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A Comprehensive List of LoL Bugs

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This is, of course, a work in progress and has quite a bit of work left on it, so PLEASE give me your input and help me find some bugs that have been overlooked!

Complete list of Bugs

• Apostrophes in announcements are displayed as  instead of '
• Thumbs up/down occasionally does not work or returns the message "Invalid Post ID"
• Posting a message occasionally returns the message "Invalid Post ID"
• The indentation feature for posts is not functioning properly
• Website displays oddly for many Chrome users
•There is a typo in the Summoner's Code. "If everyone’s picked and something stands out as s deficiency in your team composition, ..." instead of "If everyone's picked and something stands out as a deficiency in your team composition, ..."
• Email notification for thread subscription is not working properly


• Online Friend's occasionally appear as "Level 0" with the yellow dot status
• Online Friend's occasionally have "**null" as their status message (often goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned bug)
• Number of Wins in profile, queue, and post match do not display the correct, or even similar, numbers
[EXPLOIT]• Exploit that allows you to use skins you have not purchased (visible to others, too -- not a retexture) by glitching the champ select and timer (I will not explain how to do this, to prevent abuse of this -- Message/Email me if a Rioter wants details)
• In champ select, the "Random" button often disappears
• Portrait of champs occasionally get stuck to the side of your screen
• Occasionally, champ icons get very large in champ select
• Game occasionally blanks out once the champ select screen pops up -- fixed by a relog (an every-time occurrence for many users)
• You can still craft and purchase Dodge Runes (probably intended until Jax remake)
[GAME BREAKING]• Rune and Mastery Pages occasionally revert to a page used in a different match, despite changing to a different rune page in champ select (AP Garen with Mana Regen FTW???)
• Responding to a friend who whispered you is sometimes impossible because you are returned with an error stating that the person is not on your friend list (when they definitely ARE on your list)
• Energy Glyphs round DOWN from .8 instead of UP
• Ignoring someone in-game does not persist into the end-game lobby, and ignoring people in the end-game lobby does not persist.
• If you ignore someone in the PVP.net client, you'll still hear the "ping" noise in a chat-room with them when they speak.
• Reports of the client and/or chat crashing if you attempt to ignore someone through the friends list.
• Sometimes (more often for some than others) players will show up as "declined" when invited to a game even though they accepted. They will be in the chat and can talk, but when the queue pops and champion select comes, they are not in the game.
• Purchasing tier 3 runes can require level 21 instead of level 20.
• at level 4, it displays a message that you have unlocked Rally (which was removed from the game)
• at level 7, it displays a message that you have unlocked Fortify (which was removed from the game)
[Big Bug • The Demolitionist mastery causes several champion related bugs (TF's innate, for example, will not work while Demolitionist is activated) More information on this can be found here LINK: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1710600
[Exploit?] • More than six champions can be shown as banned in draft/ranked (I need more info on this. I am unclear on the details) PIC: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/2782/asdah.png

In-Game Bugs

• Screen goes black after loading screen transitions to game map -- game restart is required
• ___ has been slain message appears selectively
• Kill type (doublekill, pentakill, etc) message appear selectively
• A disconnect can cause items and tool tips to change to something that is incorrect (cosmetic only)
• Game crashes on Victory/Defeat screen.
• Typing and sending a message in-game can cause the game to become unresponsive until you alt+tab out
• Consumables, like Potions, occasionally are not useable and give you a cross-hair that requires you to click on yourself before they work
[EXPLOIT]• Enemies are notified of a summoner disconnecting, prompting highly aggressive (and often successful) pushes, granting many unfair wins
• Many issues with binding the semicolon key ";" and having it stay (it frequently resets to "]&quot
• Champions occasionally stop running if they are traveling across a path
• Disconnecting and reconnecting can cause non-existent 'ghost' minions that are untargetable and give you false vision in fog of war
[GAME BREAKING]• Several issues with champions becoming temporarily uncontrollable
• A champion can occasionally cancel an incoming auto-attack (avoid damage) by running into a bush as the enemy starts an auto-attack animation
• A champion can occasionally see an enemy ward by standing directly on top if its location (but cannot attack it)

Summoner's Rift
• Turret has been destroyed message appears selectively
• Projectile-firing monsters fire projectiles rapidly, making a stream of particles follow the champion (cosmetic only)
• Dying to baron does not show up in death recap
• Sometimes after a disconnect, you cannot target towers that became target-able while you were not connected

