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AFK in Blind Pick games

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i really enjoy dominion, the games are far faster and play style is different enuf from SR that it's fun to play.sometimes. occasionally. well bout 3/4 of the time, because 25% is how often i get a game w/ an afk champ on one team or the other which makes the game compeletly unenjoyable. even when the person comes back 2 or 3 min into game most of the time the afk champ's team is so far behind in points and gear that it's impossible to come back. i just wanted to post this thread to see if riot has any plans to help fix the problem, because 25% is entirely too much in a game where 5v5 is required unlike in SR where a 3v5 is winnable, if just barely, with good teamwork and the right champs. even if they made surrender available at the 4-5 minute mark, or once the score difference was at a certain point, and made it so 2 of 4 playing champs could force the surrender so we could go on to another game, that would be better than 10 minutes of constant death unless your team goes afk as well. ANY red responce would be nice, comments or ideas on how to fix it are welcome.