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anyways, does anyone know if LoL is actually going to be free? i remember it being on one of the faqs before but it seems that fact has been removed. i know the collector's edition is going to have bonus content, but is the actual game itself going to be on sale or for free download?

Yes, its going to be free. They've said it enough that they can't take it back anymore.

Also, the reason you cannot find it in the FAQ is because they have it in a very odd place. On the main "Leagueoflegends.com" website, you must click on that "Summoner System Revealed" icon and at the VERY bottom it states that it is free with a link to a SUMMONER FAQ

Perhaps Riot should either update their main website's FAQ so that it is in an easier position to find that the game is free? Or at least link the FAQ to the SUMMONER FAQ.

Here is the SummonerFAQ.

Here is the regular FAQ

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Any possiblity of getting a friendkey , i didnt get my acc untill after 8th of october , would like to invite my firends. =)

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Well, I read the article and feel most of the part of LoL met what it say, it's impressive to me.

I did not play for quite a few weeks, it may be outdated but I just mention them. Two thing I really do not like in LoL is Creep (I assume DotA fans know what it is) and Hero selection.

The problem is the creep cannot "control" easily. The only 2 choices left are kill them or let them push. This problem is not obvious most of the time but when it comes to pushing, specially ending, it's eliminating chances for losing team to make any comeback.

Eg: We had 2 barrack broken, and while most of us trying to kill that Stronger Unit that almost as strong as champion, the next is coming, and the other Stronger Unit from the other lane is straight to the main building. It is like once the "barrack" is down, the lane is done. The funniest is the barrack will revive, AND break again because that big guy is coming. What's the "barrack" revive for? Revive to die again? It is just like another map in War3 that similar to DotA and famous in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the break of barrack decide who wins, since the creep is much powerful on pushing. The point is people just need a backdoor and the game is done.

About Hero Selection, it's just simple, I do not know what hero the other team (or I'm too dumb to relize there's some way to see), anyway, it's just not that obvious, everytime I'm like picking a hero hopping it goes well in the game.

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One of the main reasons i stopped playing dota was the fact that 80% of the players would use a map hack to take off fog of war. Have you already got a fix that will help stop that problem or what are the repercussions of violating those rules?