us lest you find yourself cloth less. ”

He pointed at the spot she set her clothing on. It was a bit of a stretch, but his arm could easily reach it from where he stood. She groaned as she gave up her search, but still covered her modesty. “What do you want?”

He leaned in, keeping eye contact with her, “Did you win your introductory match as you promised us? What was your tally?”

Riven sighed, her memory flashing to this morning, just before the match.

A strange voice boomed in her head, “HELLO? IS THIS RIVEN?”

She clenched her ears, a migraine already pounded at her head. “Yes! What? Who is this?!”

The voice toned its’ volume down, “Excuse me. I am going to be your Summoner today! My name is Nechako. I was chosen to summon you first due to my expertise. You are being prepared to be summoned, do you feel a warmth gathering in your veins?”

Riven felt her arm slightly tingle, she shrugged in response. The voice continued, “Good good. So, while we wait for the magic to fully channel, do you need to know anything?”

Riven swallowed nervously, she had one question to ask this Summoner. He promptly answered, “Irelia will not be participating in this match.”

Riven narrowed her brow, this man knew everything she thought. “Yes, I do know everything you think. Once the summoning is complete we will share body and soul. That is how a summoning works. We work in conjunction for a common goal: Victory.”

Riven shot up, snarling at him, “Stay out of my thoughts. I will talk to you when necessary.”

The Summoner shot back, “We are under oath to not reveal anything that we may inadvertently learn.”

“Oaths can be broken. You will read my mind only when I permit it and when it is necessary.”

The Summoner stuttered for a moment, “I-it’s not that simple! I can’t help but read your mind. It would take a very strong individual to-”

“It is yes or I refuse to be summoned.” Riven focused her mind, no more disarray. She was going to fight now, no room for hesitation. She could not focus if someone could just delve into her thoughts and memories. This was one time she was thankful for the military training Noxus provided her with.

It had been a while since she had to use this technique. It was normally used to stop probing by those who would forcefully extract information from Noxian commanders. She hoped it would work all the same. The Summoner cried out in frustration, “Are you there? Hello? Riven? I think she disconnected me!”

Riven slowly spoke to him, “If I feel that you are being too invasive, I will disconnect our minds. Is that understood?”

The Summoner grumbled in response, “Thought you’d be easier to control than this, I was told you were a self-hating manic depressive emo.”

Instantly he gasped out, realizing what he had just thought. Riven made no mention of her caring or not. The warm tingling spread throughout her torso and her arms now. Back to business, “Who are we fighting, who do we have, and what is the plan.” Old instincts kicked in. With Irelia out of the way and no other Ionians she could focus on the fight.

Her Summoner snapped out of his shock, “We are facing Wukong top, Xerath mid, Nocturne is jungling, and the bottom lane is Caitlyn and Sona. We have you in the top, Talon for mid, Rammus for jungling and for the bottom lane we have Blitzcrank and…Ugh…Teemo. You are going to build more defensively and be used to chase down any stragglers, lots of baiting and trapping. Think guerilla warfare, can you do that?”

Mobility was her specialty. This plan would suit her tastes perfectly. She knew a few of those names from reading over the files and reports. Talon was a name that stuck out, she swore she should know the name but she didn’t know why. She would have to read up on him after the match. She was almost ready to be summoned when she heard the snapping of twigs, making her look for the source. There stood Udyr, arms crossed as he walked towards her. He stopped a few feet away from her, dramatically pointing, “Do not disappoint us.” She bowed to him in acknowledgement before being summoned.

Back in the present, Riven nodded to Udyr. “We won. I slew four, I did not die, and I obtained three assists.”

Udyr bobbed his head, grinning widely, “Excellent. That pleases us.”

He promptly turned around to face away from her and fell silent. Riven decided not to probe him for more. She still had to bathe after all. After several minutes of awkwardly staring at Udyr, who seemed to have fallen asleep while standing, she went back to washing herself. Scarcely more than five minutes passed when Udyr became animated again. He grabbed one of his many pelts and threw it near the river bank. He wasn’t thinking of jumping into the water with her, was he? “W-what are you doing?”

Udyr sternly regarded her, “How were you planning on drying yourself?”

