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Most common mistakes of low elo

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After playing on numerous smurf accounts getting each out of 1600 pretty easily, I just wanted to point out some really stupid mistakes that I have no idea why people can't comprehend.

1. Players that counter jungle a champion that is hard to counter jungle or/and with a champion that can't counter jungle.

I honestly do not know why players try to steal buffs like red or blue, with a champion such that clears the jungle relatively slow with no escape mechanisms. For example, in one particular game, I had a Maokai trying to steal a red buff from an enemy Nocturne. We had no wards on their side of the jungle. My mid lane is pushed out and bottom lane is pushed out. Consequently, Maokai dies because Nocturne and their mid and bottom comes. Maokai then proceeds to blame us.

2. Players that do not know optimal builds for their champion they are playing.

This one is just a matter of reading a guide. Sometimes item choices really do play a major difference in how a game is going to play out. You can't have your ad carry going for tank items before they have items such as IE/BT with PD or your jungler just building pure glass cannon. I also would like to point out that one does not simply counter an enemy team by building armor or magic resist. If you think about it, the support will not get much gold to simply buy a lot of armor or magic resist. AD is only limited to 1 or 2 slots of armor or magic resist, and that is AFTER they get their damage items. However the rest of the roles can build to counter an enemy team if they have too much AD or AP.

3. Junglers who do not hold for a lane that is pushed.

We always hear about junglers not ganking enough and for some reason that equates to a jungler never holding a lane for someone. They lose so much exp by not holding a lane that is pushed. A big part of a junglers exp is through lane, believe it or not. If you see a lane that is pushed and someone is going back, hold it for them. This will give you extra gold and experience.

4. Wards

Pretty simple really. For lower elos, just have the objectives warding, because I know people can not look at the map. I have won several games below 1400 because I just simply warded baron, and the enemy did it and we caught them off guard.

5. People need to learn how to count.

This happens so much it annoys me to no end. The most common scenario is I just went back to base because I needed to buy an item or I was low hp/mana. My team decides to engage a 4v5 and loses. Then they proceed to blame me for not being there. Well, maybe if they waited 15 seconds or so or learn that 5 players is better than 4, they would be in a better position.

6. Last hitting/spending too much time roaming.

The lower the elo you go, the lower the creep score line gets. Players simply do not realize, that if you get a killing blow on the creep.... YOU GET GOLD. They think that the majority of their income will come from kills and therefore, roam much more than they need to. While creep score also depends on how aggressive the jungler and the opposing lane is, I find that I rarely lose in cs when I'm playing in low elo.

Well, I think I got most of the most common problems. They are so common and many players do not realize how important it is. Players especially below 1400, will have at least one of these mistakes. In general, all the mistakes I listed are actually just common sense. It makes sense to get gold by last hitting, or getting exp and gold by holding a lane. It makes sense not to engage 3v5 or 4v5. It makes sense not to build tank items on an AD carry. Overall, I guarantee you if you do not make these common mistakes you can see yourself out of the 1400 bracket pretty easily.

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You know...I'm tempted to take a new account and get it dropped below 1000 Elo and see if I can climb back up...and how far I get just by locking a carry and focusing on CS all game.

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A lot of this is good stuff.

I think counter jungling is about taking informed risk. You can counter jungle (and Maokai is a fast jungle btw), but only when you know where the enemy jungler is. So either your team support carries a CV, or you physically see the enemy jungler on the other side, or you are just so good you predict where they are (some jungle champs are easy to predict, like Amumu).

I would like to list a few other problems:

7. Team comp
If you have a team fight comp (tanks and aoe dmg), then plz grp. If you have a poke comp or split push comp, then you should be split pushing and avoid team fights.

8. Dragon
Dragon's gold adds up. Ward it, time it.

9. Blue buff
Jungler, plz plz give the second blue (and onward) to your mid AP. It will be the difference of them winning or losing the lane.

10. Support Role
Please don't steal last hit from your bot lane AD, also get wards and oracles.

11. Baron
Ward it, time it. Be ready for a fight when it is up. That meaning don't die 30 sec before baron spawn, or wander off to the bot lane to farm waves. Jungler save their smite. When the enemy team engage it, wait for their team and baron to get lower and then go in to finish the baron. When the enemy team do get baron, do not ever engage. Play defensively by the turrets. Wait till baron buff cool off.

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Senior Member


5. People need to learn how to count.

Playing as Sona...
Enemies appear...
I ping my team to fall back...
I blue pill.
Team keeps fighting...
Team dies 4v5.

Carry: "Sona is so useless!"
Me: "I pinged you guys to retreat. I was out of mana..."
Carry: "How is that my problem?"


Is what I would like to have said.

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Cerebus Gortok

Junior Member


>> 3. Junglers who do not hold for a lane that is pushed.
I'd like to point out that this does not mean you should come push the lane. Last hit, yes, but don't AOE and autoattack to push the lane so that when your teammate returns they have missed out on a lot of xp and have to deal with a pushed lane.

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I'd like to throw one (or two) more out there that really gets me whenever i see it.
12. never ever EVER push a lane way up (or down) to the second/third turret unless you have knowledge of exactly where the enemy is and, or you have the Jungle warded. if they're all dead then obviously push to your hearts content.

13. also if you're jungler then don't pick farming wraiths over teamfight/tower. the gold from either of those will be much more worth your while.

both of these can be summed up as Map awareness.