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[Guide/Text wall] The blabla guide to Kennen in TT.

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Lord Brewtality

Senior Member


0. Version history
0.01 - initial version
0.016 - split 6.2 in 6.2.1 and 6.2.2; - added something about neutrals at 6.4, teamfights are now 6.5;
0.017 - added roonz at 4. all others caesared+1;
0.01b - added 1vs1 fighting strategy as 7.6; also 6.2 - going hybrid;
0.01c - added runes as name and effect, to not be confusifying. i am deeply sorry for the parts where the guide happens to be so. i want what's best for you, not to confuse you. sowwy again. - whoohoo, first final version because... because i added how much movespeed Lightning rush gives you. uh-uh, uh-uh.

I figured out I might just make this guide, since Kennen is free this week. This will be a guide to AP (that kind of means burst/support) Kennen, dedicated for Twisted Treeline (though little changes should make it viable for Summoner's Rift). I personally prefer AP Kennen better over DPS Kennen because:

- his abilities scale better;
- in all matches against an enemy DPS Kennen, I didn't have problems killing/feeling more useful than him;
- better harassing;
- better farming potential;

- you won't be pushing as well as DPS Kennen;
- being out of energy makes you useless;
- lower attack speed means you won't add as many passive Marks because of W;

2. Abilities

Innate. Mark of the Storm

Kennen's abilities add Marks of the Storm to opponents. Upon receiving 3 Marks of of Storm, an opponent is stunned and Kennen receives 25 energy.

These give nice energy back and stun your opponents for 1 second (which may not seem like much, but should be enough to ensure a kill, or your escape when not running from a chaser). A very useful innate, I would say.

Q. Thundering Shuriken
Kennen throws a fast moving shuriken towards a location, causing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any opponent that it hits.

Effect:Throws a shuriken (skill shot) that damages the first enemy it hits for 75/115/155/195/235 (+.66 per ability power) magic damage and adds a Mark of the Storm.

Cooldown starts at around 6 seconds and ends at about 2. This is a very spammable skill, and I willhunt you down and murd... errrr point out that you recover all your energy you used on it while it's on CD, in case you aren't continually using it. Use this to check bushes, use this to harass enemy champions, use this to farm, use this to deflower virgins, use it to apply Rylai's slow, etc. More on this later on.

Protip: thundering shuriken hits targets that are about Kennen's length outside of it's shown range, but only if you aim exactly at their center. You will find this very useful, as you can use Q to hit tower huggers.

- spammable;
- decent range;
- (fast moving) skill shot;
- high damage;

- it's a skillshot;
- umm...;

W. Electrical Surge
Kennen passively deals extra damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target every few attacks, and he can activate this ability to damage and add another Mark of the Storm to targets who are already marked.

Effect: Passive: Every 5 attacks, Kennen deals magic damage equal to 40/50/60/70/80% of his attack damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target.
Active: Surges electricity through all nearby targets afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing 65/95/125/155/185 (+.45 per ability power) magic damage adding another mark.

You will sometimes use this skill to harass early game (I highly recommend it), and later to consume/add Marks or farm (in combination with E).

- high range;
- hits invisible champions and helps at pinpointing them (be ready to hit an Alt+Q at them as soon as you see where they are);
- may hit a lot of enemies at once, all around Kennen;

- rather low AP scaling;
- it's got a high energy cost and may leave you open for ganks if you can't consume marks after casting it.

E. Lightning Rush
Kennen morphs into a lightning form, enabling him to pass through units. Any enemy unit he runs through takes damage and gets a Mark of the Storm.

Kennen moves very fast and gains the ability to pass through units, dealing 85/125/165/205/245 (+.55 per ability power) magic damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any hostile unit he passes through. Kennen is refunded 40 energy if he passes through an enemy while using this spell, but can only gain this effect once. Deals half damage to minions. Costs 110 energy.

This skill is useful for escaping, farming or initiating, if you're tanky (or have a Zhonya's).Lightning rush adds 230 to your movespeed. No more, no less.

- helps you put many marks to follow up with a W.
- easy escape from ganks;
- nice chasing potential;

- extremely high cost, even if you pass through somebody;
- risky to use;
- low damage against minions;

R. Slicing Maelstorm
Kennen summons a storm that strikes at random nearbv enemy champions for magical damage.

Effect: Summons a magical storm that deals 80/145/210 (+.33 per ability power) magic damage to a random enemy champion near Kennen every 0.5 seconds. This storm attacks up to 6/8/10 times and cannot hit the same target more than 3 times. A Mark of the Storm is applied to enemies on the first bolt they are hit by.

This skill helps a lot in ganks and teamfights, since if you time it well you will hit every enemy champion (unlike in SR where due to Murphy's laws, you're never gonna hit who you should in teamfights).

