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Jaximus Maximus 2 - Paladins Arise

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Silver Trinity



Before we get to the Prologue I'd just like to say thanks for being encouraging.
Also this is the new Prologue, I know I ruined the one on the "Should there be a Jaximus Maximus 2?" thread but this one is better imo.

Prologue: Paladins Arise

"Sir, don't you think this to be stupid?" Trident said, a human in a strange, silvery armour, "I mean, you are basically facing that massive zombie with an axe and potentially an army of his kind. Not to mention he, or it, has connections to a city with a strong, hungering army."

"Who cares?" Basile asked "It's just a zombie. I can burn him down with the power of divinity I've been equipped with. Should that fail me I have the gun-sword in my hands and the silver shield."

"His axe can shred you, sir. With all due respect, I suggest you take a squad with you."

"Get off my army." Basile sarcastically said, with a tone of anger, but no presence of true anger.

Trident hesitated and walked away.

Basile, a knight in shining armour, A soldier in his own army, has made a landing into Valoran as an unexpected visitor from an unknown planet orbiting near Runeterra, along with sixty other soldiers in their shining armour. They lived in an underground bunker which exit is a door mounted on the side of a very tall cliff. The cliff was very near the edge of Noxus. So near that if one jumped off the exit and survived the hellish impact he would need to find a way out of the hungering army.

Basile's armour was strange: It was mostly made of metal, with devices mounted here and there, purposes unknown, but its material and functions could make the impact of falling of a cliff seem like a tap to the feet.

It had a small built-in cannon concealed in its left pauldron, and a camera on the other to be the eyes of whoever wants to be.

His sword looked like the Hextech Gunblade, only it was mostly sword and the gun part was a small but powerful railgun near the handle.

His shield was silver in its colour and was larger that himself. It could be folded and put on his back in case he wanted to fight entirely by blade or to make an unstoppable escape in which he can have a husk to protect him from chasing terrors.

It was no longer the Winter in Runeterra. It was hot, hot like the deserts of Shurima. The sun seared the ground with her burning light. It was dusk and Basile was assigned by his own world to a mission to assassinate a humongous zombie wielding a large axe much larger than a human. The charge was for murder and many of it, one notably being the murder of a wandering Paladin, who dropped from the Ship when they entered orbit of Runeterra.

The Paladin was actually killed 5 days into his mission to scout Runeterra for a landing zone and to find a place to conceal the bunker and make use of the Meteor-Drop strategy; a strategy used to land in the heart of the enemy's army or base.

Basile stood by the door. He was ready to kill the zombie with the huge axe. His fury surged in his veins and his hunger for war was unsatisfied. He, however, must kill swiftly and with mercy for he was a Paladin. A Paladin's code must be strictly followed for that the punishment was vicious; hung in a spiked noose, right above a pack of starving wolves whose apetites could never be taken away.

He put on his helm and readied for a jump down Noxus.

He turned on the Anti-Impact of his armour and the Invisibility.

He could no longer be seen; he was only a distorted area of light shaped like a deformed human, though he was not deformed; it was merely his armour.

The door opened gloriously. The yellowed sunlight entering the cold bunker and the roaring winds of Valoran were rushing towards the perfect location; to an abandoned barn, to the left of the exit.

Basile dived out of the door with his hands to his sides. The wind blew through the ventillation of his armour and he could feel the heat of Spring in his own skin.

He fell like an unseen meteor. His soaring armour and body burned the atmosphere of Runeterra. His armour burned in a blue flame, though he himself was unharmed and his armour was intact.

His flames glew in a blue flame, blue like the auroras of Freljord at night, but this one was easily distinguishable.

The flames faded as the air thickened.

Basile was very close to impact.

Closing in he aimed for the roof of the barn, attempting to land as vertically as possible to avoid caving himself in with what would be the rubble of a near-useless building.
He turned to land feet-first.

He broke a large hole into the roof of the barn, making the sound of a real meteor landing on impact. His impact had made only a small, solid hole on the ground, shaped like the treads of his boots. But the hole on the roof was huge.

The impact took the attention of many Noxian guards and Locals.

Many silhouettes of people on horses rushed towards the barn where he landed.

He swiftly and silently ran behind a large haystack, hoping never to be detected especially by the strong smell of heating wood.

Shortly, there was a great commotion, demanding to know what happened.

The guards of Noxus were curious and furious of what has landed in their city-state.

They wanted, who or whatever it was, dead-- Basile.

He stayed behind the haystack, his gun-sword ready to come to his defence.