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How to be a good support?

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Hey, I've been designated as the support champ in my team of friends. How do I know if I'm succeeding as a support? Assists is obvious, but what else is there?

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Well, support is often considered to be the easy, dull role as the role suggests all you have to do is to support. What you need to be a really good support is have a solid understanding of the game mechanics, strategies, ward locations and map awareness etc.

Just having assists may as well be the result of your team mates doing well or you are against a bad team so it's not really a good and consistent measure.

Being a good support comes down to the small decisive details. Timing and risking and above all warding/counter warding. It's hard to point it out but you will know by paying attention to some of the things i mentioned during the game and then if they help your team win fights and dominate map then you can pat your self on the shoulder for a job well done. Supports are the overlooked team VIP.

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According the the current dominant meta, if you are playing a support you will start in bottom lane assisting a ranged AD carry.

In Lane you succeed when you:
1) Have an AD carry with a good kill to death ratio (such as 2:1, 3:1)
2) Have an AD carry with a high creep score (one of the higher creep scores in the game)
3) Stay alive
4) Destroy the enemy tower
5) Protect your tower
6) Buy wards to detect enemy ganks
7) Buy wards to gain vision of dragon
8) Buy wards to place in bushes that your opponents are hiding in
9) Help kill the dragon when it is safe to do so
10) Use CV when requested or appropriate

In the team fight phase you succeed when you:
1) Help sustain your teammates
2) Use crowd control abilities to help protect teammates or assure kills
3) Ward Dragon, Baron, Jungle Buffs, and Important intersections
4) Buy oracles and destroy enemy wards