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AS/Riftwalk Kassadin

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Sounds like fun. Lately I've been on an attack speed/on hit build binge out of pure boredom (absolutely hilarious on cho gath btw with his E).

I've been mulling over potential item builds in my head. Problem is, the core build is just so expensive because of kass needs Survivability AND attack speed/on hit AND some mana for riftwalking+everything else (lvl 18 kass base mana is a little over 1k).

For the above I'd say normal AP kass is more effective in any real game.

But, for the sake of it, let's go over a full build.
boots (completely situational as berserker's, sorc, or merc treads all work)
Madred's: AS + on-hit + armor
Wit's end: AS + on-hit + MR
Malady: AS + on-hit + mpen
RoA: hp+mana
BV: hp+mana+shield

Not optimized at all but from the top of my head some items to hit every part that AS kass needs. My guess at the most efficacious play would be to build up RoA+ stack doran's first then segue into AS kass.

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Nashors tooth, wits end, malady all sounds good for AS Kass. Maybe frozen heart & bveil for survivability, nashros & malady for whacking them with W? Nashors & FH should give u max CDR, so W should be up a lot along with all his other spells.