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I Will Weep For You

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Just as a note this is my first shot at a fan fiction. I wrote it for my English class on a dialogue assignment. Please only constructive feedback. It is only my first attempt and I'd love to know how to improve!

“I Will Weep For You”
“Welcome, to Summoner’s Rift!”
Summoner’s Rift, a place to display skill and to end disputes of all the city states in Runeterra. Built by those who also started the institute of war it is now the focal point of the whole continent. Champions from all over come to do battle for whoever they were summoned by. This match was no exception.
Taric, The Gem Knight halted near the outermost bottom turret. Taric wore armor made of blue crystal from neck to foot and a circlet on his head with a single bright gem. He carried an enormous blue war hammer of glowing crystals in one hand and a bejeweled shield in the other. by his side his favored (and secretly enchanted with) laning partner, Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover. She was strikingly beautiful, dressed in western garb and a top hat that seemed to buzz as cogs and gears whirred inside. She was carrying a rifle as tall and as strong looking as her.
“Thirty second until minions spawn!” The booming voice announcing the match.
“I fear this will not be an easy battle,” his seemingly gemmed eyes looked stern. “Though I am thankful that this lane will be shared between us.” Taric’s face softened smiling at her.
Caitlyn didn’t look amused, though she never did. Taric felt that he could see through that determined face. “Likewise, but with a match-up like us victory is assured.” She gave him a wink and tip of the hat that made his heart skip a beat.
“Minions have spawned!” The announcement came.
Taric felt stronger in lane with Caitlyn. His crystal infused magic as a combo with her exceptional marksman skills he felt confident in their chances at victory. “I’m glad to hear so, I’ll be counting on you friend.” Friends had all they had ever been, but strong allies the always were.
Caitlyn took sights, “I see the beast Kog’Maw and undead Sion on their way. Looks like this will be tougher than we thought, and to top it off, they are both heading to hide in the bushes” Her brow furrowed showing obvious irritation.
“Caitlyn, I need to tell you something.” His words almost sounded like a plea.
She turned to face him. “Taric, it can wait,” a reassuring smile touching her lips. “I will be right here with you.”
She spoke the words and turned not realising that the behemoth Sion was behind her. She only had a second before his cryptic gaze stunned her in place. “I’m dead... So are you.” His words were little more than a whisper before he raised his axe high.
“NO!” Bellowed Taric. Throwing his shield up dazzling and stunning Sion in place. Taric grabbed for the back of Caitlyn’s bodice and pulled her to him, but not before the caustic spittle of Kog’Maw hit her directly on her stomach. They both came crashing to the hard earth beneath them. “Caitlyn are you okay?” He used his crystalline healing powers but the slime began to eat away at its victim. “Why isn’t this working? I can’t let you die!” Tears filled his eyes, Taric couldn’t bear to see his friend mortally wounded.
Caitlyn looked up at him smiling and raised a hand to his bare cheek. “What was it you wanted to say? Tell me now... Please.” She began to cough heavily. She was in her last moments.
“Caitlyn I---”
“First blood!” The announcement came more boomingly loud then ever.
He no longer found the courage to choke up the words. He whispered, “I will weep for you, friend.” Her being seemed to evaporate in his hands and all that was left was the gem encrusted gauntlets before him. On his knee’s he struggled to stand. After that it was all Taric could do to not let the tower he was to defend to not fall. Minions of the enemy came down all around trying to destroy the tower he defended. Enemy champions threw all they had at it. Just as it seemed all was lost a bullet whizzed past Taric straight into the head of the ruthless Sion. Taric turned to see what it was.
“Now what was it you wanted to tell me friend?” Caitlyn against all odds was standing there before Taric. “You didn’t think I’d leave you here all alone did you?” Taric didn’t know what to say, he was shocked and overcome with joy all at the same time.
“Caitlyn I.... I’m so glad you aren’t gone... I don’t think I can hold this lane with out you,” Taric spoke softly thinking of how lucky he got.
Caitlyn smiled and threw down a trap getting ready to take aim again, Taric looked at her and thought I was just like her to act so determined. He looked toward the lane, Sion and Kog’Maw were barreling down with another wave of minions behind them, Throwing his fist with his gemmed hammer into the air he gave off a radiant light and with Caitlyn behind him he charged in. He knew this would be a “dazzling” fight.

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There's a few typos, but other than that not bad at all for a first fan fiction. I think the "I will weep for you" is better left without the "friend" part, to me it seems like he's friend zoning himself, but that's probably just me.