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[Long] Something to think about.

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IT doesn't matter what we all think about each other, or how we think each other looks. Or how we think they should act. The reality of the situation is this,

Life on this earth is very delicate. It's not “suppose” to be alive, existing. It's just that we're part of something so great and massive, that the very fact we exist at all shows that in the grand scope of things, we are meaningless. The universe hasn't felt the need to stop us existing yet. Like a fly on a horse. The fly isn't noticeable enough for it to warrant the horse's attention. The fly is not bothersome enough to elicit a horse to expend the energy to remove it.

Now sense we are meaningless(or even potentially “could” be called meaningless), we need to take extra measure to ensure that all of us do the best we can to make sure all of us stay alive. We need to realize that in the grand scheme of things, all we have is each other.

That is why we have love. We need to be able to love our friends and our family, because that is all we have. There is no “guarantee” that life on Earth should exist. Yet we're still here. Just as there's no guarantee that we should continue on living.

Now look outside your window at night. What do you see? Well tonight, probably fireworks, since it's New Year's. Usually you would see stars. Billions of stars. Billions of chances to find life. But also, billions of chances to not find any life, which has been the case so far.

Now we have astronomers. People who've been given a lot of money to use fancy equipment to look farther into the stars. Now how come people who have a lot of money are paying a lot of money for these people to look into the stars? It's probably because these people realize that what is “out there” in space is a lot more important than what is going on here. So people who have been successful in life feel a need to wonder what is happening in outer space and what is our odds of it's continuance?

We need to know if there is any other life in space. We need to know how much the chance is that life else where exists, or where it could. Because we need to know what our odds are. Should we be letting things happen in a natural progression because that is how it is suppose to be? Or is this something so rare(which so far appears to be the case) that we need to figure out how to make sure it all lasts as long as possible?

Maybe we should take the safe route and assume the worst, we're not “suppose” to be here. There's no specific purpose we serve in terms of the galactic scheme. Yes, we're special that we exist, but really we're not special enough to ensure that we get to live forever. So lets act as we can to try our best to ensure that we do get to survive as long as possible.

That means don't care about those meaningless things like skin color, religion. Just know that we have to do the best that we can to make sure all of us can stay as long as possible. Maybe it would be best for the planet and our so far unique existences if we thought about things long term. Like, infinitely long term. Because looking out into the night sky doesn't show the odds of survival as being very much in our favor.

Sorry for all the words. It's just New Year's AND my birthday so it gives me alot to think about.