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So Now that Sivir is a New Woman...

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... what are the ways that you guys think she should be played?

A little about me: Ive been a fan of Sivir since about 9 months out of beta. Ive throughly enjoyed using this champ because honestly I play games very simply and casually. I played the entire game with the idea that you kill towers and then the final one and you win. So I never cared about ganking, jungling or any of those other parts of the game that many others really care about, and thats ok. You had fun doing what you did and I had fun doing what I was doing.

We all know that Sivir was a boss with my kind of playstyle and I got good at playing her that way even to the point where some weaker players I played against became afraid of her (in chat) during a couple matches.

But as I said I played very casually, Im still not 30 despite having been a member for so long. In fact, until just recently, I hadnt played in nearly 7 months as I was working in another country. So I come back and find that one of the key, signature abilities of my main champ is drastically changed. I tried playing her in a couple comp stomps but found my play severely lacking. She didnt feel like the same Sivir that I remembered and loved.
It felt like something was missing, preventing me from enjoying the play I had come to appreciate.

My question to you guys is, what should I do? Do I just need to change my style that relied so heavily on ricochet? Should I go to a gunblade build, and if so how do I keep my mana bar up while keeping the damage going? Do I need a whole new build that wasnt around a year ago? Or do I need to simply scrap her and buy a new champ?

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I just started playing but it seems like you want to be maxing your skillshot and that's going to be your primary ability the whole game. I personally didn't like playing Sivir at all but she was 450 IP so I couldn't resist trying. She's not very dynamic and her ult is the most boring I've seen so far.

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Well, here's a shameless plug on my own build for Sivir:

The long and short of it is: yes you need to change because you can't rely on Ricochet anymore. She is very different now.
If you're not 30 yet, you may have trouble with the build I propose and I would recommend tossing in a Manamune in place of another item.

If you prefer a tower-pushing style, simply add more attack speed to the build instead of the CDR that I propose. So...I'm thinking switch out the Youmuu's/Brutalizer for a Black cleaver instead for more AS and more raw AD since Armor pen doesn't affect towers anymore. Stick with the Trinity force over the Mallet for more AS and AD...and move speed which is important for getting to the tower to knock it down as well as escaping.

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I have been picking Sivir more and more lately, her chunk damage with W + Q is amazing... . And she can farm like a boss.

For building, Start boots and 1-2 dorans blades depending on how you're doing in lane, other wise rush bloodthirster. You can basically stack 2-3 bloodthirsters and be beast. Phantom Dancer + Thirster is nice too. The absolute best support for sivir is soraka for infuse, Sivir is super mana hungry. Plus you basically counter graves since you can spell shield his buckshot. Amazing champion.

Edit: Don't buy Atma's like I did in the screenshot. lol.

max Q>W.

To clear minion waves even faster than the old sivir, hit W on the front minion and Q the whole minion wave at the same time, and you will clear it much faster than old sivir.