Riven was about to respond when she fell silent. She usually let the sun dry her, but today was a cloudy day. Udyr grunted once more, “When you are finished bathing you have two hours to do what you wish. After which you will see Irelia. She wishes to dine with you in celebration.”

Riven tensed for a moment, then relaxed. Irelia was still in the dark as to what her identity was. “Where will she be? By the lake?”

Udyr snorted, “No. Some place within the Institute. She told us to tell you she wished to make up for missing your match.”

Riven’s body went completely tense. Inside the Institute? As in indoors, where almost everyone else is? “No. I refuse.”

“Irelia wishes to meet with and to honor you. You will not refuse.” Riven and Udyr stared one another down. Riven gritted her teeth, she was not losing this argument.

A voluptuously built scarlet haired woman made her way through the Noxian residential wards. Her hair parted back to reveal a scar that ran across her left eye, an old battle wound. Her hand slipped along the walls, an old practiced habit of hers. She eventually stopped at one of the many rooms. A key flicked into her hand and she unlocked the door. Pushing her way into the grand and exquisite room she threw her daggers on the bed. An assortment of expensive furniture, exquisite jewelry and rarely used clothing littered the room. They were old gifts from fans and Summoners who favored her. She drew one of her many knives from a belt strapped across her chest, and threw it at a frilly, pink dress hanging off one of her armoires. A satisfying thunk was heard as the knife tore into the torso of the dress. She smirked. Today had been a good day so far. Her ear twitched, hopefully it was about to get better. Her silky voice called out, “Talon. What do you have to report?”

A purple hooded man seemed to melt from the ceiling. He kneeled before her, “Lady DuCoteau.”

She waved her hand at him, “No formalities, just my report. I hate wasting good money.”

Talon rose from his knees. Talon’s disturbingly deep voice informed, “It was her. Just as you suspected.”

She laughed, shaking her head, “Good. How is she?”

Talon’s voice grew angrier, “Her eyes show remorse, regret, and confusion. She is useless.”

Riven was near her tower, Talon watched from the shadows as she stopped her retreat. The shadow monster known as Nocturne lunged at Riven, she readied herself and phased out of existence. Nocturne twisted left and right, attempting to find its’ lost quarry. It spun around, hissing at her as she ran past the shadows Talon laid in. Nocturne clawed after her, forcing itself into a lunge. She stopped in mid run and rolled underneath it. Nocturne twisted around to face her once more, this time a dagger flew out and embedded itself in the creature’s face.

Scratching at the wound it whirled to face the new attacker to no avail. The creature was surrounded by a dozen knives with no sign of its’ attacker. Suddenly all the blades converged into Nocturne’s chest. Before it could react, Talon’s daggers tore into the monster’s back and popped out of its' chest. Nocturne shuddered and dissipated into a fine black mist. While the announcer called for another kill for their team, Talon cleaned off his knives. He was glaring at Riven all the while. “…Tired already?”

Riven was covered in wounds, deep gashes ran across her body from Nocturne’s earlier onslaught. She was beyond exhausted, “No.” She hypocritically bowed her head right afterwards.

Talon cocked an eyebrow at her, “Pathetic. And to think you were a Noxian.”

Riven looked up at him, his cold glare staring into her eyes. He flatly stated, “Your eyes disgust me.”

The scarlet haired woman leaned in to Talon, stroking his chin, “Ah ah ah, that’s not what I asked you. How is she?”

Talon rumbled, “She has some of her former strength. Nothing we could not overpower.”

She laughed at him, shaking his head to and fro. “That is not our goal, Talon. Think about the bigger picture for once.”

Talon fell silent, glaring at her. The scarlet haired woman sighed, “You will await for further orders. I want to recruit her for our plans. She would serve us well.”

“And I think that is a mistake. She is unusable in her current state. She’d be just as valuable dead.” He received a sound slap for this across the face, her nails causing crimson trails to drag across his cheek.

She slowly spoke, “You do not back talk your master. Off you go.”

Talon sneered at her, “Katarina. Remember where my loyalty is tied.”

Talon disappeared from her room. Katarina chuckled as she rubbed her scar carefully. Whether it took days, weeks or months, she and Riven were bound to meet.