Crystal Scar
• A disconnect and reconnect can cause shrines to appear invisible despite being capturable

Twisted Treeline
• Turret has been destroyed message appears selectively
[Exploit]• Projectile-firing monsters fire projectiles rapidly, making a stream of particles follow the champion (cosmetic only)(You can use this to track the enemy jungler's position if this occurs)
• Sometimes, after a disconnect, you cannot target towers that became target-able while you were not connected


[GAME BREAKING]• Skill shots are not detecting hits properly as of the Viktor patch
• Dash-type skills often bybass skills of other champs (Shen's taunt can bypass Veigar's stun, for example)
• Blink-type skills can increase their range by forcing the champ to get stuck in a wall or obstacle, launching them forward and past the obstacle
• If a champ dies to a knockup-type CC, the dead body occasionally flops up and down repeatedly (or if you go out then back into vision) until it vanishes
• Occasionally, a knockup-type CC will knock a champ into orbit for several seconds VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce8vy96shWY&feature=related
• Champions who have zombie-type deaths (Kog'Maw, Karthus, Yorick) will occasionally grant a double kill to their killer -- and get two deaths, as well
• Bonus damage for skills(for example, 90(+bonus damage)) often stays at 0 and does not update the entire match
• Many champs with slower attack animations can attack and not deal damage if they move (Kog'maw and Twisted Fate's auto attack projectiles, for example, can completely fizzle mid air)
• Skills that grant Movement Speed are sometimes not activating properly or only for a portion of a second (since the Viktor patch)
• Long-range projectile skills (Nid's spear for example) are occasionally invisible if they come out from the fog of war
• HP Bars stretching across the entire screen
• Some skills that require physical contact with an enemy (for example, Singed's fling) will cause the champ to stop in place and stand instead of activating the skill
• Champions occasionally stop their running animations and "ice skate" as they walk VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dKXQQj1g4I&
• Certain types of CC undo flash/blink/dash skills (Voli/Singed throw and Poppy's charge can cause this) VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8K6YUA45-s
• Many ranged auto-attack champs begin auto attacking from a bush when it is not desired

• True damage on the return animation for her Q is not always the correct damage
• Fox Fire is still visible if Ahri activates it and runs into a bush or the fog of war

• Annie's Q can sometimes be popped by particles like flash VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njBzZpkD0p8&hd=1

• Akali often does not auto-attack after using her dash

• Triumphant Roar does not grant assists properly

• Anivia is occasionally able to trap somebody inside her wall

• In Blitz's tips, it implies that you can use Wit's End to exploit his mana dependency, but Wit's End no longer grants mana burn\
• Blitz is able to pull (Santa?) Baron from his den as of the Victor patch VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dll3IbmJBUg

• Twin Fang occasionally goes on full 5 second cooldown even if a target is poisoned (this is more common if the target is very close to you or dashes towards you)
• Petrifying Gaze occasionally fires backwards or from your previous location is you flash then ult
• Hit detection on her ult is very inconsistent, and can stone enemies facing away (and being out of range) while completely missing enemies standing directly in front of you

• Using Feast on a target that has shielded will cause damage -only- to the shield, and not their HP (even if the damage is more than enough to eliminate both the shield and their HP) VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZfonW7VDb0

• Fiddlesticks is unable to auto-attack while Dark Wind's particles are on-screen
• Fiddlesticks can instantly kill Lee Sin and Shen while they are shielding an ally (as well as the shielded ally)

• If you push E more than once, but give no directional input, Fizz will drop straight down, but do a small, non-slowing AoE rather than a large one
• Using Playful/Trickster over a wall can occasionally launch Fizz into orbit

• Damaging range of his ultimate does not match the range displayed when you click the skill, nor does it match the range of the taunt (inconsistency?)
• Enemy spells are occasionally usable while they are being taunted

• Using Gangplanks Parrley on minions or champs but I move to cancel the shot or the champ runs into a bush then you gain the sheen buff without using mana or parrley

• Becomes permanently locked in his stun animation when using Judgement inside Viktor's Gravity Field

• His passive (icon) gets taken over by items that give auras/bonus effects

• Notorious for suffering from the "no bonus damage displaying" bug

• Turrets are not targeting properly as of the Viktor patch (and sometimes don't shoot at all)

