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Make Options/Spells/Runes/Masteries champion unique!

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Greetings Summoners!

Note: I'm Benvil from the EUNE forums. This is also where this thread origins from. It was widely supported there, so I felt like sharing it here, since Riot employee responses is very rare on EUNE. Keep in mind that I'm from Denmark, so my English might not always be perfect, thanks!

If you really hate reading, there is pictures in the bottom, which pretty much sum up what this whole wall of text is all about. Because of that, you wont be needing a real TL;DR, but I'll place one in the bottom anyway, because people sometimes scroll to the bottom for one. I'll add a FAQ to the 2nd post in this thread.

Do you all know that feel when you forget to change runes? Maybe you experience that bug where it revert to your previously used runes? Maybe you want smart cast for only some spells, but don't want to change options each time you change champion? Maybe you have slippery fingers, and hate to turn off Warewicks "Bloodscent" by mistake? Wouldn't it be lovely if your favourite options was chosen by default the moment you pick a champion?

Look no further, because this customization kit will change all that, if it ever was to be implemented! The inspiration came from a FAQ about Dota2, where it was mentioned the game would allow individual options and settings for all champions. That got me thinking, why doesn't LoL have this? If anything, LoL need this more than other Moba games, because of the Rune System, Mastery System and Summoner Spell System.

Soon enough, LoL will reach 100 champions, all with many different playstyles, so being limited on options and things like Rune Pages, is very annoying. The only negative thing about this change, would be Riot not making money off Rune Pages anymore. But, I'm sure the Rune Pages is a minority of the profit they make from the store, when compared to skins and champions. It should also be in Riot's interrest to make the customer experience better, so this would undoubtly be a change in their favour. Also, those who bought Rune Pages previously should have some kind of refund, depending on which currency was used to buy the Rune Pages.

Now, I'll move on to the actual idea. This is best shown visually, so I will just explain what the attached pictures is displaying. Keep in mind that these are just quick MSpaint examples. If this idea will become popular enough, I'll share it on the NA/EUW forums too.

Picture Walkthrough:
Picture 1: This show the current "Champions" tab in your profile. The only minor change here is that it say "Champion Options" on the left side of the interface. Why this is still important to show, is because from now on clicking on a champion avatar will bring up their new "Options" interface instead. This interface will also be used for the new Runes/Mastery interfaces.

Picture 2: This is the new option interface you get when you click a champion. It will allow you to choose individually what options you want for a certain spell for a certain champion. You could for example choose to smart cast all Ezreals spells, or maybe have no key attached to Warewicks "Bloodscent". This interface will also allow you to set Summoner spells for all 3 different game modes, and you will be able to do this on 3 Summoner Spell Pages, which will allow you to change Summoner Spells quickly according to Runes/Masteries/Playstyle. Last, there is the "Champino Info" button on the left side, which simply bring you back to the old interface you got when clicking a champion, which got basic champion info.

Picture 3: The old champion interface, which is now opened from the new interface.

Picture 4: The new lobby interface for the Rune System, which allow you to pick a champion to set runes for.

Picture 5: The new Runes interface. Not much changed here visually, but it's the system change that makes it interresting. Instead of being limited to 10 Rune Pages that you got to share between ALL champions and playstyles, you now have 3 individual Rune Pages for each and every champion. These can be used as you please, and will be unlocked from the start(Since having to buy new Rune Pages with each and every champion would take eternities, especially with new champions coming every 2 weeks). The Runes you have unlocked will still be shared between ALL Rune Pages. The interface display what champion you have chosen, and you can still choose the name for you Rune Pages.

Picture 6: The new lobby interface for the Mastery System, which allow you to pick a chmapion to set masteries for.

Picture 7: The new Mastery interface. Again, this isn't a big visual change, neither did the system change all that much. Now you simply have 3 Mastery Pages for each champion, instead of 10 shared between all. It will display the champino currently chosen, and you can still rename your Masteries.

Picture 8: The new character pick screen. You can quickly choose between your 3 builds, and you can choose to change your chosen build if you please. On the picture I for example have build 3 chosen, so if I wanted to, I could click the change buttons to alter that build on the go. I removed the small Summoner Spell display, since it's kinda irrelevant with this change. You can see your current summoner spells next to you character avatar. Also, more details about why I removed it on next picture.

Picture 9: Like with the current system, hover over a number to see the contents of the build. When you hover over the "Options and Spells" number will for example display the Summoner Spells in use for that build.

Picture 10: This picture show the recommended items interface(Suggested by IcedTruth). Here you can browser the items in-game, and choose which 6 items is recommended(For faster and easier shopping) in the 3 different game modes. Once again you get 3 pages to customize, so you can make your recommended items fit your other builds. The difference here is that you can freely choose between the 3 pages even during the game, if you wish.

