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One little thing about tier lists... (Not a tier list)

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Since they have been made and will be made till the end of time by people who like to see an orderly collection of things, it's somewhat pointless to say stop making them. But please make them correctly, for heaven's sake.

Yes, every tier list has banworthy, strong picks, and suboptimal picks, but the way in which people order them is brainless, putting every type of hero all scattered around with no categories or differentiation. If you make a tier list, then put a little more work into it and define the categories of heroes you're ranking.

For example, you have your melee DPS (AD/AP), your ranged DPS(AD/AP), your disruptors, your tanks, your assassins, your favorite picks bot/top/mid/roaming, etc, etc, etc, but no one has made such a list that I've seen. If you want a tank, what kind of tank should you use to compliment your team? More specifically, how does it compare to all other champions of the same type? Are there any synergies/dangers that should be known? Who are the soft and hard counters? These are the $64,000 questions that tier lists should attempt to answer, but everyone seems more preoccupied spouting subjective gibberish. Look at the skills. Look at the champion type. And connect the dots.


Edit: And I just realized this has nothing to do with Dominion. If someone wishes to move this to the appropriate forum, that would be nice, but since Dominion's meta is still more fluid than SR (Hence more recent tier lists), I thought it would be nice for people to see.