• Her passive sometimes does not activate for the entire match (there are other bugs regarding Movement Speed, recently, too)
• If Janna knocks up an enemy as they enter stealth, the skill "misses" and returns the text "CHAMPION" or "ISCHAMPION" over your head SCREEN SHOT http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=351930&d=1325143669

Jarvan IV
• Jarvan can occasionally cast his ult multiple times (create more than one wall) by being hit by some form of knock back/up or pulling himself with his spear while midair during his ult VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZtQoh5M6YA VIDEO2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feypD2G5k0Y VIDEO3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikt234mxttk
• It is possible to trap people inside the particles of the wall itself (similar to the Anivia/Trundle wall/pillar bug)

• Harbinger Kassadin's blade is attached to the wrong side of his hand SCREEN SHOT http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=358358&d=1325943416
• When Harbinger Kassadin uses W, his blade shows the silhouette of his default skin SCREEN SHOT http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=358363&d=1325943909

• Kayle is able to target a zombie-state Kog'Maw

• Kog'Maw can, on rare occasions, enter zombie/kamikaze mode without losing all of his HP first (a more common occurrence if you have lifesteal, and gain HP right as you lose HP while at low health -- but not necessarily hitting 0 HP)

Lee Sin
• Lee Sin is unable to land his Q on enemies that are extremely close to him (directly on or inside his model)
• If Lee Sin uses Resonating Strike or Safeguard on a target that uses a blink-type skill, then he will often glide in the air for several seconds
• Sonic Wave no longer reveals him when hitting baron through the fog of war

• Ult does not cause damage despite direct hit (this has been a severe issue with a LOT of the skill shot based champs as of the Viktor patch -- skill shots just seem to ghost through things randomly)

• Malphite's ult does not land consistently and often pushes him backwards if he "jumps" over a wall VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Yo_GI8XDY

• Malzahar's ult is occasionally uncastable despite not being CC'd

• If Maokai takes an action while a sapling is flying in the air, it can fizzle out and cancel the move
• You occasionally cannot see saplings tossed by Totemic Maokai until they land
• In Maokai's story tab in the PVP.net client, there is a grammatical error in the sentence "He abhorred the existence was that thrust upon him; he felt it was a corruption of nature." "That" and "was" need to be switched

Master Yi
• If a target dies when Alpha Strike is activated, he will be immobilized for the duration of the skill
• Yi's Chosen One skin's HP bar is placed incorrectly SCREEN SHOT http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=239728&d=1312573533

• Morganna's ult occasionally does not stun on the second hit VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TFS1LLkFpQ

• Cleavers thrown by a Mundoverse skin Mundo occasionally causes graphical glitches (cleavers make an odd stripe go across the screen)

• Javelin particles travel farther than the actual hitbox
• Javelin can be invisible when thrown from fog of war
• Javelin cannot hit stealthed units
• Traps occasionally do not give vision when placed
• Traps can be placed in non-traversable terrain
• Traps GIVE defense/resistance to enemies that get debuffed into the negatives
• Nidalee will auto-target heal herself if you use heal as you transform out of cougar form
• Takedown does LESS damage if it crits
• If you pounce while transforming, you go backwards
• You can occsionally pounce into terrain and get stuck
• You can occasionally pounce into a champion and get stuck
• Cougar skills occasionally say they do 0 damage
• Nidalee often does not auto-attack after using her pounce
• The spelling of "Nidalee" is spelled as "Nidelee" for her E in human form PICTURE: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=367592&d=1327281100
Nidalee Bug Thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=501818

• Using skills occasionally un-targets (from auto attacks) an enemy

• If you use Command: Attack while the ball is out on the position of the ball with an enemy unit on it, the ball will disappear. The buff will be gone and the only way to restore the ball is by using Command: Attack again -- it will reappear from Orianna and go to the targeted position.
• Using Orianna's Command: Attack directly on a spell shield (Sivir) causes the shield to break before the ball is in flight, and then causes the champion to take damage from the ball. If cast past the enemy champion, it properly blocks the damage. VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqV-ggqaAUs
• In the death recap, the icon for Orianna's passive damage is Katarina's passive icon

• Pantheon's ult occasionally homes in on a target that recently repositioned (including recalling to well) VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI-dTQ75Rtc

