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Still no voices of towers dying

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Hey guys,

We're still trying to track down a way to repro this problem. Are the announcements usually dropped while another announcements are going on, or are they not playing even when they are the only announcement that should play?

I miss my announcements. D= Doesn't play when it's dead quiet as far as announcements, and it seems to happen at random with no consistent pattern over games, as evidenced by other posters. I'd ballpark it at around 70-90% of announcements do not play.

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The entire announcement system should be updated I think personally. It currently doesn't work for most people that play this game. Should just start from scratch so that every single kill says that an enemy has been slain. When you kill two people back to back it says double kill, not an enemy has been slain x2. Even when the announcer worked I rarely heard it say triple kill, quadra kill, etc. It would just repeat an enemy has been slain. Now that the announcer almost never works for kills, tower deaths, and doesn't even show the banner, why not start over with new announcer voices that actually work like everyone has been asking for.

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Just wanted to say that I'm having the same issue
And yes, it is completely random. In some games, I might hear all of the "A turret has been destroyed" sounds, and sometimes I might not hear any of them.
This also applies to the message banners. I mean, sometimes it happens that I realize a turret has been destroyed JUST BECAUSE I notice the +150g yellow tag appearing above my champion head..
I wish something could be done soon, as this is really annoying, as it is not easy for people that are used to hear and see those alerts to realize what's going on =/

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BP Roberts



I just developed this from Nautilus patch. Kill announcements seem to be OK, but I never get tower messages.

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bump for justice