“I can’t believe I lost.” Riven muttered aloud to herself as she carefully made her way. Her steps were barely audible as she crept her way through the café. Why did Irelia want to meet here? A waiter rushed past Riven, brushing her sore shoulder. She flinched as she rubbed it tenderly. She silently made her way through the bustling restaurant, becoming increasingly paranoid with every step. She finally made her way outside and found her quarry.

Irelia was out on the terrace, sitting at a table with a cup in hand. The autumn breeze lifted her hair ever so slightly as she overlooked the view the terrace provided. She was adorned in her ceremonial armor once more, dark circles lined her eyes. She had been busy. Riven dragged the chair in front of her back and, despite her caution, caused it to screech loudly. Irelia grinned at her, “I’m glad you made it. I thought you would be too mad at me to come.”

Riven winced, “Why would you think that?”

Irelia’s grin quickly turned into a frown, “I failed to keep a promise. I had business to attend to last night. It was supposed to end earlier but...that is no excuse. I should have told you ahead of time.”

Irelia rubbed her eyes carefully. A waiter came by and filled her cup with more tea. She breathed shallowly on the rising heat and sipped at the cup, “So, how did your match go?”

Riven tried to rest on her chair, she looked around cautiously first before responding. “We won.”

Irelia’s smile returned, “Excellent. I knew you had it in you. Please, look at the menu. I am paying for you.”

Riven rose an eyebrow, “Is everything not provided for due to our status?”

“Yes and no. You need to set up what you are allowed to purchase first. Ever since certain champions abused the allowance feature we are limited to using the right in and up to five select shops within the Institute. This little café is one of mine. What benefits you gain outside is purely up to the masses.” Irelia sipped at her tea once more.

Riven could not help but twitch at every sound she heard, every foot step made her jolt. She already put herself in a bad position and she was incredibly vulnerable at the moment. She held the menu in front of her face, trying to hide herself when a cough shook her. A waiter was waiting for her, “What would you like, miss?”

Riven took a quick glance at the menu, the first item she saw was some kind of page of recommended food. “Ah...hrm…Whatever the cook recommends.”

The waiter stared at her, “Say, you’re the new champion, aren’t you?”

Riven’s eyes went wide, she nodded. She had to be careful. The waiter snapped his fingers, “I think I saw your match today, miss…”

“Nevir.” She waited for his reaction; this better work.

The waiter raised an eyebrow, shaking his head. “No, no. I’m sure it was somethin’ else…”

Irelia interrupted their riveting conversation, “Nevir, did you order a drink? They have a good wine selection here.”

Riven unexpectedly barked, “No alcohol!” She coughed at her exclamation. She had terrible memories of the one time she drank. The sound of non stop vomiting arose from the depths of her subconscious. The waiter was clearly frightened while Irelia was curious. Riven cleared her throat, “Alcohol makes me deathly ill. Please, just water.”

The water, though visibly scared, droned on, “River water, mountain water from Mt. Rakkor, we have some refreshing water from the lakes of Demacia, perhaps some glacial water from-”

“Water. Just. Water.” Riven’s eyes narrowed, sending him scurrying away.

Irelia tittered, “You are terrible, you know that?”

Riven instantly became downcast, mumbling to herself, “I…I’m not very good with people and…”

Irelia leaned in, patting Riven’s hand gently, “Why is that? Are you agoraphobic?”

Riven’s flinched her hand away, thinking, ‘Because I’m a well-known mass murderer with thousands of people wanting me rightfully dead. Oh and did I mention I left Noxus so I have the entire Noxian army after my blood for the crime of desertion?’ She slowly breathed in, clasping her face with her hand, “No, I mean yes. Kind of. It’s because…I was different. I didn’t get along with people and I was fine with that. Being alone that is. Times were different.”

Irelia softly smiled, “Well, now you have me as a comrade. I’ll be there to help you out. Even Udyr has taken a liking to you.”

Riven drew back. Udyr was one of the last beings she’d assume to befriend others easily. “He has? How do you know?”

Irelia sipped at her cup, “He has told me he wants to kill you.”

Riven’s face lost all colour. Did Udyr know? When did he find out? Does Irelia know? They are both Ionian after all, perhaps this meeting is an elaborate a trap? Irelia finished her tea, and finished her previous statement, “Don’t take it the wrong way. That is the highest honor he can bestow on someone. He wants to kill several people; you and I are included in that list.”

