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Question about Irelia

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Senior Member


Every guide I look at, every forum I goto, they always say Tank Irelia is the way to go.

Me? I find that boring. I want to play her like I play every other assassin: Kill quickly, and escape.

I want to know what kind of items/runes would be good to make an AD Irelia.

Thank you for your time.

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im looking for something like that too...so UP!

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AD Irelia is good but she should be a bit tanky too. If u want to go ad Irelia u can go with:


flat AD Quintessences
flat AD marks and
AS seals and glyphs.

However, the problem with this rune set up is that there is no survivability and since irelia is not ranged u have to be passive early game building philosophers stone for long laning as she is a solo top champ.
After that u can take Wriggles Lantern as this will help u keep up the farm and also jungle from time to time
take attack speed boots
hexdinger - for survivability and dmg
trinity force - movm speed buff and sheens passive also some hp
and last whisper - armor pen or if u are dying much consider wits end

u can sell wriggles late game and make bloodthirster
make elisias miracle from philosophers stone for tenacity.

So the build goes

1)Regrowth pendant -> philosophers stone ->elisias miracle
2)Berserkers greaves
3)Wriggles Lantern -> bloodthirster
5)Trinity force
6)last whisper or wits end

This is just a build which i tried when i played ad irelia and it worked fine for me but i still prefer tank irelia not full tanky but i always buy trinity force with her.

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you are irelia, you are going to get attacked, you need to be able to take damage.