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Elo Hell

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ITS NOT REAL! Season 1 i was barely able to get above 1250 elo. I ended up getting bronze at the end of season one, but i thought i was 1400 material and elo hell was keeping me down. This was false i wasn't good enough. I played a lot more normals games and got a lot more skill.

Season 2 came and now i am 1500 elo.

I understand why people say elo hell is real, but let me explain what ur elo means

If you are at 1250 elo that should not indicate that u are a 1250 player. If you got carried to 1350 you proabably have the skill level to stay there. BUT THATS NOT SOLO QUE IS! its not a representation of how good you are. All solo que shows is how well your able to carry.

I am at 1500 elo, imo if i got to 1600 i could proabably stay there. I am a 1600 elo player. BUT THATS WHAT SOLO QUE IS! I am not good enough to carry myself to 1600. There is a difference.