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You can see your Dominion ELO by messaging a bot

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elo is screw up man have seen some terrible players get 1600 with more losses that wins
some dude that dont get life steal with tryn

In solo queue games, my Elo generally shifts around 12 points, depending on a win/loss.

Queuing with friends can have pretty crazy effects on your Elo, though. I'm generally around 1900 and sometimes play with a bunch of guys that hover around 1300. If I win a game with them, I will only gain about 6 Elo. If I lose, it's easily going to be about 25+ points down the drain. And it's about the opposite situation for them. Mostly because our competition usually ends up being in the 1500-1800 range.

So if they are queueing with higher Elo friends, they could easily be losing more than they win while still pulling down a 1600 Elo, simply because they gain more Elo than they lose.