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Whats with Ahri

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I find her very balanced even perhaps UP considering her "assassin" tag. I always seem to end my games with double my kills in assists if not higher, even when I have a solo lane. She's only hugely dangerous to you when her ult is up, just like Trynd, and a few others.

Honestly, the biggest problem I find with her is her sweet spot is mid-game skirmishes and early teamfights. She doesn't have the best early game until she gets her second or third rank in Q, and late game her damage falls off a good margin. But she farms so well, she can get to that "sweet spot" faster than most other champs.

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Dodging doesnt matter because she only needs to lane one basic ability in order to land everything else, how is that challenging? She has no consequences for her damage output because shes gone by the third charge of her ultimate, and any champion mobile enough to keep up with her afterward will be dead from her assault. I still have yet to see a "bad" Ahri frankly, theyre always the best on their team (and conceited dicks about it no less). Countering a champion should not ONLY involve bringing more teammates, or hoping her ult is on cooldown.

Her AP ratios are really ****ty for a mage like every other person here that actually PLAYS AS AHRI.

Dodge one skill shot or QQ about it? Seriously? Buy boots and learn that some **** hurts when it hits you. I can't believe so many people are crying about Ahri. She doesn't do **** for damage her ratios are like .38 per 1 AP so even with 500 ap (a **** ton) she only adds 250ish damage to her skills which are all skill shots and she is super squishy if she burns her ult too soon she's DEAD.

QQ more