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Amazon Trade

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Hey, so for christmas I got this 25$ Amazon gift card thing. It's a 25$ amazon videogames gift card. I...have nothing that i want to buy on amazon I don't know any other way to put it. You can't buy the LoL prepaid cards on Amazon, and I have nothing else to spend this on. I'll trade you the code for the Amazon prepaid card for 2 10$ league prepaid card codes. You'll make 5 dollars in the process, and I'll have two 10$ codes to give away. There are multiple places you can buy the prepaid cards online and the code is instantly delivered to you. You're welcome to come into my vent server to talk to me in person about it. Only thing you may want to know is this Amazon card will literally only work on video games,it says on the card that it's good for "Video games, Video game consoles, software, accessories, downloads, and millions of other items at Amazon.com."