• Can occasionally tackle and stun an enemy with no wall or obstacle present
• Landing her on-hit ability can occasionally cause enemies who use Flash or a flash-type skill teleport back to her location when she lands the hit VIDEO1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8K6YUA45-s VIDEO2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNRKy2KYSn4
• Ult can be casted on a clone, granting invulnerability to all champs

• HP Bar is off-center for many users

• Renekton's Slice and Dice will not work if you do not have vision of the target VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yf3Wj2z1dU&list=UUkaA35P71G4a60ENrAB9zrQ&%20index=1&feature=plcp
• Bloodfury Renekton's tongue is visible when he is hiding in a bush

[GAME BREAKING]• If Riven is knocked back while she is mid-air during the third hop of her Q, she will have all of her abilities permanently disabled, including summoner spells and recall VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCcH-xQyy2c

• Occasionally, the smoke from Deceive and JitB can be seen from the Fog of War/brush

• Spectacular Sivir skin has graphical issues (arms appear crushed) Screenshot http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1551779 How Model Should Look http://lol.zones.gamebase.com.tw/skin_view/sivir_3?flash=1

• A champion entering stealth while getting hit by Impale, can sometimes negate the effects of the ultimate
• If you Impale Jarvan IV right as he ults, he can occasionally create multiple Cataclysm walls

• Nevermove occasionally fails to root despite a direct hit
• The edges of Nevermove's cursor often doesn't land hits properly

• Noxian Diplomacy's description says it "reveals targets", but does not reveal Akali in her shroud or Shaco while deceiving (intended, but Tool Tip clarity issue?)

• Targets killed with extra on-hit damage (Wit's End, MBR, Red Buff) causes her Explosive Shot passive to not activate

• If Trundle uses Rabid bite and is Silenced, he is unable to land an auto attack with the bonus damage (Nasus' Q and Jax's R ARE able to land if they are silenced, though) -- inconsistency
• Trundle can occasionally trap somebody inside his pillar

Twisted Fate
• Damage-type done by Sheen/Trinity Force/Lich Bane while PaC is active is incorrect; damage done is supposed to be magical (similar to the way Poppy and Mordekaiser convert Lich Bane damage to magical damage with -their- on-hit abilities)
• Twisted Fate occasionally displays PaC as his passive and it ceases to function properly (does not grant extra gold)NOTE: This seems to have an connection to the Demolition mastery
• PaC often does not proc bonus damage if activated while an auto attack projectile is mid-air
• PAC auto casts on next nearest target when you attack a target and they use a dash to get out of your range

• Veigar's Event Horizon can be bypassed by any dash-type move despite collision with the "wall" VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlD7MbBv6tk
• Curling Veigar's skin has graphical glitches
• Particles for his Q's passive (the one that appears after killing a target with Q) are not showing for some users

• His Death Ray frequently does not cause damage despite a direct hit [FIXED]
• His ultimate occasionally drifts off the map and/or is uncontrollable
• Power Transfer occasionally cancels if you move away from opponent after using it
• Gravity Field occasionally cancels if you move away from opponent after using it
• Death Ray pushes saplings (seems to be a cosmetic-only bug) VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrkTkfJz848
• A disconnect can cause the item icon glitch, but if it happens to Viktor's core, you are unable to upgrade the core -- because the core is not in the list of items (the stats stay the same, but display incorrectly)
• Viktor's Full Machine skin is listed as Limited Availability -- it is not a limited skin
• 12. Master Yi cannot be stunned by Viktor's field, because the three slows cannot stack
• If the target (champion/minion) dies before Power Transfer hits, Viktor is given a shield for free
• If you smartcast Death Ray, and double tap the button instead of holding and dragging the mouse, it uses the mana and goes on cooldown, but the move does not activate
• Viktor is occasionally unable to use Gravity Field while snared (spells should be castable while snared)
• If you drag Death Ray directly out from him, it casts it in the opposite direction
• If you use his Q on a minion standing directly next to you, the projectile travels back and forth nigh instantly, but he doesn't get the shield for a slightly longer time, even though the projectile has returned to him
• If Viktor's Death Ray particles collide with a wall, the ray stops, but the animation continues as if it were going through the wall
• Viktor's "extra" arm seems to have cosmetic/graphical glitches
• Death Ray's animation sometimes cancels, making it appear to fire at his feet instead of a full line
• The blue targeting cursor is non-representative of the hit-box for Death Ray (the beginning and end tips of the cursor do not hit)
• You can see the "scar" of Viktor's Death Ray left on the ground even if he casts it in the fog of war, giving away his location (similar to the old Shaco Deceive cloud bug)
• HP bar occasionally stretches to the side of the screen (HP bar issues are a problem with other champs as well)
• Using Blitz's grab on Viktor's laser causes Blitz to pull the laser and damage himself

