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Post game stats: healing done

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So I believe the 'Healing Done' portion of post game stats is bugged. I just played a game as Akali, I had Hextech Gunblade rocking plus my passive. The end game stats showed I had heal 0 throughout that game. I'm pretty sure spellvamp and/or lifesteal are considered healing for the endgame stats as the enemy Shaco healed a total of 1270 and his only means of healing was Wriggle's Lantern, unless he blew through a ton of potions (in which case a number ending in 70 doesn't seem possible).

Another point of confusion: Our Caitlyn with a Bloodthirster healed 28. That's it. I don't know how she managed to heal so little, but she did.

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Just got this bug as well. Eight of the ten champions in the game had life steal and/or spell vamp items and/or passives and five out of ten had passively healing items, and yet only 2 people got above 400hp healed during a 51 minute game. In addition, both the graph & grid pages show the same numbers.

Teemo, Blitz, Akali, Morgana, Gp
Amumu, Karth, WW, Cait, Talon

Only other particular thing about the game was that Karth d/c for a while and then came back.