Capture Points Attacking Friendly Targets

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I was playing a game a day or two ago, and got into a 2v2 or 3v2 under my own capture point in Dominion. My team ended up winning the fight, but shortly after the fight ended, i died rather unexpectedly (sudden loss of at least 200-300 health).
I checked the death sheet, figuring maybe an entire wave of minions decided to attack me even though they should have been on the turret... instead I saw that i had been hit by the turret for about 400 damage.

I had recorded it, but LoLReplay is throwing back bugsplat errors everytime i try to watch a replay now so i can't even get a simple screengrab like i intended originally.

The few facts about it as i recall. I was a purple team Fizz fighting alongside a teammate under the Boneyard CP. It started as Purple Team's and was never neutralize, though was pretty close to being neutralized.