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Viktor Hotfix – 12/31/2011

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Lu Caos:
This hotfix did not work. Tried all three versions of the augment, NONE of them let me buy it for 1000. All require a full 1200.

Wish someone would update on this, as it clearly didn't work as intended. Would like to know when this change will actually happen, or if it will at all.

You have to have 1200 to buy it but if you notice you'll have 200 left over.

Isn't that just as bad? You're sitting there with 1000+ gold, and you can't buy a ward or health pot because you have to save up just a little more for the Augment to light up?
Yeah sure, you still dominate your lane, but at that point, your opponent has the equivalent of a Blasting Wand in items above you.