- ugh... it hits enemies;

- it hits randomly;
Kennen: o hai thar, yi with few hp and 2 marks of the storm.
Kennen: *activates SM*
SM: *hits the other two champions around him a few times before it's deactivated due to Kennen's death*

- hard to time right and easy to avoid;

3. Summoner Spells

- Ghost: you won't take ghost, you already have a skill which adds ms and allows you to ignore unit collisions.
- Ignite: pretty useful in the laning phase, but loses utility later on. You might take it if you think the battle isn't gonna last.
- Exhaust: recommended. Blinding a DPS usually gives you enough time to mince him, or at least slows him enough so you can run away with your E (or slow him some more, stun, then run).
- Cleanse: recommended. Getting hit by CC's usually means you're gonna die. Either take cleanse, or buy a quicksilver sash.
- Heal: go ahead. Take it. See if I care. (actually, this can come in pretty handy)
- Smite/Clarity/Fortify: no, just no.
- Clairvoyance: you have your Q and money to buy wards, use them wisely.
- Rally: leave this to somebody else.
- Flash: helps escape otherwise inescapable ganks.

4. Runes
First of all, I would like to hold a little rant, to create the proper setting. At first I thought -cooldown duration/level glyphs would be good soyou can Use your ultimate more. But is the ultimate that good? Do we need the Slicing Maelstorm? Is it necessary? Couldn't we take something else? Couldn't we? And that's when it struck me. We aren't just anyone. We're KENNEN, not some run of the mill champion. WE know runes. WE ARE KENNEN!!!

Enough with the rant. Here I go.

Marks: 9x Insight [aka magic penetration]
Seals: 9x Potency/Resilience/Evasion (whichever you prefer) [aka ability power/magic resist/dodge]
Glyphs: 9x Insight (Kennen really needs the magic penetration) [aka magic penetration yet again; you see, Kennen does not enjoy normal penetration, he wishes for it to be magical, like the magical first time... the first blood Kennen should aspire for]
Quints: 3x Fortitude [aka classy flat HP]

5. Skill order

Q is your main skill. You praise, love, level, and use Q as often as you can. You also need your E to escape/chase, but W is overall more useful, therefore:


6.1 Itamz

You'll start with an Amplifying tome+hp pot, since you won't stay in the front line at any times, so survivability isn't such an issue. Harassing with Q is such an issue, and a tome helps a lot at doing just that. Next you get boots or a giant's belt (if the enemy targets you hardcore) and some wards if none bought (which you will buy more whenever the old ones expire). I don't recommend buying a Soulstealer unless you're in low/mid elo and you know you won't have trouble pwning. After this, you rush a Rylai's, get Sorcerer's Shoes, and a Will of the Ancients (for the spell vamp). From here on, you will want either a Zhonya's, a Void Staff or some more survivability. If you die, don't be shy: open death recap and see what dealt more damage to you: magic or physical, and buy survivability items accordingly. What items you buy depends completely on what you're against, so I'm not going to talk about them from that point on. Anyway, by then, most matches are over.

One tip: if all the enemy champs deal mainly one type of damage, I highly suggest buying armor/magic resist against them, even if you don't really need them, as they are very useful. If they deal mixed damage, more AP is a priority unless your health drops too fast.

6.2 Going hybrid (thankies to Matuk for reminding me)
Sometimes it just happens. We all get that feeling of emptiness. Sometimes the moment comes when what we already have just isn't enough, that's when we go hybrid.

If you make this choice early in the game, you may build a gunblade instead of a will of the ancients, and that would serve as your jumping pad to other such atrocities. Later on, I am sure you would enjoy a fine Guinsoo's rageblade, along some even finer absinthe, since you can really keep those stacks flowing with your Q. If you go hybrid, Guinsoo's is a very good startnig item choice, if not the best. After you build guinsoo's, still not enough AS? Nashor's tooth. Want more AD? Did you build your gunblade?... oh, ummm... frozen mallet? oh, you don't feel like being tankier/having more slow. Well, in that case, Lich Bane/Triforce, for the love of Sheen. 'Cause hey, if I can waste ~400 gold on a sapphire crystal for a banshees, so can hybrids for a lichy bany/tryforcy.

7. Tactics/Play tips

7.1 Where to lane
You should, at almost all times, not solo, since others would benefit much more from reaching their ulti's before you: remember you are mostly support.

You will take solo unless one of the following is in your team (in which case I suggest you ask if they want to take solo): Ashe, Cho'Gath, Ezreal, Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Heimerdinger, Katarina, Nasus, Master Yi, Nunu, Pantheon, Shaco, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Warwick or Xin Zhao. If none of them are there and none other wants, you should take solo.

I'm not saying Kennen shouldn't take solo, though. As the epic harasser Kennen is, he can hold his own against about any champion (including Warwick), and even score some kills. If you feel that you shine when taking solo, be sure to take it.

