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well after champion select and the game didnt load and this popped up, "Unable to connect to server. If you have a firewall,it may be blocking the connection. Please refer to your firewall's documentation. Would you like to retry the connection?" and it would have a Retry and a Cancel button

What should i do? i mean like this happened out of no where i just played a game right before this and i didn't change anything! please help me!

Would i get banned or suspended if i got reported for not being able to connect?

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Hi Teg,

You will receive a leaver flag for this incident, however LeaverBuster will never ban you for just one incident and you can work down your Leaver Level by continuing to play games without leaving.

When you get this message it generally means one of a few things happened.

1. You have a software firewall blocking your connection (usually the windows firewall) - Add LoL as an exception.
2. You have a hardware firewall that's not properly configured (your router) - Make sure all your required ports are open,
3. You have anti-virus or other protection software that's interfering with your game
4. Your internet connection is having issues and data interruption blocked your connection - Run a netalyzr scan, check your connection.

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im having the same problem, i turned off firewall and still nothing... + it was working earlier today