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League of heroes: Chapter 2: Dead man walking

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I open my eyes to see bites of sand rolling to the sea. Darkness surrounded me for some time as i was lost in thought.
But then I remember Graves.
I get up and look around, and was horrified by what i saw. I was under the port that me and Graves were on before getting on the ship.
The answer then came to me. Nobody was cruising the ship, meaning it must have turned around without us noticing during our conversation.
Either that, or the waves carried me here.
Good thing i wasn't on the shore, or people would have saw me and officials would have taken me to execution.
I start to look for Graves, but with no luck. But then i remember we were tossed into the air, which meant that he must have been taken in another direction. I really hope he is all right.

I catch glimmer with my eye(he has Gothic hair), and see a lighthouse. Then I find footprints in the sand and see they were similar to Graves, which began from the shore to the lighthouse. Graves must be there.

The sight i see now makes any Noxian look pathetic if they were in Graves current state, for he has large, deep cuts, bruises on his back, and it looks like his spine is close to being broken from impact to the rocks that were near the shore.

But he was actually able to get to the lighthouse and get a cigaret and start smoking.
I think he was surprised to see me in a majorly less dangerous state than he was, but he hid it with a smirk.
"Bought time you showed up, i was starting to think that the powerful Necrolic was dead."
"And i thought the mighty graves was taken by officials and reported dead to."
"Hey, don't trash talk, remember that I'm a dead man walking"
I offered a smirk, which was the least i could do at that time. But my smirk turned into a horrified state as I finally realized the most dreaded thought came to me.
"Whats wrong?"
I cleared my throat and said:
"Were still on noxus, and there sure to send someone more powerful than the high command itself."