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AD/Tank Irelia

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Hello everybody,

I'm a EU and on that forums there are only little kids who like to troll, rage, etc. etc. etc.
I made this thread on there but nobody liked it so i was wondering if some1 from NA likes to comment about my build on Irelia and how i can make her even bether as AD/Tank.

I made this:

With this build i had a score of 12-5-14

If you wanna own with irelia then try to build this.


9x (+1.66) Armor Pen.
Seal: 5x (+1.41) Armor ~ 4x (+0.42%) crit change
Glyphs: 9x (+0.64%) att. speed
Quin: 3x (+3.33) Armor Pen.


Doran's blade
Ruby Crystal
Merc. Threads
Frozen Mallet
Force of Nature
(or a 2nd warmog)

*try to get this item early game so you can get it fast at 20 stacks to get the 15% dmg reduction and the +640 hp

btw. get the items that are underlined


1. Q
2. E
3. W
4. Q
5. E
6. R
7. Q
8. E
9. W
10. Q
11. R
12. E
13. E
14. Q
15. W
16. R
17. W
18. W

(small picture try to zoom in)

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Anybody who have some advice for me?

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Check the solomid guides by the top players for a good idea of an irelia build.

One rule of thumb is don't build stack items. Their reliability is too random depending on how well you do. Gold can be spent better.

Runes I would go:

arpen red
armor yellows
Mr/lvl blues
hp/5 regen (or MS depending how comfortable you are)

Doran's blade is not a good starting item for irelia as she tends to be on the squishy side early on and you have to be on the more defensive side. Last hitting should be easy for irelia as her AA animation is very smooth.

Good starting items would be:

regrowth pendent + pot (having 30hp/5 regen at lvl 1 is pretty strong coupled with your W)
dorans shield against opponents that have semi decent harassing abilities.
cloth armor + 5 pots for top lanes that have strong dmg early on since you can build it into a wriggles fast

boots will be merc treads or tabi boots depending on who's laning top.

your first item shoudl be phage as trinity force is your core dmg item. There are times when i go sheen first if the top lane is particularly squishy just because I enjoy the procs.

Either way trinity should be the first item you rush after your boots.

After that you can go tanky depending on team comps. If i'm doing well and got my trinity I'll just grab chain armor and MR cloak just so I'll be floating around 150/150 armor and MR by mid game with my trinity force you are very dangerous

Finish up tanky items as necessary.

If you are doing VERY well feel free to grab an atmogs combo but I feel trinity force first is more important.

Other good items for irelia are wriggles lantern very safe top lane play and wits end for more offense if the other team can't kill you anyways.

Skills to get first are R>W>E>Q or R>W>Q>E

One thing about irelia is that you should be able to farm easily without your q. Q should only be used for picking up creeps that are dying around the same time. The reason for this is Q is mana intensive early on so if you're using it a whole bunch at lvl 1 you'll be out in no time.

W is your most important skill early on as it gives you sustain and an immense amount of dmg by the time it's lvl 5. Trust me an additional 75 true dmg per hit is no joke by the time it's lvl 5 nor is the 23 or so hp you get per hit. 75 TD per hit is almost an infiiti edge worth of dmg that cannot be mitigated and it's on top of your auto attack and usually on top of at least 1 sheen/triforce proc.

I like to go E early since it's more burst early on and on a lower cd than Q. Also that stun is very useful if they ever decide to tower dive you at early lvls. Many times it turned a tower dive into an early kill / double kill for me which is why I grab it at 2. If you're comfortable with the 1 second stun with 1 point in E then feel free to lvl q after w but it's based on your preferences

Masteries I would go 21/9/0 or 0/21/9 depending on how passive or aggressive you want to play.

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Trinity force, Wriggles, Warmogs, Frozen Heart, Force of nature.