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Take away surrender time

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Dominion is a game designed for comebacks. I think the surrender option should just be removed all together for dominion because the game is so far along by 20 minutes its not worth surrendering the last 5 minutes, what a waste of potential IP.

Not to mention, personally I've played several games where the game was won/lost by 1 nexus health. The score can be 450 - 50, and its still anyones game. You have to play on your feet and your team has to work together.

Surrendering is just pointless in dominion, people give up too easily. One minute your team wants to surrender, the next minute you are 10 seconds from winning the game? wtf?

You are so right bro. Comeback possibility is what makes dominion soooo fun compared to SR. I personnaly only have 1 surrender game in my 500+ dominion games, and I was really pissed because I honestly think we still had a chance of winning. I have seen some crazy comebacks... Surrender in dominion is for losers... Surrender shall not be an option.