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Ahri Tips?

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Your core template is boots > Survivability (Rylai's or ROA + Doran's Ring as needed) > Rabbadoon's > wutever. Only buy ROA because you can't get a steady stream of blue buffs. If you do buy ROA after Rabb's you're buying Rylai's. It's that important.

WotA isn't worth building till you're going into repeated team fights. Hextech revolver is only useful in certain fights where you need the extra sustain kick, but you're not wrangling with hard CC's. I rarely buy it.

DFG isn't worth rushing. Period. It's an HP cutter first, and everything else second, and since it's scaling to AP you really gotta ask yourself how many kills you'll snag because of it. CDR isn't worth your time before you have the mana returns to justify it either.

Leveling priority is Q > W > E. Obviously you always level your ult when possible. Q's your bread and butter spell, W is controlled damage (its easier to make a skill shot happen that is positioning based rather than targeting based). E is useful, but leveling it only makes it's taunt last longer, and cost you more mana while dealing marginally more damage. Guess what? You can do what you need with the 1 second it gives you at rank 1.