Riven’s jaw dropped, “He…wants to kill you.”

“Yes.” Irelia stated flatly.

“And I’m not supposed to take that the wrong way? How don’t you find a problem with that?” Riven was clearly confused from Irelia’s statement.

Irelia shook her head, pouting her lower lip, “Not at all. It is simply his way. He enjoys fighting.”

Riven had to give him credit, her opponent was an arrogant, smarmy, annoying bugger but he was smart. He was provoking her, or at least attempted to. Riven could feel her Summoner still trying to get acclimatized to her skill set. Apparently killing these minions would help him gain a better understanding of her fighting style and psyche. Fair enough, she would have to bid her time. She silently struck minion after minion down while Wukong kept chattering at her with insults. “Hey, what’s with the hair? You a granny or somethin’? I bet you are. Betcha got granny titties! Disgustin’!”

Riven’s Summoner was belting out orders to her other team mates. She noted that it had been a few minutes and no one else had died yet. She finally spoke to her Summoner, “How many more of these toys will you need before you can unlock my full potential?”

She could hear him mentally whistle, “Another six maybe?”

She hissed at him, “No. No maybe. How many.”

She struck another minion down, her Summoner responded quickly and fearfully, “Seven.”

Before she could respond, she heard the announcer belt out another death. It was one of her allies’ again. Wukong broke out laughing, “Oh man you are getting destroyed! Why even try?”

Riven furrowed her brow, she had enough. “Summoner, give me control. I will alert you when you need to step in.”

Her Summoner did not protest. She reached to the ground and grabbed a pebble. She casually tossed it at Wukong’s forehead, to which he blocked easily with his staff. He laughed, “Another rock?! Really?! You have a sword and you throw a rock!”

“Yes.” Riven demeanor was dispassionate.

The monkey cocked his face at her, contorted as if he were in deep thought. “So…why a rock? Eh? Eh?”

Riven stared at him not amused. In fact, she was completely disinterested. He chittered, “You think you’re good or somethin’? Better than me?”

Riven cracked her neck as she swiped at another minion casually. Six left. “I was bred for war. You were bred to juggle.”

Wukong’s entire demeanor dropped, he suddenly turned serious. “Can’t have a little fun, can you human? It’s just a fight! We don’t even perma-die; we come back in two shakes of a monkey’s tail!”

Riven’s expressionless eyes stared at him. “War is not fun. Fighting is not a game. Battle is death. There’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war, except its ending. And you tell me you fight for fun?” Five left.

Wukong laughed, “War? Who said anything about war! A fight’s a fight! And to be the best, you gotta beat the best!”

Riven snorted at him, shaking her head disapprovingly. She shot a thought to her Summoner who assured her that the enemy jungler was in the bottom lane and LeBlanc was still going toe to toe with Talon. Good, four left. Wukong was now infuriated, she could guess as much as he ran straight at her, staff swinging, “Guess you’re next on my list! Time to cross off granma boobs!”

Riven glared at Irelia, “How… how can you take killing so lightly? There’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There’s nothing good in war, except its’ ending."

Irelia chuckled in response, further angering Riven. Her firm voice stopped Riven from condemning her, “I know that scholar very well. He is one of my favourites. You neglected to mention ‘You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. So long as there are men, there will be wars.’ Nevir, I do not enjoy war.”

The waiter came by and dropped off a glass of water on the table. Riven almost scowled at Irelia, “Yet you are willing to fight for stupid reasons. ‘Honor.’ ‘Justice.’ The great scholar Alvertos said, `Killing under the cloak of war is nothing but murder.’ How can you justify that?”

“Rather simply really, I do not enjoy war but when I am asked to fight I am aware of my actions and I am content with them. I am willing to fight to protect my friends, willing to kill to protect my people, willing to murder to protect myself. If Udyr wishes to kill me, let him try. If he can best me, then so be it. If I have to condemn my beliefs and throw my life away for my comrades, countrymen and friends then I would be more than willing to. We as a people are inherently very selfish. You and I are no exception.” A cocky smirk played across Irelia’s face, eyeing Riven.