7.2.1 Laning Phase
In laning phase you do kind of the same think, whether you're soloing or not. Use Q from a distance to hit the enemy champion(s) through minions, or to farm if there are no openings to shoot through. As soon as you hit 2 use your W to harass some more if you hit them. This combo is pretty efficient in lowering their life quickly. From there on, you may want to try and hit the champion with a skill again (or W's passive), to get your energy back, land a stun, and maybe get yourself or your lane partner a kill.

Additionally, be sure to check the bushes when you first reach your lane, and whenever enemies are mia. Better to be safe and Q-on-CD-ed than ganked and ready to Q. By level 6, though, this shouldn't be a problem anymore, due to ward placement.

7.2.2 Late laning phase
By level 4, you may start ganking people. Your strategy will rely on hitting them with Q, the active of W and a passive mark from W to land a stun, then auto-attack them, or E through them to kill (you should have no problems cutting somebody down with this combo). You may score a double kill if there are two at low hp, since your Q and W will recharge while the first one dies, but I'd advise against attempting this if you need to use your E to kill the first one, unless your Ignite/Exhaust/Heal is up. Check if any of them have a heal and be extremely cautious if they do, preferably attacking the other. Basic stuff.

7.3 Mid/Late game
After farming for a while, you should start pushing. As I said before, you can (and should) use your Q to hit tower huggers. If they remain with little life after being hit, be sure to chase and W them down (if you're at the first tower), then escape into the jungle. You won't have to handle more than 2 tower hits in this case. If you remain out of minions and they start pushing, or if they chase you and your teammates, be sure to stop and fire Q behind you whenever it's ready (note: don't attempt this strategy when you're the last one behind and you're not pretty far away from them; just use E to escape in that case; you don't want to risk dieing). When your Q's at level 9, it'll do 300+ damage every 2 seconds while they are running after you, which is enough to weather down even the tanks.

7.4 Something about neutrals
You don't tackle creep camps anyhow different than other builds. Go for them whenever you can, and dragon as soon as you can. Be sure to get a tankier teammate along with you when doing dragon, and if you can't, high enough AP along with the spell leach should keep you alive. Also, if you're the creepy kind of Kennen, you can talk with a teammate to initiate the fight with dragon and, with your superior range, you could stay in lane while doing dragon from behind (him), using your Q, W and auto-attack. You shouldn't take lizard buff, except for when there isn't any carry in your team who could take it.

I suggest you aim for the wraith/wolf buffs whenever possible, but be aware that they last way less than the lizard and dragon buffs.

7.5 Teamfights
In team fights you will first want to stay behind and get two marks on every enemy champion (Q+W). In case there's a Nunu/Katarina/somebody with a channeling ultimate out there to get you, never get him to 3 marks. Keep him on 2 so you can stop him and disable his ultimate, unless you're sure he's gonna die if he's stunned. When they're at 3 marks you may wont to go and E (stun them) + R (hit them hard), then W the surviving ones to add another mark and Q in case they try to flee. In this way you can get stuns in the shortest time one after another.

If you can't stay behind, 'cause they target you, you may want to E, then blow your Maelstorm all over them and a Q to stun the most dangerous (if you can).

7.6 1vs1 'battles'
I've seen a lot of Kennen players which attack an enemy champion 1 on 1 when he's at about 3/4 of his life. And unless that champion attacked was unfortunately underleveled or very silly, the attacking Kennen gets mowed.

But we'll be smart Kennen and as such, we harass, with a simple, yet effective Q+W+runaway rinse and repeat until the enemy champion starts running away, when POW E+W+Q+autoattackswhenever+R(if you have/need it (you shouldn't need it)).


This is my first guide. Feel free to point out every mistake I made, suggest stuff, and help me with data. I will also add stuff later, if I feel they are necessary.

+++ I'll see what I can do and test Kennen with energy runes (as soon as I get enough IP to do that, of course (which may take time (an awfully long time)))+++
+++ also, I don't use a "." after the second number in sections with two numbers 'cause they look gay. and i'm not homophobic, I mean "gay" in the "happy" way. and I want my guide to be dead-serious and content, not happy. content-full+++

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Senior Member


Not one mention of neutrals and its seems like early game lasts to about ~8 while in my games it ends at 3.

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Lord Brewtality

Senior Member


There. I fix'd it.

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Junior Member


Looks like a solid guide, I'll try this out since he's free this week.

However, mind using the runes' effect as a description instead of the name? It's a little confusing.

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Senior Member


You say one of the cons is having lower attack speed and won't be able to use W effectively.

This is why instead of just AP, you go AP/AS.

I personally go with a hybrid build, though I still lean it towards AP more than AD.

Also: Instead of getting blue MPen glyphs, since you don't want CDR, you should try blue Energy glyphs instead. Since Kennen is so heavily strapped for it, they may actually be useful for his skill spam.

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Lord Brewtality

Senior Member


*obliviously thanks Obliviously for the tip*

Also, I added things you talked about Matuk.

Here goes another semi-shameless self-bump