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League Judgement - Ahri [Fan-made]

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~~League Judgement - Ahri~~


Ahri walked down the articulate hallway, and came to a stop in the center of the room - pausing to look around. Human craftsmenship had always been interesting to her. Humans in general had always been interesting. Their behaviors, their mannerisms, so very different from what nature was like. Such an obstinate species. It makes one wonder how they survive without fangs, without claws, without fur... and yet their tools make them the dominant race. How peculiar that is... More peculiar that their finest tools are weapons used, not to hunt or kill for food, but to slay other humans... they never eat them, so there seems to be no blunt practical gain... such an overly-violent species to kill with no gain. What is the purpose?

Ahri's mind wandered...

After a few moments of pondering, she continued to the door, and read the inscription. "The truest opponent lies within."

How true. Perhaps they can help me. Ahri thought to herself.


Ahri walked through the doors and found herself in a forest clearing. Something looked familiar. Ahri had lived in the forests all her life, but this one was different. There were humans nearby. A small cottage. She walked up to the window and looked inside, and she immediately remembered what happened here. To her horror, she saw herself - her past self - inside the cottage, sitting at a dining table, with a young farmer, his wife, and two children.

She yelled out to warn the farmer, but they couldn't hear her, and apparently could also not see her. She tried to bang on the window to attract attention, but it made no sound. She knew what was going to happen, but could do nothing but watch.

"What brings you out this way, miss?" Asked the farmer. "It's a long way from the nearest town, there's not much here but simple farmers struggling to keep by."

"If you havn't noticed, I don't look quite human. I was involved in a bad experiment, and I am traveling to obtain a cure." Ahri responded.

"Well, we're happy to share what we have with you, though there's little to be found here." The farmer's wife concluded.

"Thank you." Ahri responded. "I'll help myself to what I need."

After a few minutes of the two children asking about the tail and fox ears, the group had finished the meal. It wasn't a large or fancy one, but a good hot meal was still a good hot meal for someone in need.

"Would you mind if I borrowed your husband as a guide for a while, to show me to the town?" Ahri asked.

"Go right ahead. We have some chores to do around the farm anyway." replied the man's wife. Ahri and the man departed from the building and started going down the overgrown forest road.

The present Ahri threw a fireball at her past self, though this action was unproductive. Neither the former Ahri nor the farmer seemed to notice the attack. Ahri, in her present, decided to follow them.

"So where do you come from, miss?" the farmer asked.

"I'm from Ionia, the southern provinces." replied Ahri. "I had to leave because of the war. It didn't feel like the right place for me anymore."

"Is that how you got into your current state? Trying to leave?"

"One could say that."

A few minutes of idle chatter later, Ahri asked "How long have we been walking?"

"About ten minutes." replied the farmer. "Why do you ask?"

Ahri summoned three fire-foxes which slammed the man into a nearby tree and bound him there. The man screamed in pain, but they were too far away for anyone from the farm to hear.

That was why. Ahri thought to herself. She summoned what appeared to be a blue orb, and pressed it up against the man's skin as he screamed in agony. The searing pain created quite a loud racket, and she hadn't perfected silencing her victims yet. This was the most efficient way to prepare the soul for harvesting. She ran the blue ball of fire up and down the length of the man's body, searing his flesh repeatedly until the orb turned green. He was ready.

As she pulled the orb closer to herself and began inspecting it, turning it over repeatedly to make sure all areas looked green, the man spoke.


Ahri didn't humor him with a response. There was no purpose in explaining it to him. All that would do would take time. She threw the green orb at him, and he shrieked in pain.

With his last breath, he said, "My family... why... why..."

He died knowing not why the visitor he had treated so kindly would do such a thing to him. His final thoughts were of pain and cruelty. However, his final statement was a good reminder to head back to the house and finish the job. The Ahri from the past lit the man's body on fire, turned around, and left to head back to the farmhouse to deal with the wife and children. They would each provide some much-needed progress to her ultimate goal, and it would be better if she was not the last person seen with the man while he was alive. By now she had learned to cover her tracks, that human societies remember these sort of things...

Why would humans keep track of these sort of things? That made no sense. When she was a fox, she killed many other animals, even other foxes, for food or territory. Why would another species suddenly keep track of who or why? Humans were such confusing creatures with such bizzare customs.

