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Summoner's Rift Dominon mode.

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It would move too slowly because of no ambient gold/exp gain, and teleport would be a necessity on every champion because the map is so big.

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Unfortunately, nothing is easy with riot.

Hey Riot, why don't you get rid of air? ITS SO ****ING LAGGY

Well, we could drop everything for 6 months and swap..

Hey Riot, why don't you do shiny?

Well, we had to use a whole year to make a new map and mode

Personally I'd love them to give us the ability to customize our custom games like HoN has..

If you don't know much about it, here are the options they have that riot could do..

Random Hero - We have this.

Drop Items - items in your inventory will fall to the ground when you die and can be picked up and used by either team items are also indestructable and unsellable
No Respawn Timer - Obvious
Duplicate Heroes - Obvious

Unfortunately, they cant sell it, so they won't do it any time soon, if ever.

This. And what I said. How hard could it be?

An option they have that doesn't apply to what I was saying but is still amazing..

No Leavers - They track leaves by a percent and when you are over it you have to play with other leavers. Yep.

And even with all that said, Hon doesn't make half the money LoL makes. So again, unfortunately, Riot is doing something right(for themselves) even if it isn't the most fun it could be for us.

Riot hire this man! everything is so ez!