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Anyone have an tips on Riven?

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Pretty much the best Riven guide I've ever seen, there's pretty much nothing different I would say, so I might as well link this to you.

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Hello there. I found a new build just today, and I like to share. What I like to build is a attack damage Riven with a bit of armor.

I first start off with a Long Sword and go off to my lane. I use Q to quickly get to the bush and wait until an enemy enter. Once the enemy enter, I can deal 300+ damage to them (Runes would be better) and if your partner catch up, you can give a finishing kill with ignite if needed. After that, you should already have some good money. If you have enough money to buy sword of the occult, go buy it or just keep going until you die, so you can keep your levels and coins high.

After you get the sword of the Occult, you should be strong already if you get the runes, around 100+.
After buying that, I go ahead and try to buy the Ninja Tabi Shoe, that'll help you attack the enemy with a lot more ease. The armor are great early game, letting you attack with a better chance of living.
Once you are able to buy it, hopefully, you already got some kills, giving you extra attack damage for every kills. If you do have a bunch of kills, you can gank anyone and kill them quickly if you use the ability right. After getting the two items, buy a B.F sword, and you should already be 250+ before 15 minutes.
Once you start ganking and killing to 20 stacks, you should get 400+ already... By the way, for the B.F sword, you can buy a bloodthirster or infinity edge, your choice...
Anyway, after getting the 3 items, the enemies are probably group up or they might have a fed player.
Therefore, I'd buy armors/magic resist. I buy Guardian Angel so I can get both resistance earlier, and I would buy Thornmail/Force of Nature, depending on which is a bigger threat. Now, hopefully, you are able to kill the whole group of enemies! =D

After the armor, you should have 1 space left. You can buy either the Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge, or if you want to be a bit more tanky, buy Frozen Mallet for more health and you can slow the other's speed in case they might've flash or some other escape ability.

If you want to know what I use exactly, then... I don't know exactly what to say... I never get to finish my build... but it would probably be...

Sword of the Occult - Ninja Tabi - Bloodthirster - Guardian Angel - Thornmail - Infinity Edge
(If you want your ability to give you health, get HexTech Gunblade and replace your weapon of choice)

The beginning of the game can MAJORLY affect you around less than 10 minutes. Try to partner up with a good player so you can get assists/kills for sword of the occult. Pairing up with a bad partner can result in a bad start. You should have the 4 friends to play with, because the other lane may feed the enemy, and making it harder.

Here's the link of the result of my gameplay, the first four gameplay are the builds I used.

The first one was nice. I got a smart partner (Mordekaiser), and got fed by the enemy Fiddle and Mordekaiser, soon, I been fed by the whole team.

The second one... I had a bad partner (Darius). All he does was kept charging at ranged Twisted Fate and Miss Fortune, and keep chasing them to the turret, and when he turn back, they start attacking Darius. He fed them, which made me feed them too. However, I manage to keep a decent scores (Assists count too, people!)

The 3rd one was horrible. I had to mid against Morgana. We kept steady, and neither of us was able to destroy a turret. I couldn't get to her since she was smart enough to stay away, so I had to harass her as much as I can. Later, the top lane fed Gangplank, came to mid, and just started destroying me.

The 4th one was eh... I had a nice partner (Maokai), but the enemy wasn't smart. Tryn went solo, and wouldn't run away when he was going to die. At the beginning of the game, before the minions spawn, Tryn went ahead with no cover, and we ganked him. Tryn died, and the enemy amumu was going to help, but I reached him and killed him, giving me a quick money for the 1st item.

I'll post the result.

Do not listen to this person. When I get the chance I'll edit my post to explain why, but I'm in a rush.

Basically, ignore the post I just quoted.

Edit: Alright, found some time.

First off, don't start with a long sword. Why? Because Boots + 3 gives you more mobility and sustain, Cloth + 5 makes you able to out sustain almost any harass and if you want to go aggressive, Doran's gives you more bulk so you can stay alive.

Longsword isn't technically bad, but there are just better choices for her.

Also, at least at lvl 30, most of the time you will be solo laning top, so you shouldn't get used to relying on somebody in your lane to help you secure kills.

It's never a good idea to buy Sword of the Occult as a core, it's a high risk high reward item and although I too play Riven hyper-agressive, I don't know if it's worth the risk unless you are roflstomping.

You shouldn't be so gank crazy that you sacrifice a lot of CS, lower levels it might be ok to go for multiple ganks, but higher up people will avoid them at least some of the times and that's easy gold you're giving up.

Also NEVER BUY HEXTECH GUNBLADE. It's a massive waste of gold on Riven that could better be spent for a BT.