Picture 11: Your recommended item builds showing up in-game.

If you got any questions or corrections, feel free to post them here! I think this system would make customization in LoL much better and smooth. The only disadvantage, like I mentioned earlier, is that selling Rune Pages/Rune Page Bundles, wouldn't really work anymore, except if Riot wouldn't mind making getting Rune Pages a major pain. That would be silly anyway, this kind of customization should be default!

TL;DR: See the pictures below, that should give you a rough idea of what this is all about! Above you can read a picture walkthrough, if you still don't understand.

PS: A FAQ have been added to 3rd post of the thread!

PSS: IcedTruth suggested that something should also be done about the in-game shop, so the recomended items is items we actually personally feel is recommended. This is now added to my kit.

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A: I don't mind people disagreeing with my ideas. But if you do, please give some constructive critism! I'll check up on all feedback given, and respond to most of it! I'll also make changes accordingly if It feels fitting. But, I made this system with the intend of making LoL a better experience!

Q: So, I need to make Runes/Masteries for all champions? Wont this take forever?
A: This really depends, but for the most part no. Do you own every champion in the game, and do you want to give them all a build instantly? Do you have to carefully think through each mastery/rune, because of not knowing any of them by heart? Chances is you answered no to both. On the day of release, you would need to spend some time on this, depending on how many champs you own and want to make builds for. Also, the purpose of this is to save you time and spare you from annoyance in the long run. Also, most people generally know what masteries/runes to use, ask others what they should use, or use guides to find out. In that case, this shouldn't take long.

Q: I still think I'll end up spending lots of time making builds, so what is the advantage of this?
A: You save time and annoyance, simple as that. If you like to play Skarner, and always jungle with him, then the game will remember your last build used as Skarner and choose it by default, so you wont have to worry about it! If you change between playing Skarner solotop and jungling, you can easily change between the numbers to achieve different builds. You also wont be punished as much as you do now, if you forget to change build, since the build you get will still relate to your champion. You are aslo saved from the bug that sometime change you back to former Runes/masteries. Also, with this you can change both Runes/Masteries/Spells during selection, instead of just Masteries/Spells!

Q: Then what about free rotation champions? Am I unable to make builds for them because I don't own them?
A: Abseloutly not! You can also make builds for free rotation champions! Also, the game will save the builds you make, so the next time the same champion enter rotation again, or you purchase the champion, you will still have your build.

Q: We already got 10 Rune Pages, is this not enough?
A: For some it is more than enough. If you only play a few champions, or don't mind fairly general rune choices, then 10 is more than enough. But if you only play a few champions, it will be fast to make some builds in the new system anyway! However, if you like playing EVERY champion like I do, and you choose runes very individually, then 10 pages just doesn't feel like enough. Also, if you like playing all kinds of champions and playstyles, it's annoying that you must change rune pages every single game.

Q: I like this system, but couldn't we keep the 10 general pages on the same time?
A: I've been thinking about if the shared 10 pages should be kept or not, and I've come to the conclusion that, no, they should not. I do understand the feedback, and where the few who want them kept is coming from, but it would for the most part work against this system. Of course I'll explain why!

Firstly, it would be confusing and clutter the interface into oblivion, removing the nice simplizity. This system give you 3 builds, to every champion, which is nice because you can have 3 small buttons to quickswitch between during champion selection. If 10 general pages was in addition to the 3, then what would happen to the interface? Should that scroll thing come back? Then what would happen to the "change" buttons, where would they go? If they actually was included, wouldn't it be confusing, to have both change buttons, 3 quick options, and 10 scroll thorugh options? Also, how would this work with changing champions?

One of the major changes in this system, is that the build change as you change champion! But if your last chosen build was a general one, and you was to change champion, then what is the purpose of all this? Then you would once again have to worry about changing to the correct things each and every time, and hope a bug doesn't revert it. With this in place, your last build used on that champion would be re-used. So if you always Jungle as Skarner, then it would automatically choose that build for you, when you pick Skarner. If your team suddenly say they need you solotop instead, you can use the quickswitches. If they suddenly want you to play a certain champion, with a certain role, which none of your 3 builds support for said champion, you can use the "change" buttons. You can also use "change" if you need to play something you haven't made a build for yet. Shouldn't be too hard if you know the basics around roles, runes and masteries.

Overall, I think the only reason you would want to keep the old 10 general page system, is because you are so attached to it, and afraid of change. But overall, this system would leave you with less worry and annoyance. Especially if you like me, change champion nearly every game, and like very individual builds, which fully support champion and role, rather than some decent overall build.

