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League of Legends Fiddlesticks skin (FiddleSchticks)

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BM Htein

Junior Member


Hey its BM Htein here. Over the duration of the christmas holidays I have come up with an idea for a fiddlestick's skin , the rabbi fiddles aka FiddleSchticks. He resembles the holy man of the jewish religion, the rabbi, and hold in his left hand a Menorah- the Jewish candle and in his right hand a Torah. Over his shoulder's is a shawl/ tallit and his garment is the robe of the rabbi. Skill animation suggestion - Ulti ( A huge star of david appears below fiddle's feet).
Skill animation suggestions are also welcomed.

Riot may have to provide the background and colour of the champion, but the other details are included in the sketch.

FiddleSchticks - "Schtick it up your Summoner's Rift"

I have drawn a sketch of FiddleSchticks and attached it. I hope the riot team will give careful consideration to my idea and, to all the league of legends community an upcoming Happy New Years!!