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How to Fair-ify afk in dominion

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So currently I believe the community will agree that winning a 4v5 is REALLY HARD on dominion. it CAN happen but is REALLY rare.

I believe there is a relatively easy fix to this, and it relates the how AFK were partially dealt with in SR. More XP and Gold to the remaining players, now this by no means solves 4v5's in SR but you win 4v5's a lot more in SR than dominion. The reason the remaining players get more gold and XP is through more last hits (or a different allotment of last hits at higher elo) and more XP through lane XP not having to be shared. To solve the AFK problem in dominion we just have the gold and XP gains work like this,

gold gain= base rate of 7/5 like SR + 8/(number of players out of the starting circle) if you are out of the starting circle

this means that while out of the circle you start in you get more gold based on how many of your teammates are out of the circle, with 5 teammates out of the circle you get the same amount of gold as before this change (3 every second) but if someone is AFK and hasn't left the circle then everyone gets 2/5 more gold. a substantial amount (free boots in most games)

the same formula would work for XP (but I don't actually know the rate of XP gain)

one fourth the rate of dominion current XP gain + (three fourths the rate current XP gain)/(number of players out of the starting circle) if you are out of the starting circle

the same logic goes for this as for the gold gain

this is what I think will solve the problem, what do you think will solve it, do you see any problems with this method?

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Yes, as has been explained by many people, long term players, Riot staffs, and Devs of every single Moba out there, putting in place systems to reward member's for their allies leaving is a godawful idea.

1 : Verbally force or abuse poor performing players to leave in order to gain the extra gold/items/xp

2: Giving bonus gold early or midgame can cause snowball situations where single players can become godmode in a hurry from the extra gold, especially champs that scale well extremely well with gold.

3: Several other good reasons why its a bad idea but I'm coming off a 12 hour workday and a caffeine/sugar crash so I cant see straight much less think of them, but they're out there.

Personally, I know it was bad in Warcraft 3, Losing teams would -kick the worst players on their team to pool their gold and items to their best people, creating omgwtfbbq players counterblast only by other pooled gold heros.