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Sundering Oasis Map Idea

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Man Meat Special

Junior Member


Basic Map Idea: The map has a desert themed geography for a different look. Possibly ripples in the sand for effects but that is optional. For brush and such there could be a sort of dry dead brush that's golden to match the desert theme.

Jungle Features: For the jungle I think it could be themed as an oasis like there are in deserts. That way it won't be a full on desert and nowhere to hide. You could have the little pools of water as thought of when you picture an oasis and palm trees and such. Mossy stones for terrain barriers in jungle. Also for creeps in the jungle you could have a new one added such as a snake themed for the desert idea.

Additional Ideas: You could also add a sort of light sand storm effect on the sand lanes. The turrets could have a new look to match the desert by having a snake shaped statue. The main platform at starting zone and where nexus crystal are could be a old cracked stone look, I believe it would look well with the theme. Also it could have a sort of Egyptian look with hieroglyphics and such for looks. I think this map would add a new innovative brighter look to the game and be just as fun if not more.

Baron: For the big creep such as the worm and the dragon you could have another to compliment the desert/Egyptian theme. I was thinking a pharaoh or some sort of giant sand golem. More likely the sand golem so it does not look so much like Nasus.

Just an idea that I thought of let me know how everyone feels about it thanks.


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good idea