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Qragar, the Unstoppable Juggernaut (True Tank)

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Picture the meanest, biggest, baddest orc you've ever seen. He's probably only an eighth the size of Qragar. This mean, green skinned beast is the champion of his savage people, who's come to the league to prove their might. Qragar is fiercely loyal to his allies and brutally ruthless when it comes to squashing his enemies. He wades into battle decked out in spiked black armor and wields a massive sentient demon warhammer.

Qragar will be the first champion to use both Mana and Fury. His Fury is not gained normally and is not represented by a bar, but graphically - his skin slowly transitions from green to a deep dark red at full fury.
All his abilities scale with AD.

Passive, The Best Defense Makes The Best Offense: Qragar gains bonus AD from Health, Armor, and Magic Resist (scales most with Health, less with resistances).

Q, Crushing Blow: Melee skillshot, aka falcon punch. Qragar holds his warhammer high above his head with both hands and charges for up to 1.5 seconds before slamming it down in front of him. You may activate Q while its charging to reorient Qragar towards the cursor and immediately release the attack. It deals scaling damage in a very short 90* cone. If charged the full duration it also stuns for 1.5 seconds. Qragar will flash from about .75-.9 seconds after charging - if you Q it then, it will do full damage as if you had charged it the full duration.

W, Hammer Barrage: Ranged skillshot. Qragar tosses his warhammer which knocks all enemies sideways out of its path and deals damage. Decentish range. His hammer remains there until he picks it up or Qragar travels too far out of range of it. While hammerless, he attacks with his fists (slightly reduced melee range) and his W becomes Return!.
Return!: Qragar whistles and his warhammer flies back into his hands, dealing damage and dragging any enemies caught in its path to him.

E, Reckless Shout: Qragar jumps to target location, dealing damage and taunting all nearby enemies.

R, Seething Rage: Passive. Qragar hates to see his enemies still standing. His blood boils so hot that his skin slowly turns red. As long as an enemy champion is visible within his personal vision range, Qragar slowly gains fury, but if there is no enemy champion in sight after some amount of seconds Qragar's fury starts fading away. Qragar gains health, attack speed, and movement speed the more fury he has. When an ally within Qragar's vision dies, R retains its passive but becomes the activatable Spirit of Vengeance.
Spirit of Vengeance: Qragar channels the demonic spirit of his warhammer and grows in size, gains max fury, and his model becomes evil and twisted for some amount of time or until he runs out of fury, whichever comes first. While in this form, he also gains bonuses based on how many of his teammates are dead:
1: Gains MR, Armor, CC reduction, and even more health.
2: Above (at greater amounts) plus lifesteal and spellvamp.
3: Above (at greater amounts) plus bonus true damage on all spells and attacks.
4: Above (at greater amounts) plus massively lowered cooldowns on abilities.

(Yes obviously he can't get as strong from his ult on TT)

Base Stats:
High Health + health regen + health scaling
High base AD, low scaling
Enough Mana and Mana Regen to be viable but not overly spammy (not Jarvan bad please)
Slowish AS (not Mundo bad but bad)
Fairly slow movement speed (~310 perhaps)
Better than average melee range due to sheer size.

His Q would have high base damage and high AD scaling, W and E both low base damage and low AD scaling. The idea is that when his R is not active he's not much of a damaging threat (besides Q if he manages to hit it) but turns into a beast if he's allowed to use it (especially if all his allies are dead).

Timing should be that if he catches a target with no CC reduction in his E he can hit a sweet spotted Q but not a full charged one. If aimed and timed correctly he should be able to use his W to pull people into his Q also.

Originally he did not use Mana but I think it's an important balance factor and likely his base cooldowns could be reduced from a version where he casts for free - and I think health costs on a hero with no sustain is bad design.

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The following review is full of EXCESS MANLINESS and caps.

A giant orc who slowly grows red as their fury increases.

This is a fantastic idea for a champion.

A faith that was immediately lost when I saw your butchery of the old saying. ;_;

Passive: Looks okay but you'd have to be very careful with the scaling

Q: Incredibly manly.

W: Oh my god. He has an option to not use a weapon. THIS IS AWESOME

E: He jumps at enemies and forces them to attack him! He's like "HERE'S MY CHEST, HIT IT WEAKLINGS"


Alrighty, time for a break down.

When it comes to playing Qragar I would play him a Tanky Deeps, AS ALL OTHER BUILDS DO NOT MATCH HIM APPROPRIATELY

My first item is a giants belt, taken from the giant I slay before the 1 minute mark. From there I kill Rammus to obtain my heart of gold, by throwing my hammer at his ancestors and punching him in the face. From there I rush back to the bar to have drinks with Lee Sin and Olaf.

At the thirty minute mark I appear top lane to gank Shyvana, baiting them into dragon form before I take their wings for myself. After winning a 2v1 mid lane staring contest with Malzahar and Cougar Form Nidalee I decide its time to go back to the jungle for five minutes, before returning to mid lane with my army of golems, wolves, wraiths and lizards.

The enemy team fails a surrender vote, because I flex my abs and distract the three female members on their team. My team then uses this moment to push 4v2 and win the game while I get the babes numbers and head off to the gym.

But seriously, I build Tanky Deeps. There's potential for jungling with the Q and W.

Atmogs, maybe even Fratmogs, Triforce, FoN, mercs.

When ganking, initiate with E then quickly spring into Q to stun. W past the enemy, then wait for them to run and W it back,

In fact, if anything, he seems too capable when ganking.

Not so sure on the ally dying thing either. It's like... An inverse snowball champ. Team fight starts, run in last. Dunno. Just anytime it benefits you to have teammates dead seems like a bad time.

I know I rambled a bit, but I really did like this champion. They've got a decent base concept, maybe a little too much CC and they're incredibly manly. Overall, yeah, I'd say they would probably end up OP, because in an even team fight, you get stronger when your allies fall, and its hard to say 'Don't focus the tank' when the tank becomes the DPS if your allies die.