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The School of Champions High School day two

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If you haven't read the first one read it first.
You know how people say your second day of school is better than your first day? Well in my case they were wrong. Let me explain myself.
I got to school early that day and Fizz caught up with me. "Hey I heard you're good at throwing things and I want you to prove it." He said to me.
"I can prove it pick a target and what to throw." I replied.
"Lets see that locker vent is your target and a fish is your weapon." He told me.
He handed a fish and I threw it. It was a perfect throw and it went into the locker. Fizz rushed me to the other end of the hallway behind a trash can. Then the guy who uses that came by and had a raven on his shoulder. He opened his locker and pulled the fish out. Then all the sudden a shark came and ate the fish will hurting the guy. Fizz stood up and yelled "How do you like fish now bird freak!"
I heard a pinging noise and Fizz told me"Run!" Before I could ask why a girl with red hair and knives covering her clothes came out with a guy who looks like he belongs in a Assassin's Creed game. I tried to run but as if they teleported to me they were right beside me. Fizz got away but I got beat up badly. A office worker walked by and I hoped that he would break up the fight but instead he cheered for the guys beating me up!
I patheticly walked to science class where I saw that the students realized that they could beat up the teacher,Mr. Heimerdinger, very easily.
First they hung him by his underwear against the door. Then they switched to his hair.
"There won't be any homework if you hang me by my underwear instead of hair!" he offered. Of course everyone agreed to that and put hung him by his underwear again.
He still taught the leason he just attached a peice of chalk to the end of a meter stick.
"Today we will be having a pop quiz on turrent mechanics." he annouced.
No one liked the idea of a pop quiz so we hung him of the river that ran though the school and diped his hair in it."Nooo! Not my hair! Do you know how long it takes to make it look like this?" He exclaimed.
The bell rang and we all abandoned him right there.
Like yesterday most of my classes were boring so I'm not going to get into detail into those.
Lunch was alot more interesting than yesterday. I sat down with Fizz and right before I started eating ravens started to come and take my food. I saw the source of these ravens and it was a mounsterous bird sending ravens to steal my food! After all my food was gone the monstorous bird turned into the guy who had the locker that I threw the fish into.
"Yea he'll do that to you for about a week then move on to different prey." Fizz told me.
I sighed and looked over to someone I instantly fell in love with. The sun glistened off of her hair as if it was drawn to it. Everything I saw about her I loved. Then Fizz snaped me out of it. "Yea thats Lux and she is way out of your league and even if she was in your league her brother is the captian of the fighting club." He told me.
I still was going to try.
At gym we did dodgeball again and I was on the little people's team again. With my recently discovered skills I was going to try and impress Lux. I did a little rockstar guitar slide while throwing balls and I just got pumbled with dodgeballs. The second time I discovered matrix moves didn't work. The third time I was against Lux's team and tried to be nice to impress her and tried to get everyone out execpt her. What I got then was a giant ghostly dodge ball hitting me from her brother who told me "Stop trying to impress my sister."
Capture class and Marksmen club were the same as yesterday.
As I was walking home from school the guy that that i accidently pranked and Lux's brother appeared in front of me. "The names Swain and this is Garen. Our groups dont usally get along together but were made a small alliance to do one thing,beat you up."
The guy that I pranked said. Then all the sudden a bunch of people that go to my school surrounded me. The next thing I know I wake up in my house aching really bad. Apearently I had been knocked out cold for more than 12 hours.
I learned one thing that day. Never prank somebody then hit on someone else's sister on the same day.
The end