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Brainlizard's Tier List: Boredom Incarnate

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Wukong has had a surge in popularity and is a super stud in all the windmill fights. I feel like if I could ban 4 champions, Wukong would be #4 - and he'd the be the champion I'd ban if I wanted to bait Yorick to pick Skarner. When I am first pick, I ban out the other top picks and try to get Wukong.

Yeah, as he becomes more popular, he'll take Shaco's place, imo.

I feel like there is a large gap between the trio of Rammus, Kassadin, and Yorick, and the other common bans. So much so that being second ban means being obligated to ban all of those three or none of those three.

Poppy and Urgot are really not far behind.

You're exactly right on the banning strategy: second team really needs to ban those three. Otherwise, the first team can just ban one of Kass/Yorick and force you to choose between giving them Rammus and you getting the other, or them getting the other for nothing.

When I have first-pick, I ban this way:

Shaco or Ryze
If all of the big three are left, I ban Yorick. I'll now get either Rammus or Kass
If two of the big three are left, I ban Yorick, I'll now get either Poppy, Urgot or Kass
If one of the big three is left, I ban Poppy or Urgot. I'll now get either Yorick, Kass or Poppy/Urgot

When this WON'T work is if the enemy team can play both Poppy and Urgot, but so far, that just hasn't happened.

Shaco I feel like banning just because he's frustrating to play against when played well. The vast majority of Shaco picks are awful, however. I honestly have no clue what top players would pick and crush with Shaco if left available; I've neglected to ban him on several occasions and seen him fall all the way through without being picked.

ZaberZ, I think?

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Thanks for the props!

I'm thinking of expanding the champ-by-champ section a bit more, as it's really where the meat is anyhow.

I think that'd be a good decision for sure.