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1500+ 3s, around silver solo queue lf teams

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Hey all, I am currently in the market for teams/good players atm for ranked games. I am between jobs so can play whenever really. I prefer to try out with people in normals, unless they have ratings similar to my own. I am not trying to be elitist, I just don't want to waste my time with people who are still learning some things such as: how/when to push a lane, leashing correctly, correct ganking, or still looking in the league dictionary for what the word ward means.

I specialize in solo top or jungle with Shyvana in both 3s and 5s (I can even manage support with her but that's more iffy, don't do it when they have a good taric or janna for instance lol).

My secondary role is AP characters such as Rumble, Ryze, Cass, Xerath and Karthus.

I prefer skype for voice comm as vent does not like my mic for some reason and I just dislike how vent works.

Feel free to add me in game for some trial games and we can see where things go from there!