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Before you ranked! (Read Me)

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Before you start playing ranked. You need to do the following.

1: Play at least 4 champs that fulfill different roles.

You have 5 Key positions. Solo Top, Solo Mid, Support, Carry, Jungle.

Bruiser and Tank and Mage are simply play types and are not "different Roles" in the pure sense of the word.

Example Rammus is a tank, so where does he play? Well actually he can solo top or Jungle.... So how about Alistar? Actually Allistar is a Tank who supports, So is taric. You need to play 4 different places on the field with your champs.

2: Runes, Masteries, if you don't have both don't ranked, this goes for all 4 of your champs.

3: Practice your champ first in bot games, then in blind, then in draft, before finally coming into ranked.

4: Read about Meta, I only touched the surface of meta earlier, go read more.

5: Eat, Bio, lock your door, turn of your phone, exit your torrents, plug in your laptop, secure a hard line, check the weather, feed your pets, lock up the children, exit your anti-virus, and turn off the tv.

And now for some additional rules that you should know before you start, but are not part of preparation.

5: Don't play ranked to see "what its like" there are enough of these people making 1200 a brick wall.

6: Solo Cue is not for counter meta or experimentation, take this **** either into draft/normal pick or into team Ranked. Later on you may find high level players agree during champ select to counter meta but do NOT attempt this at lower ELO.

7: Get used to buying wards.

8: Stay the F out of top and bot bushes.

9: Kill the dragon.

10: DON'T kill the baron.

11: Don't expect MIA watch your mini-map at ALL times, if you lose site of enemy champs stop pushing.

12: Last hit, let your jungle initiate for tower pushing and kills.

13: And finally don't be a dick. don't "Call it" and expect your role, or favorite champ. Maybe call out the 1 role you CANT do if you haven't covered all positions. Don't call people out during the match, Don't rage, everyone is capable of having a bad game so chill. If you want to pull out a come from behind victory do not piss your team off so much they begin to error more because of stress.

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Sunny D Magnum

Junior Member


Why 8 and 10?

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well 8 is early game, its just a good way to get killed if they beat you there. they cant stay in the bushes forever so play it safe.....

and 10, because 9/10 times they have it warded. you almost always get killed doing barron, unless of course you catch the other team with your ward.

the exception is of course if they are down 3+ players and you are all alive. otherwise, stay away! he does alot of damage and even if you manage to get him with 3-4 people alive you will have to B and lose time.