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The mistery of the general

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hi guys its my first fan fiction ever. English isn't my mother language so ill do my best to write well, but be nice

why talon ? he's awesome and misterious .

please coment saying what do u think about it

Please remeber i used google translate is some parts so it may be a bad traduction.

Chapter 1 , a strange letter

Clean the blade , the worst part of the job.

"its always full of blood" , Talon said

When he was focused on remove the blood something happened, while he was still cleaning his blade , he found a letter , glued with magic to his blade , in the midle of the fray in the fields of justice , he didnt notice it .He opened it and inmediatly recognized the calligraphy

"Kat" , he said

she should put it there while figthing against him that afternoon, in the rift .

The note read:

Talon , my sister Elena found something strange in my father's house , behind the wardrobe she found a box with your name and sealed with magic , there's a note writted by my father in the top of the box , rigth next to your name , it says " my last words to you are the key " so oviuosly it will open with your voice.Go to my father's house and open it ,it should be on the table , it may conteins some information about where my father's located , ill be waiting for you in the sewers of noxus , rigth under the house , for the next 3 days .


A box for him ? , Why? the general had 11 daugthers and he was only his servant.

" Maybe he still needs another "job" " , he thought

He would never have thought of doing it, if not were for his respect to General du Coteau and his daughter katarina .Controlled mostly for his curiosity , he travelled to noxus in just a day ,almost no time since he was in piltover (of course he travelled in a stolen horse) . When he arrived he found the box in the center of the table , just like kat writed it .Of course , he remebered the last words from the general to him :

"Talon , just remeber 2 things :
1_ never build AP
2_ Always do your best "

he lifted the box , it was very ligth, he puted it back in the table and said :

"Always do your best"

with a click, the box opened ...