Riven scrunched her lip, she was not liking where Irelia was going with this topic when she finally realized what Irelia had meant. Riven relaxed and spoke candidly, Irelia chimed in unison, “We as a people are inherently selfish. You and I are no exception to this rule. Though it may take a selfless man to be able to sacrifice oneself for the greater good; it takes selfishness to drive it.”

Riven chuckled, shaking her head, “That is one teaching of Calouscius that always confused me.”

Irelia tittered, “I’m more surprised that you know so much about Ionian wise men and scholars.”

Riven took a draught of water, casually replying, “I enjoyed reading their works when I had the time. It was inevitable after all the time I spent-”

She intentionally choked on her water, coughing violently. That was a close one, she almost gave herself away. Irelia frowned and rose from her seat. Riven held a hand up and shook her head, breathing out, “I’m fine, just water. Excuse me.”

Irelia sat back down, rolling her eyes, “Be more careful. You do not own a pair of esophagi, don’t speak and drink.”

Riven shrugged her shoulders, that was too close. She was becoming much too comfortable. She was speaking to an Ionian whom she had inflicted countless amounts of evils upon. She could not let herself get too attached, the truth of her identity will come out sooner or later. It was a true miracle that it has not happened yet, though this did not mean she could not afford to let her guard down again. Suspicion and paranoia let her survive this long in life, and it had not steered her wrong before. She nearly jolted out of her seat when a bird loudly cawed, destroying whatever thought train she may have had. She looked around for the bird to no avail. She didn't trust the bird. A plate being placed in front of her snapped her attention back to the table.

The waiter circled around and placed a plate in front of Irelia, he bowed to the two and let them be. Riven drew back from the plate, it was a simple sandwich with a star shaped object next to it. She had no idea what she had ordered, she now regretted not looking more closely at the menu. Irelia flicked her finger, levitating her utensils and hovered them over her plate of rice and beef. Riven gathered her courage and picked the sandwich up carefully, gently biting into it. Irelia was amused with Riven’s caution, “It’s not poisoned, relax a bit. Not everyone is out to get you.”

Riven nervously smiled at Irelia. Oh how she wished that were true. She waited for a minute, her body wasn’t sent into spasms so it was safe to eat. She bit deeper into the sandwich, her eyes widened in surprise. It was an amazing sandwich. She looked down at the star shaped object and gently nibbled into it. Her body shuddered. She dropped it back on her plate. Irelia shot her a concerned look, “Nevir? Are you alright? What’s wrong?”

Riven stammered out, “W-what is this?”

Irelia was clearly confused, “What, the pastry? It’s a cream puff. The chef’s specialty. Why else would this place be called the ‘Star café’?”

Riven picked up the rest of the pastry and devoured it, making Irelia burst out in laughter. Riven chewed into the pastry, her cheeks reddening with delight. She finished it and took a draught of water. She let out a sound of satisfaction when she realized Irelia was still laughing, wiping away tears with the back of her hand. Riven sheepishly spoke up, “I…I’ve never had such food…”

Irelia finished laughing, and replied with her voice still lit, “Never had a pastry? No wonder you’ve been so dreary.”

Noxian Commanders and soldiers were not allowed any sort of culinary delicacies during a war. It would soften them and make them want higher quality sustenance rather than the proper nutrients required for survival. Riven shuffled her feet, she had lost control. Again. Irelia tapped her shoulder to break her out of her reminiscence, “I know you are uncomfortable indoors and with people, I can tell that. I simply thought you would want to have a change of scenery. I’m sorry about the distress this is causing you.”

There it is again. Irelia apologized yet again. Her stomach churned at the thought of Irelia apologizing to her. If only she was stronger, maybe then she would be able to drop the façade. She forced a wry grin, “You need to stop apologizing.”

Irelia settled back into her seat, “I’m simply trying to make you feel at ease. Your body is currently so tense a wire could snap across it.”

One of Riven’s hands underneath the table clamped on to her leg in a poor attempt to stop it from the nervous shakes she was suffering from. She spoke up uneasily, “No…Irelia. You have no reason to apologize. Thank you… for everything. I will never be able to repay you.”

Irelia brushed her off, “It is nothing to fret over. What are comrades for?”

Riven winced. The pastry lurched in her stomach.

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