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Jungling 101

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We need to get back to some of the basics here. I'm going to reteach the basics of the purpose for the jungler.

First lets look at other lanes. What are their jobs? Farm, defend their tower, survive enemy gank attempts while being able to put pressure on their opposition to make them scared of a gank, get a kill or make the enemy recall and miss farm and exp.

Now, why does the jungler exist in the first place? It is very closely related to why there is a 0 cs support in bot lane. It is simply better to let one summoner in each lane take as much farm as they can to be as strong as they can be. - So, the jungler exists first and foremost to take advantage of the resources in the jungle, its also why there is not a support in top lane as well. He is able to take these resources in a "free farm" fashion at a cost. Less money per a minion kill. His second job is to cover your lane and pick up what resources you cannot if something happens you died or had to recall. Lastly, his job is to try an organize a way to give or return an advantage to a lane - or even shut down a single lane.

Success of the gank is very important. If no enemy dies or blows a summoner spell to avoid the gank, it is not a success and the junglers time is dearly wasted and could be behind. Two or three unsuccessful ganks like this can set the tone for the game. A gank where you and/or the jungler dies (counter-gank) can set the tone on the spot. That is a complete failure situation.

The jungler is not the only ally you can ask for to help you gank. Whats the difference of asking another lane to risk their resources for the potential to shift a lane back in your favor as opposed to asking the jungler? He has the always MIA factor going for him - that is all. But lets talk about some serious play.

If you or you and your ally in lane are playing good and well. When getting ganked, 8 times out of 10 you will see an incoming gank and respond by backing away - missing out on slight resources while the ganker also wastes time. Nothing happens. The other 2 times out of 10 when getting ganked you have an ally, maybe and most likely the jungler, nearby and bait them into committing for the counter-gank. These numbers are pretty real when both teams are playing well.

If you are pushed to your tower and expect the jungler to waste his time making your opposition back away (like they should) so you can last hit 3-4 more minions - could have sever consequences they may not show an ugly face til later. That is not why he is there. Of course, if you know your enemy has zero vision of their surroundings, its a different story. But chances are, they have vision if they are that close to your tower or they are confident they can escape. Being pushed to your tower is not a bad thing. It really works in your favor, you take all the exp with no fear of being zoned and with proper skill you will get most of the last hits. Being at your tower is usually better than being at theirs early game.

Separate Topic

Here is my 2c on the competition scene. Look at TheOddOne's jungle Rammus and Moakai builds. They are nearly the exact same as support Sona. It is a little bit as to why they have been losing a lot of games to EU teams in scrims lately imo. He could probably come out better sitting in top lane babysitting TRM with gold quints and moving to mid lane every 2 minutes when Regi thinks "he can kill this guy". Not trashing them, they are better than I ever will be at playing and they are my favorite competitive team. Just disappointed in how they are so knee deep in their own rectal cavities to not smell the **** of some of the builds they been running one TheOddOne and how they have not yet adapted to the new jungle yet. I blame them for some of the bad junglers I have seen lately and the jungler QQ that went away for a while but seems to be making a come back it seems.