If you however, do like the current way of having a decent overall build, like for example an AP caster build, then you still have the option to use that build. Just find all the AP casters you like, and inset the same Runes/Masteries over and over again. If you re-use the same builds for many champions, it will only take you a couple of minutes to inset them all with this system.

Q: I've purchased Rune Pages for RP/IP. Now everyone will have all Rune Pages unlocked from start! This is unfair, don't you think?
A: Like I mentioned in the OP somewhere, people should be given refunds on any Rune Pages they bought, depending on the currency used. If you bought the with RP, you will have RP refunded, and if you used IP, you will have your IP refunded!

Q: You say we can make builds for unlocked and rotation champions, but what about locked champions?
A: Originally, my thought was you could make builds for all champions instantly. But, I've changed it to only available champions. The reason I changed my mind, was that many felt having to make builds for every champion in the game right away would be stressing. Now, on release, you would meximum have to worry about the available champions, instead of all. Except if you of course got every champion available, and want them all to have builds! But if you have all champions, I'm sure you got experience enoguh to know instantly what your builds should be, in which case each of them is a 10 second job! Also, why would you need builds to unavailable champions anyway? Sure, you can keep that Twitch build ready, but we all know he wont EVER enter rotation again, muahahahah!

Q: Why did you decide upon only 3 builds for each catergory, for each champion?
A: To keep it simple, and because it's unlikely you'll need more! If you had for example 10 builds per champion, quickswitching wouldn't be quick at all anymore! It would also cluster the interface visually, and overload Riot's servers into oblivion! The most champions got max 3 main roles, or less! Sure, there is few that could go over, but chances is you don't play all those styles all the time. Also, very few champions have more than 3 viable playstyles in the first place! Sure, you could play Tryndamere as Glasscannon/Jungler/Tanky/AP, but chances is you don't like playing all those... If you do, remember you can "change" one of the builds during selection!

Q: But I like playing AP Tryndamere
A: Uninstall and quit, NOW!

Q: Maybe you should uninstall! Those Alistar builds is terrible!
A: This is because it's not my actual Alistar builds! I simply used Runes/Masteries I had already. The Runes is my Kog'Maw Runes, where I still need to replace 2 quints with Swiftness. The Masteries used is my Jax build. The items used in the recommended interface(Picture 11) is just taken from Riot recommended items, to make it an easy copy paste for me, because I lack photoshop skills. The 5v5 items is Shen's recommended, the 3v3 is Alistars recommended, and the Dominion build is Alistar's Dominion Recommended. I'd not build Alistar like this at all!

Q: Riot announced shortly after you made this suggestion, that you can now have 20 Rune Pages. Does this change your stance?
A: Abseloutly not! This system still works better together overall, and gives you a better experience and customization as I see it. 20 Rune Pages does allow you to have 10 more general builds, sure... But... The same issues remain. Such as having "overall decent" builds, instead of "specific" builds. Also, the problems where you must remember to change each time you change champion, and the quick switches, and Rune Page/Mastery bugs remain. I do think 10 extra Rune Pages was a step in the right direction, but I still see this as a superior alternative. I just wish a Riot Employee had seen this before adding the 10 extra Rune Pages.

Q: You are saying Riot should ditch the system of selling Rune Pages, thus losing some profit, and that they should invest lots of money into making this whole new system. Why exactly do you think Riot should consider this suggestion, if it is a flat profit lose?
A: Seeing it as a straight profit lose is a VERY narrow way to see this. A new massive MOBA game is coming up, Dota2, which is made by one of the gaming industries biggest companies. They promis their fans very wide and hero individual customization, which is praised by all of their community. Customization is a VERY big and important part of games. Having top notch customization can easily end up netting more money in. In fact, I think this system could possibly net in more indirect profit, than Rune Pages can net in as direct profit. By indirect profit, I'm talking about making their players satisfied, and more likely to recommend the game to firends, dragging more players into it, etc. This could very much brand their game better, since customization have a massive impact on players, netting in more money in the end. Dota2 is not yet released, so it's hard to tell the impact it will have now, but it's certainly a threat to the LoL playerbase, and some things have to be done to fight back.

Q: Currently, Runes is server-side and Masteries is client-side. This means your Masteries isn't saved with your profile, while Runes is saved on the other hand. Would any of this change with your suggestion?
A: Yes. I'd want Masteries/Recommended Items/Options to all be server-side, so Mundo can finally play LoL where he pleases!

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Senior Member


I approve to this thread.

Only the runes part, which defeats the purpose of buying rune pages.