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Squishy Carry, Defensive Runes?

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I value the defensive stats more highly on Dominion than I would on SR. You spend more time engaging in small fights, in 1v1s and 2v2s, where a bit more armor can make a huge difference. It is much more important to balance your offense and defensive capability on Dominion, since you have to be more independent to deal with the fluid nature of the map.

Definitely this.

In a perfect team fight where you can sit in the back and plink away without taking damage, offensive runes are of course superior. Outside of a few situations, Dominion does not usually work like this. There are tons of small-scale skirmishes. Defense is always important.

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I put nothing on Kassadin but cooldown reduction, armor, and mana, and average about 18 kills and 3 deaths a game. Just stay away from Alistar his abilities are bugged and you won't be able to cast for about 3 seconds if you get slammed with both