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Amumu Build.

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Please comment on THIS build or help with it. Thanks.

1: Bandage Toss
2: Tantrum
3: Tantrum
4: Despair
5: Tantrum
6: Curse of the Sad Mummy
7: Tantrum
8: Despair
9: Tantrum
10: Despair
11: Curse of the Sad Mummy
12: Bandage Toss
13: Despair
14: Despair
15: Bandage Toss
16: Curse of the Sad Mummy
17: Bandage Toss
18: Bandage Toss


Regrowth Pendant
Philosopher's Stone
Ninja Tabi
Banshee's Veil
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape
Guardian Angel
Sunfire Cape (Sell Philosopher's Stone for another Sunfire Cape)

I been having issues with this build in the start it seems very slow to me and I don't whats going on and I do get fast gold depnds if I can farm correct. But around lvl 10 and 13 I start to pick up but that's when my team is doing bad and the game is about to be over also my ULT is very good but I never have my team next to me to help out because my ULT stuns and makes them so they can't attack for 2.5secs which could be game changing. So if there are any other items I should start off with please tell me. FYI This build my friend told me to use and I don't no if I should go on with it or just improve on it thanks guys for reading and hope to hear some tips and guides on Amumu.

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berzerk dragon

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What's with all the Amumu threads lately? I'm going to have to hunker down and focus on finishing my guide... Anyway, your skill build is fine if you're going for that level 1 first blood. Otherwise, switch your first two skills. The items are where your build is severely lacking. First, ditch the Philo Stone. It's bad. Instead, get Doran's Shield and a health pot to start. I would also recommend getting Aegis of the Legion as your first item. Dodge interferes with Tantrum, so I can't reccomend Ninja Tabi. Boots of Swiftness or Merc Treads are the way to go. After that, your build shouldn't be set, but rather a list of items that you would get to defend against whatever it is that the enemy is packing. Finally, don't fall into Sunfire syndrome where you just go "lololol i haz liek a bazillion sunfierz. i iz invinsable" It might work in the lower elos, but the better you get the less viable it is. Just don't get in the habit.