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Irelia's Lustful Past

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WIP, tell me what you think.
In honor or Irelia free week.

Many may think that Irelia’s glorious stand against the Noxian invasion of Iona immediately granted her the title of Captain of the Guard, but deep within her lies a deep, dark, and sultry secret she has kept locked inside. Irelia used to always be shy and reclusive, until she realized what rewards the gift of her body could bring. She realized this not long after she turned eighteen and a new initiate in the Ionian Guard, her current young and impatient self showing strongly as she peered out from the window of the gate to the Ionian fortress.

“I am tired of standing around waiting here for no one. Nobody wants to come to Ionia unless they are a Noxus spy, and we have had not a visitor for weeks.” She said as she sighed and then looked over at Kadin, a fairly high ranking officer of the Ionian guard. He smirked and winked at her deviously.

“You sure don’t have the patience of your father, do you? Do you think he complained about the tedious work while he crafted the new future of Ionian weaponry?” He said before pointing to a detailed painting of the Ionian blade on the nearby wall.

“How dare you bring my father up like that!” Irelia said as she grit her teeth and glared at him, the rage filling her eyes. “Do you have no respect for the dead?” She shook off her anger and turned away from him, crossing her arms as she took a few steps in the other direction. Kadin’s eyes scanned up and down her body and widened his eye as his gaze fell over her legs and behind.

‘She’s grown up quite nicely…’ Kadin thought to himself as she huffed and glanced out the window once more.

“Can I go home now?”



A few more hours passed, and the sun had fallen. Unfortunately for Irelia, she still had to stay the rest of the night tending the gate with Kadin. Time seemed to run slow as it could while she was out there, or so she thought. She propped her head up with her hands as she leaned on the windowsill, yawning and occasionally glancing over at Kadin and scolding him for staring at her behind. The more and more she looked at him however, the more attractive he seemed; he was not much older than her, and had a very masculine and rugged look to him. She bit her lip as she looked at him for a bit more than usual, since he was looking the other direction.

“Do you… Ever get bored out here?” Irelia asked as he eyed his body.

“Of course I do.” He said before laughing softly and looking over at her. “Why?”

“How do you deal with it?”

“Oh, I find things to do.”

Her thoughts immediately flooded with fantasies. She was getting more hormonal by the minute since the sun went down, and it was only getting stronger; she was much like a cat in heat.

“I see plenty of things I could do…” She said under her break with a smile.

“What did you say” He asked as he stood up and raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said as she licked her lips and walked towards him. “I have an idea of what we could do to pass the time, Kadin…” She said as she inched closer to him, laying a hand on the chest of his armor and slowly sliding her hand down.

“Do you have in mind what I have in mind?”

To be continued.