Wu Kong
• Wu Kong is the most notorious of the "no bonus damage displaying in skills" bug
• When using Decoy, a pursuing enemy will de-target you, completely giving away the fact that you stealthed

• Yorick's passive is mitigating Cho'Gath's Feast damage Video: http://www.own3d.tv/video/363733/Yorick_Bug Thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1661335
• The auto-attacks from Yorick's E won't heal him unless he has at least one point into his W
• The auto-attacks from Yorick's E heal based on the damage dealt before being mitigated by armor.
• Yorick sometimes gains permanent unit-walking (most likely from ulting himself)
• Yorick's minions can count towards CS

1. Obtain software that allows you to record your games and capture screenshots

• LoLReplay is probably the most popular and simple means of recording your matches (this is the best program ever, I swear)

- http://www.leaguereplays.com/
- Install, let the program do all the work, upload the saved match file with bug occuring to a post alongside the time in the match the bug occurred

• Alternatively, use Fraps, aTube (free software), Camstudio (free software), or any other screen-recording software to record matches or bug testing sessions

- Fraps http://www.fraps.com/
- aTube http://atube-catcher.dsnetwb.com/video/
- Camstudio http://camstudio.org/

• Know where your Print Screen button is and paste screenshots to a program like MSPaint

• For users with Windows Vista and beyond, put Snipping Tool on your taskbar for easy access (this allows you to copy a small portion of the screen and save the clipping as a picture

2. Experience a bug.... that shouldn't take very long XD

3. Use the previously mentioned software to capture and save your proof of a bug

4. Make a post on the forums describing the bug and uploading your file showing the bug (start your own thread or put it in this one)

5. Wave around torches and pitchforks until Riot notices... wait... I mean twiddle your thumbs (im)patiently.

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There seems to be a lot of bugs floating around, and I imagine it's very difficult for Riot to sift through the rapidly updating Bugs Forum for what may or may not be bugs. I feel that in order for bugs to be addressed properly and efficiently, a detailed index/list/whatever of all the bugs we, as a community working as a team, can find.

Riot does have their limitations, so bugs -can- go over their heads unnoticed. Rather than being all "stuff happened, fix nao" and bumping your thread to kingdom come, making a detailed description of the bug, how to reproduce it, and backing up your statements with proof via recording or pictures is the most pro-active way we can get these bugs out of the way.

For those of you expressing discontent with the speed at which bugs are addressed, yes, it's incredibly frustrating when something acts as it should not... but keep in mind that testing and fixing bugs is -very- difficult. As somebody who used to program stuff, I can tell you that it can take all day long to fix a bug, because a bug can very often appear perfectly fine in text form, or even be effected by a string of commands completely unrelated to the bug it is causing.

P.S. If you know of a bug that isnt listed, please please please, let me know and I will add it after I test it (Having a replay/video/screenie helps a TON)

P.P.S I'm only one person, so please give me a little while to go over and test bugs. Apologies if I unintentionally overlook a post. I'm doing my best to address every single person's input.

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Good thorough list. Bump

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@Ceekur thanks
also, bumpage

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Very happy to see this post. I probably experience bugs all the time and either just think it's me or just a one time thing. As a member of the community i find that the rules here for reporting bugs will probably be helpful in documenting them.

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Hey guys! Just bumping with a few updates and revisions.

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Ouch, this got pushed down fast. Bump

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Wow nice!

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That Other Guy

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They really shouldn't have rolled out the Viktor patch yet; it caused SOO many bugs and Viktor himself is still super buggy, but Riot wanted to make $ and released it long before it was ready >.>

Anyway I think the double kill bugs were fixed in the Volibear patch.

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On the Summoner's Code.. the first paragraph:

and something stands out as s deficiency in your team composition


I think it should say "as a" not "as s".