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Here's the thing- most teenagers don't raise themselves

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Hey it's bald like you too!


I pretty much raised myself. My mom left me alone the majority of my child. My mother was a friend, not a mother. And I needed a MOM not a FRIEND.
I was ridiculously immature all the way up to the freshman year before highschool. I got my ass kicked into gear by a good friend of mine. Then rode the train to learning responsibility. (LOL I STILL DON'T HAVE IT.)

I joined colorguard, and failed all of my classes. Practices were ridiculous. But it was a real eye opener. People are ****ing stupid. I learned from them.

Imo, it's not really the parent's job to baby them their whole life. They deserve to learn things for themselves.

Granted, there are things that SHOULD be taught, but I find I prefer learning on my own anyway. My mom gets frustrated with me quickly and yells. ><

So I don't think it's really fair you're blaming it all on your mom. Yeah, maybe she wasn't world's #1 mommy... But ****ing hell. Be mature about it. :/

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my dad's been married and divorced SEVEN freaking times. yes, SEVEN times. the best job he's ever had was a janitor at a nursing home. his addiction to drama keeps his friends and family away from him. he's getting old and is completely alone and none of us give a **** because he's an *******.

the worst part is... he still thinks he knows what's best for his children. what a joke.

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An inherently incorrect idea. Not only is adolescent rebellion based in basic human psychology (the attempt to gain independence) but the "degeneration" so often cited in the adolescent generation is more due to the degenerating social environment around them than to some imaginary, sudden fault in their parents (after all, if it's the parents' fault, then why weren't they raised correctly in order to raise their children correctly? And why weren't their parents' parents raised correctly in order to raise their children correctly?)

Sorry, but no. the supposed adolescent rebellion is just a teenager garnering his own ideas and adopting them instead of doing and believing what his parents do, the teenager is becoming an individual.