The Ahri of the present didn't follow her past self back to the farmhouse. She knew what was about to happen. She remembered the look on the face of the children as the mother died. The mother was the most dangerous of the three, most capable of defending the young with the husband out of the way. She had to be dealt with first.

Ahri collapsed to her knees and sobbed. She remembered these events clearly. Every life, every murder, taken to advance her power. At the time it seemed no different then things were in nature, in the wild.

Why do I feel this way? She thought to herself. She had done similar things for her entire life. Why was now suddenly any different? Why was it different as a human?

"If you don't know the answer to that yet, you probably need to see another one. Let's try one more up-to-date." A voice said from behind her. She turned, but no one was there. She turned back, and the forest was gone. Instead she was in the corner of a bedroom in an inn. It was dark, late in the evening this time. She watched from the corner of the room, seeing her former self come through the door with a young man behind her. Her former self closed the door and locked it, and then shoved the man onto the bed. His movements weren't smooth. He was drunk.

"You're so beautiful. How are you so beautiful?" He asked her.

"By studying what humans like to see." Ahri responded, as she cast a spell that created a pink haze onto the man. The man fell into a daze, his speaking barely literate. It had taken her several months to master this spell. She didn't like hearing their screams of pain, or the look of fear on their faces. The look of pain in their eyes, and of betreyal, made her feel uncomfortable. It was better to just make it so that they didn't notice and didn't feel what she did to them.

Why did I go out of my way to learn such an inefficient piece of magic? the Ahri of the past thought to herself. Something is wrong. Something doesn't feel right.

Snap out of it! She thought to herself. She took out the blue orb and took what she needed from the man. She placed his body in what appeared to be a peaceful position in the bed and pulled the blankets over him, and then left the room. She went downstairs and got a drink from the innkeeper. She pondered how she was feeling, and that she had gone out of her way to learn a new spell, while mulling over her drink. After a few minutes alone with her thoughts, she heard the tavern door open. A woman came in.

"Has anyone seen this man?" She asked. Ahri went over to her and looked - the woman was holding a sketched picture of the man Ahri had just killed. A random person at a nearby table asked, "Why, are you his wife?"

"No." She responded. "He saved my child from a fire two days ago, and left without asking for anything in return. I just wanted to find him and say thank you."

A tear rolled down the present Ahri's cheek. The same happened with the Ahri of the past.

"He sounds like a nice person." The past Ahri said to the woman, before leaving the tavern. The present Ahri followed her past self outside, and found herself in an alleyway, crying.

What have I done... she thought to herself.

"Why do you want to join the league, Ahri?"

Ahri spun around, finding herself back in the institute of war, speaking with a robed summoner.

"Bring them back!!" She retorted. "You can show them to me, bring them back to life!"

"That, unfortunately, is beyond our power." responded the summoner.

"Then what good are you to me?" Ahri responded, pulling out her blue orb.

"Think about it. You must have come here for a reason. You know you can't remain stuck somewhere between human and animal forever, and without us, the only path that would remain to you is to continue your grim work, while your ever-growing humanity creates ever-growing guilt, and it tears you to pieces from within." the summoner continued.

"So you can complete the process for me?" Ahri responded.

"Yes." Said the summoner. "But we want something in return. Nothing in this world is free."

"What do you want?" Ahri asked.

"Fight for us. Work for us and earn your place in humanity on the Field of Justice... and if you work long enough, we can grant you that which you seek."

"...I'll do it." Ahri replied, after hesitating for only a few moments. The doors opened to her, and beckoned her to go through.

"Welcome to the League of Legends... but before you go through those doors, tell me. How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

"...I imagine it will become more unpleasant later than it already is now, so what's the point in answering?"

Ahri turned away from the summoner and entered the league of legends.

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Excellent. I wrote up an Ahri judgment for fun yesterday with the same idea of focusing on her regret of the people in the past she had killed. You're quite the writer though, looks like a judgement we would get from riot.

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Good job, you have my support. When Riot is lacking, it's good to see a fan filling the blank.

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That was very impressive.

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Added to the archive.

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I like it, you won't have one about Nautilus, right?