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All Dodge Runes Have Been Refunded

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Junior Member


well considering i spent ip on them i thought they were mine, and seeing as i can set fire to them if i feel like it i asked a question

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Xeno Zangotta

Junior Member


I'm sick and tired of hearing this line: "There's no counter for Dodge."

Well, you know, there are these characters called Mages. You see, Mages specialize in using their abilities to kill people. Most of them even have something called "crowd control" which allow them to use said abilities to slow people down, or stop them completely.

"Oh, but what about Banshee's Vale?"

Well, as must high-rankers will tell you, a Mage has more than one ability they're willing to hit you with, and any mage that sees you with a blue circle around you is more than likely going to hit you with their "throw away spell" first. You know, the one they hit minions with.

Dodge does not work against magic-based abilities. At all. Ever. Never has, never would.

My main character repitoir includes Jax, and in all seriousness; while a good character, he would only become "the boss" if the enemy team had a real auto-attack reliant character on their team which I could hound and beat up multiple times.

Jax countered some of the most flamed characters with his counter-attack: Twitch, Trynd, Gangplack, Warwick, why... the list really only contains auto-attack reliant ones.

So, as someone who's been with the game more than 2 years, I can conclude that this decision, amongst many others, is what has lead me to stop playing since October. I've only signed on two or three times since... just to check up on things. If I wanted a game I didn't need to think about, I would boot up UT3, or rush over to Bloodline: Champions. This game used to tickle my tactical senses, and while I never played quite like any of the other players in this game, I could still win by out-thinking them.

With less variance, I do not forsee those last-minute combacks me and my "posse" used to have. Beaten and thrashed to the very end, only to come back and destroy the enemy. Also why I never used to surrender... oh, but I guess that's straying off topic now, isn't it?

Dodge was a valuable piece of tactics in this game, but no amount of arguing or flaming would change Riot's decision. (So, off to someplace else I go.)

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Junior Member


still gots me dodge rune

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Senior Member


i ended up recycling runes and got a dodge quintessence. i still have it and im not sure if its ganna get refunded or not now. how can i ensure i get the 2k IP now that this refund is already gone through?

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Jonus Farstrider



Perhaps you should take the dodge runes out of the store......I'm just sayin' it'll be easier to remove them than to keep refunding anyone who manages to buy them. And remove them from the randomizer as an option.....oh, and remove ninja tabi until it is changed completely (you can still get it by selecting the basic boot and looking at the top options.)

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Senior Member


I didn't seem to get a refund for any dodge quints I got from converting ... I had a major tier 3 quint and a tier 2 quint. No IP from them yet but I did lose them =(